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These 3 Event Linens Will Make Your Enchanted Unicorn Party Look Amazing

Enchanted Unicorn PartyEnchanted Unicorn Party decor

Enchanted Unicorn Party With 3 Simple Event Linens

If you’ve been keeping up with trending party themes, you’ll know that enchanted unicorn parties are a must! From birthday parties of all ages to baby showers, a unicorn-themed party decorations are colorful, bold, and usually involving sequins. With a color palette consisting of pink, purple, turquoise, and yellow, it’s no surprise that this theme works for anyone with a bold personalty to match.

We’ve poured over dozens of parties from CV Linens customers via our Tagged Tuesday posts and determined the three main linens that make this theme shine. Choose your favorite fabric listed below as accent piece or go big with all three to make a showstopping set up!

unicorn themed party decorations

Linen #1: Curly Willow

One of the most diverse and beloved event linens that we carry at CV Linens, curly willow add a huge pop of texture to your tablescapes for a fair price. Their characteristic organza and taffeta spirals create a whimsical flow that looks beautiful in any color! For a big, eye-catching look you can choose to go multi-colored with your chair sashes like we did in our mock up above. If you like a more subtle aesthetic use them to enhance only one main color, such as turquoise.

Available in both chair sashes and table skirts so you can effortlessly match the unicorn themed party decorations throughout your event. Use the table skirt for a cake, gift, or guest of honor table!

unicorn themed party decorations

Linen #2: Sheer Draping

Enchanting and ethereal, just like unicorns themselves! Sheer draping set up via a pipe and drape kit can make even the emptiest venue look regal. In fact, one of the main elements of making any event seem more professional is the draping. This is definitely one area of decor you don’t want to skip! In our mock up above we paired a white sheer voile backdrop with color-blocked pink, victorian lilac, turquoise, and yellow drapes. Slip them on and clip them together with a rhinestone drape clip and you’re good to go!

Unsure how to set a pipe and drape system? We’ve got a video tutorial to teach you how! Need drape design inspiration? Our Pinterest inspiration boards have you covered.

unicorn themed party decorations

Linen #3: Payette or Glitz Sequins (…or both!)

Arguably one of the most popular lines we’ve ever carried, it’s easy to see why payette and glitz sequins bring a sense of glamour and fun to any event. We chose to incorporate both into our mock up look, using our silver payette sequin table overlay as a statement piece and our pink glitz sequin chair bands to tie our chiavari chair look together. If you’re not into larger sequins you can substitute the payette table overlay for a solid glitz one instead. Mixing and matching is key to making your event truly unique!

Our sequin lines are available in a wide arrange of products, including table cloths, table runners, table overlays, napkins, chair bands, and backdrop drapes. Whether you ultimately choose to go with payette or glitz, sequins are sure to make your unicorn themed party decorations stand out!

More About Our Enchanted Unicorn Party Mock Up


Difficulty Level: ★★☆☆☆ (relatively easy)
Set Up Time: Approx. 30 minutes with drapes

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Unicorn Themed Party Decorations Don’t Have to Cost You a Fortune

How would you take on the decor for an enchanted unicorn party? We’d love to see your unique events! Share your favorite event using our products with us on Facebook. We look forward to seeing your photos!


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