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The Most Festive Christmas Wedding Decoration Ideas

Festive Christmas Wedding Ideas

Deck the halls, the wedding bells are ringing! With the Christmas season just around the corner, it wouldn’t be a surprise if couples decide to have their wedding during the most magical and romantic time of the year.

Love is in the air during the holiday season! Particularly during the holidays, when mistletoe hangs from every corner. People rush to buy presents for one another as the lights fill the streets with so much joy. There are many benefits to getting married in December, which is why you should think about having a Christmas wedding!

Planning an unforgettable, enthralling, and intimate wedding over the holidays? Buckle-up! We're about to list some Christmas wedding ideas for our winter wonderland celebration!

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What are the Pros of Christmas Weddings?


Surely, tying the knot during Christmas can make your client’s fairy tale dream come true! The romance and intimacy in the air can warm our hearts during the frosty winter and make it a holiday you won’t ever forget. And here are reasons why you should consider a Christmas wedding!


    1. The Folks are Here


    As you know, Christmas is the best time of the year when you can spend the most time with your whole family! It’s an even more special event when your clients can spend their big day, with all their families and friends with them.

    2. There’s More Time to Celebrate

    With the holidays coming up, your guests would be taking vacations from their work. That means, there’s plenty of time to celebrate the extra special festive season with them! Get ready with those Christmas wedding reception ideas because both the in-laws and all your friends are coming to town!

    3. The Best Anniversaries to Look Forward to Each Year

    Think about it, every year you’re going to spend the holidays celebrating your special day together! Talk about taking ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ to a whole other level!

    4. Readily Available Holiday Decor and Event Themes

    Since it’s a wintertime wedding, finding inspirations for a Christmas themed marriage would be easy-peasy. The season also offers built-in themes and decors, so you just have to transform it and make it uniquely your own.

    What are the Cons to Christmas Weddings that You Should Consider?

    Hosting your marriage during the time of the festive season may have its perks, but it also comes with slight obstacles. With all sorts of parties in line, and busy streets filled will people frantically preparing for the holidays, here are some difficulties in winter weddings to take note of.

    1. Conflicts in Booking Venues

    With Christmas approaching and the New Year just a few nights away, December is often fully booked with countless events, such as year-end celebrations, Christmas, and new year parties. It’s probably going to be difficult to plan and reserve a venue this holiday season. Most venues are fully booked till the New Year! So, if you're thinking about making a venue reservation for the holiday season, you better act quickly before they're all taken!

    If you want other alternatives to an indoor setting, a backyard Christmas wedding may be a good idea.

    2. Massive Expenses

    Speaking of the busy season, spending your big day during the holidays can be a bit costly. I mean, Christmas is coming, so you’re going to buy gifts for all your loved ones. If you’re looking for Christmas wedding ideas on a budget, one way to save money is to purchase wholesale linens for more discounts.

    Here are 3 Magical Christmas Theme Wedding Ideas

    Want a wedding no one could ever forget? A wedding so enchanting that it would be a dream come true? Here are 3 magical ways on how to decorate your venue for a Christmas wedding!

    1. Elegant Evergreen Winter Wedding

    winter green wedding receptions

    Winter weddings can be the most ethereal weddings one can witness in their lifetime. Integrating nature and evergreens to your special day during winter time, not only adds a touch of warmth and intimacy, but it can also represent your ever-growing love for each other.

    Your elegant evergreen wedding is certain to have a rustic ambience to it. Take advantage of it and make sure to add wood details in your decor. Lovely Christmas wedding decoration ideas that could brighten up your day include using this golden Christmas leaf decor. This versatile ornament will truly be a perfect touch to a tree, wreath, or the bridal bouquet.

    Looking for Christmas wedding table ideas? We have tons to offer! Check out this video, for budget friendly wedding tablescape tips.

    2. Holiday Joy

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    What a better way to celebrate your marriage than a Christmas and a New Year’s Eve themed wedding? Spend the holiday joys in dazzling displays of shimmering lights and mesmerizing shades of red, black and gold!

    Design your tablescapes with our red polyester tablecloth. Top it off with our red Christmas table runner to add a touch of class.  Add it up with gold trimmed plates and fancy taffeta napkins, then you’re good to go!

    Check out these designs from our Pinterest account if you're looking for more inspiration for a red wedding theme.

    3. Periwinkle Winter Wonderland

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    christmas table

    It’s no doubt that the periwinkle winter wonderland themed wedding may be the grandest theme of all. Recreating the effect of an actual wonderland, the bride and groom will surely feel like they’re in an entirely different world!

    With the shades of dusty blue, white and silver, you can create the dreamiest winter wonderland! For magical Christmas wedding centerpieces ideas, you can get our candelabra – one of our best hanging wedding centerpieces to have your guests enthralled! Looking for dreamy Christmas wedding cake ideas and ways to match it with the wedding theme? Get a dusty blue curtain drape along with our Christmas linens to create a magical feel that’s perfect for any wedding cake!

    But we all know it wouldn’t be a party without photos! Use our red backdrop for the wedding and make cheerful and festive memories! Watch these draping hacks for a Christmas photo backdrop for that instant wedding photoshoot for your lovely guests.

    A December to Remember

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    Weddings are a once in a lifetime occasion! So, having your big day during the most wonderful time of the year can really be the most memorable weddings of all time. After all, the holiday season is incomparable to all the other seasons when it comes to festivity, love and joy.

    We hope that you will remember the most unforgettable Christmas wedding ideas we had! Believe in the magic of Christmas to make your wedding day extra special! For more Christmas wedding ideas, check us out on Pinterest.

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