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Unique and Creative Gamer Wedding Ideas

The best thing about planning your own wedding is you get to do anything you want for this special occasion. For gamers at heart, should try these exciting gamer wedding ideas.

Like most people, Thinking of unique and creative ways to do your wedding can lead you to many ideas. Incorporating every aspect of your favorite video game into your wedding can be cute, stylish, and unique.

Gamer Wedding Invitations

Before you start the party, there has to be an invite that can excite your guests and give them the details about your event.

Making this even more exciting by sending out creative invites. Here are some ideas: 

1. Card Themed Invite

gamer wedding invitation Photo Credit: Zazzle

                                                                                                                                         Photo Credit: Zazzle

Playing cards are games, too. A playing card-themed invite is a great way to show guests a Vegas-inspired gaming wedding theme or to show that the bride and groom enjoy all types of fun and games.

2. Nintendo Cartridge

nintendo invitation

Everybody played Super Mario Bros. at one point in their lives and it is common for most gamers that this game inspired them to have a passion for gaming. 

Commemorate this game and have a cool and cute invite by using the shape of a Super Nintendo cartridge as a wedding invite. You can add themes to any game by using fonts, colors, and icons that relate to the game.

3. Online Playable Invite

wedding invitation online

Immortalize your wedding invite by creating or asking someone to program a simple playable online game that doubles as your wedding invite. Why print out actual invitations when you can just send links to people who you would like to invite?

If you don't know how there are websites that can help you customize and create games automatically. Otherwise, if you have friends or know someone who can make this for you then it will be helpful to make your wedding more exciting.

Video Game-Themed Wedding Ideas

Deciding for a gamer-themed wedding shouldn’t be difficult. Picking your favorite game can be the main theme of the wedding or mixing ideas from different games can also be possible.

1. Video Game Wedding Centerpieces

Succulent Video Game Themed Photo Credits: Rock N' Roll Bride

                                                                                                                         Photo Credit: Rock N' Roll Bride

Add details to almost all aspects of the event. A great way to incorporate a game is by adding the main characters as a design.

As you decorate your tables with wedding linens and crystal wedding centerpieces, you can add the face of the characters in there.

For example, you can decorate a candle holder just like the pipe from the game Super Mario or dress it up to look like one of Blastoise’s cannons from the game Pokemon.

Consequently, dress up the entire place appropriately with color-matched chair covers, table covers, table runners, backdrops, and curtains.

2. Gamer Wedding Cake

gamer wedding cake

Cake designers and cake suppliers will enjoy this part just like how you would enjoy seeing this. Adding decorations to a cake is the best way to incorporate a theme into a wedding. It is the centerpiece of the entire room and everybody will have their eyes on a unique work of art, especially if it’s a specialty cake.

Since the cake will be the center of attention, add an accent around the area by adding proper draping and color-coordinated backdrops. If you need to put them up properly, you can use pipe and drape kits and wedding backdrop stands.

One idea is a video game console made of cake. The great thing about cakes nowadays is that they can be molded to look exactly like anything. The use of fondant can create different shapes that buttercream icing cannot do.

If you want to have a more traditional-looking cake, adding a topper to a cake can do and still fit the theme of your wedding. A great idea is to have a topper of a couple playing video games.

3. Video Game-Inspired Wedding Rings

gamers ring

Wedding bands symbolize the commitment and bond of the bride and groom. It is supposed to be worn anywhere and anytime. So why not make it more stylish and fashionable by adding a touch of character?

A thick metal band can easily be embossed with whatever design you wish.

A Pokemon wedding band that resembles a Pokeball can be done. Where the top part of the ring is red and the bottom part is white.

Another idea is "Player 1" and "Player 2" written on each ring to start a new game and chapter of the newlyweds.

4. Light It Up

Retro video games glow brightly. Maximize the use of high-quality lighting to bring out unconventional lighting for a wedding by using colored lights and make the venue feel like you are in an arcade.

You can also use neon lights to make the stage glow, create a statement, and give a unique feel to the venue.

5. Costume Party

If you want to have a unique wedding, you can actually invite everyone to arrive in costumes of any video game character to make it a cosplay party with you and your spouse dressing up as your favorite heroes.

Just make sure to relay to your guests what you plan to wear so no one dresses the same as you.

These unique and creative gamer wedding ideas are just some of the many ideas you can do when you tie the knot. The possibilities are endless and playing around with different ideas can make your event more memorable.

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