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8 Easy To Do Graduation Party Ideas

Graduating from high school or university is a major accomplishment for a person. What better way to celebrate this momentous milestone than by throwing a party and following these graduation party Ideas to make the event more memorable?

While some people would rather travel and enjoy their youth after graduation, most would want to throw a big party to celebrate. Just as important as a birthday party, this big event can also be a way to recognize the people who were part of your journey as a student, the same level as you showcase your accomplishments.

While preparing for a huge occasion may seem daunting, here are easy-to-do ideas you might want to consider doing at your party.

1. Find A Unique Location

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Whether it will be a local events place, a bar, or at home, finding a comfortable and convenient location is important to your guests as it is to you. Make sure that the venue can accommodate the number of people you would like to invite and accommodate the essentials like food, drinks, and a stage or dance floor.

As an idea, you can look for a unique location to throw your party. The possibility of celebrating by the mountain while enjoying a view of the city can be done or an event by the beach, which can serve as a vacation as well.

You might also want to consider a backyard graduation party idea. Have it in your home and accommodate guests in your backyard.

If you want to take it up a notch, celebrating abroad may be a great idea as well. A European road trip may be a great idea or an Asian cruise may be considered. 

2. Dress It Up

event table
gold table setup

Dress up the place properly. You can make it as formal or informal as you want but don’t forget about getting party supplies to make a simple space look festive. Try to get all your supplies in one place so it will be easier for you. Online shops like CV Linens offer everything you’ll need for a party from the decorations to the small details like table napkins and even banners.

If you’re going to have a more formal event, you might want to consider getting multiple table set-ups, and don’t forget the table centerpieces. For informal gatherings, a simple room with neon signs for wall decor may be all you need just to make a space more interesting.

3. Photo Booth

party balloon

Graduating is a momentous occasion and you want to capture each moment through photos. With all the people invited to your party, make your graduation party decorations more exciting by adding a photo booth.

You can set up one yourself by setting up backdrops by adding backdrop lighting and event draping. Add a banner that says “Class of 2023” or “Congratulations!” for an exciting background.

Set up a camera with a remote or a timer in front of that setup and collect all the pictures of that night and upload them to a folder or your social media the following day. People will look forward to seeing their photos taken.

4. Send Out Invitations

cocktail party invites

Add excitement and make your event formal by sending out unique graduation party invitations.

While invitations can easily be sent online, a physical one can bring more meaning and can make your event more formal. You can DIY invitations by adding fun photos of your class and sending them to everyone you’re inviting. 

Most can be done online as well. There are sites that offer templated invitations and all you have to do is edit the text and add as many photos as you want before printing them or sending an e-invite.

5. Graduation Party Food Ideas

party table
party table decorations

Graduation party food is not difficult to think about. Finger foods like sandwiches, chicken wings, pizza, donuts, etc. are always a must-have. They are easily accessible and making one yourself isn’t difficult as well.

If you have a graduation party theme, you can make pretzels yourself and decorate them with colored frosting that represents your alma mater. 

You might also want to consider using a salmon and cream cheese sandwich rolled to look like a diploma and wrap it around using a vegetable ribbon to fit the theme.

Cupcakes are great for any event and adding a graduate’s cap or small diplomas as toppers will be cute and fit the theme.

6. Photo Centerpiece

table centerpiece

This party is about you and you’ll need a centerpiece that shows yourself. A DIY graduation party centerpiece is a great way to do it and is a great graduation party decoration idea.

You can use a vase of flowers and add photo memories of yourself enjoying your time in school. You can add these to each table or a big centerpiece on the main table.

7. Graduation Party Games

leisure games

The best way to celebrate your graduation while having a lot of fun with your friends is through games.

If you’re throwing a party for the entire batch, one great game idea is a guessing game using baby photos of each person. People will take turns guessing which person is which just by looking at their baby photos.

Another game idea is a trivia game. A host will prepare questions about their school, people in school, and their favorite experiences and the person who gets the most correct answers wins.

8. Live Music

Guitarist on Stage
live band

If you’re in a circle of friends who love to play music, make it a jam night. Sing songs that commemorate your youth and experiences in school and make it a sing-along moment for everyone. 

If a full-band setup is too much, an acoustic guitar may be enough to have everyone involved in this graduation party idea.

Else, hire a DJ or let someone else play upbeat music the entire night and have everyone dancing.

These graduation party ideas are just some great ways to decorate your event. From decorating your place to be presentable to preparing food that everyone will enjoy, to providing music for everyone to sing along to and dance to, being creative and imaginative can make the party more exciting and fun. The most important thing you need to remember is to have fun and enjoy this momentous occasion and achievement in your life.

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