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Decor Ideas for Cheesecloth Table Runner

Wedding ceremonies and receptions are life milestones worth commemorating in style. If you’re looking to throw a bohemian chic wedding with a decorative touch you can call your own, consider using cheesecloth table runners for a relaxed vibe.

Get ready to be creative as we give you a run down on our top decor ideas using this gauze table runner.

Cheesecloth Table Runners 101 - Frequently Asked Questions

Cheesecloth table runners are a great way to incorporate a light and airy vibe for your relaxed rustic wedding theme. Here are some of the basic things you need to know about using cheesecloth table runner wedding decor.

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1. How long should a cheesecloth runner be?

The length of your table gauze table runner depends on the length of your table and how much of the table runner you want hanging from the edges. 

For more formal parties, you will want to have your table runner hang to the floor. This Cheesecloth Table Runner 25" x 16ft - Navy Blue is perfect for formal dinner banquets. For more casual events, you can have it hang a few inches beyond the edges.

2. How many yards do I need for a cheesecloth table runner? 

For a standard 6 ft table, a 10 foot cheesecloth table runner is an ideal length if you want your table runner to hang to the floor.

You will want to measure the length or diameter of your table. Add to this the ideal drop you want hanging beyond its edges. Add a few inches for allowance and you can calculate the number of yards you’ll need for your dreamy cheesecloth table runner.

3. Can you cut cheesecloth table runners?

Yes, you can cut your cheesecloth table runners to get the right length. You can purchase a long roll of cheesecloth and cut them to match your table length if you’re decorating for more than one long banquet table. You can multiply the length you need by the number of tables you’ll be decorating.

If you’re thinking of dying your table runners, you will also want to cut them to make them more manageable when dying. 

4. How wide should a cheesecloth table runner be?

How wide your cheesecloth runner should be depends on the width of your party tables and how you want to design your table. 

If you plan to wind your cheesecloth table runner around your centerpieces you can opt for a narrower size. A 36” width table runner would be good for this. 

If you plan on laying it flat on the table, you can opt for a wider size A 54” gauze table runner would be best for this. 

5. What grade of cheesecloth should I use for table runners?

Cheesecloth comes in different grades. As a basic rule, the lower the grade, the lighter the cheesecloth and the bigger the gaps in the weave. The higher the grade, the tighter the cheesecloth and the smaller the gaps are in the fabric.

If you’re looking for the best grade to use for your cheesecloth table runner, we suggest using grade #90 cheesecloth which is considered to be the most durable. This is a great option for cheesecloth event linens.

Due to its durable weave, it can be reused multiple times and can withstand multiple washing. This grade of cheesecloth is used for other decorative areas like blouses, curtains, and other reusable linens. 

Designing with Cheesecloth Table Runners

Now that we’ve got the basics covered on choosing the right length, width and grade for our dreamy gauze table runner, here are some of our top decor ideas for you to choose from. 

1. Rustic Bohemian Centerpiece

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Table runners made out of light and airy materials such as cheesecloth are great for rustic and casual wedding themes. It adds a delicate touch to an otherwise loaded tablescape.

Design your bohemian chic dinner table with a bulk cheesecloth table runner decor. The easiest way to decorate with gauze table runners is to pair your long white or cream table runner with white table linen. Lay it flat across your table and place golden candelabras and greeneries in an elegant vase to accent your table setting.

For a rustic outdoor wedding, you can opt to pair some white cheesecloth table runners. An alternative to laying it flat, you can layer the cloth on top of each other in parts. You can also opt to arrange the table runner around the centerpieces. Design with a nice white vase and greenery along the length of your table.

For wooden tables, you can opt for other colors such as emerald green, dusty blue or sage green. Choose from a variety of colors for your cheesecloth table runner bulk order and try out what color works best for you.

Check out our tutorial on How to Use Chiffon Table Runners for some design inspiration. Chiffon is a soft and flowing fabric that works well as a table runner. You can pair it with cheesecloth and arrange it in a way that’ll maximize the flowy decor.

2. DIY Hand Dyed Table Runners

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Another easy and affordable way to instantly glam up your wedding is by dyeing your cheesecloth table runners. This DIY may sound overwhelming at first but it's surprisingly easy to learn how to dye cheesecloth table runners. You can also opt to make diy cheesecloth napkins wedding-ready for your big day. 

Step 1: The first step to dyeing your own cheesecloth table runners is to secure enough yards of plain white cheesecloth. Measure your tables and account for the drop length you want. Once you have your ideal length to cover all your tables, cut them up into the ideal length for each table. Cut your fabric before you dye them so that they’re much easier to manage during the actual dyeing and drying process. 

Step 2: Next, prepare your dye. If you’re wondering what kind of dye to use for cheesecloth, the answer depends on what kind of fiber is used in your cheesecloth. Rit dye is the best option to use for adding color to your cheesecloth napkins. For your DIY cheesecloth table runner, hobby lobby offers a wide range of colored rit dyes to choose from.

Step 3: Fill your sink around ¾ full with hot water and prepare your dye mixture by adding your rit dye into the water. Put 1 cup of salt to better allow the dye to set.

Step 4: Wet your cheesecloth in cold water. After a few minutes, take it out and wring it. Then add your cheesecloth table runner and add it to your dye mixture.

Step 5: Allow it to sit in the mixture for 10 minutes. Stir intermittently before removing from the mixture. Before adding your cheesecloth into the dye you can experiment with how much dye you put in to get the right shade you want.

One way to do this is to add a little bit of dye each time until you get the ideal shade. Hang your fabric to dry. Once done, you've got your very own DIY hand dyed linen.

Another tip, if you've got a sewing machine or just have an enthusiasm for small sewing projects: you can sew the edges of your table runner to hide raw edges and to get that polished look.

Some of the most popular wedding decor are terracotta cheesecloth table runners and dusty blue cheesecloth table runners, or other cheesecloth table runners blue in shades. You can recreate this wedding decor in these colors simply by using this DIY tie dye method. 

3. Mix and Match with other Party Decor

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The best way to glam up your wedding party is to simply mix and match with other wedding decor. You will be surprised by how much the right decor can instantly elevate your tablescape. 

First on our list to give your dinner table a dash of glamor: pair your table runners with some fine charger plates. This decorative piece is grossly underrated but highly impactful. Watch your table turn into an elegant display with the right charger plates and cutlery. 

One way to get a bang for your buck, buy wholesale charger plates to get major discounts.

Top off your wedding venue decor with some greeneries on your tablescape and even on your walls. If plants are not available in your area, you can opt to buy artificial greeneries wholesale. These work great around white and earth tone event linens. 

If you want to learn more about how to style your party linens you can check out our tutorial on How to Maximize White Round Tablecloths for Events.

For table runners on round tables, you can find more style inspiration with our Top 10 Round Table Decor Ideas for any Events

Get that Dream-like Tablescape with Cheesecloth Table Runners

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We’ve gone through the basics of using this versatile material. We’ve also put a step-by-step DIY guide on how to make a table runner with your own cheesecloth and dye bath. Top that off with some of our best design ideas on how to glam up your gauze cheesecloth table runners.

Pair your DIY table runners with some of the most high-quality yet affordable decor in the market with CV Linens. Avail of our party supplies wholesale and get major discounts when you add to cart our wholesale cheesecloth table runners. 

When you buy bulk tablecloths for sale you can get free shipping when your orders go above $99.

Cheesecloth is an underrated yet great decor piece for a laid-back bohemian chic party. Get that light and delicate look with cheesecloth table runners on your special day. For more design inspiration, visit our blog, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts for more styling ideas.

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