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Eco-Friendly Bottle Wrap

Creative Napkin Uses

Thanks to the creativity of our clients, we are always learning fun and new ways people are utilizing our items. Alternate product use takes popular products from CV Linens to explore how else they can be used. A tablecloth is transformed into a set of home decor drapes, a charger plate becomes a chalkboard.

You can elevate the bottle service at your wedding with a bottle wrapped in a satin napkin! Not only is this quick project eco-friendly, but it also can be used across a wide variety of occasions! (Margarita mix with colorful printed napkins for a summer party, anyone?)


It’s (literally) as easy as 1, 2, 3 and elevates your wrapping beyond measure:

1. Place your bottle in the center of your satin napkin.

Eco-Friendly Bottle Wrap napkin linens
2. Draw the corners of the satin napkin up to the neck of the bottle. Once all of the corners are drawn, tuck in the sides that are sticking out.

Eco-Friendly Bottle Wrap napkin linens
3. Secure the bottle with a decorative ribbon or jute twine.

Eco-Friendly Bottle Wrap napkin linens
Optional: For an extra touch of character, add a custom gift tag, holiday tag, or tag your bottle with engagement photos.

Eco-Friendly Bottle Wrap napkin linens

We currently have napkins in polyester, satin lamour, satin napkin, taffeta, chevron, pintuck, and glitz! Our linen napkins are available in an assortment of colors to match any decor or holiday color scheme. Don’t hesitate to try creating your own special, eco-friendly linen napkin bottle wrap today.


Eco-Friendly Bottle Wrap napkin linens

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