How to Plan a Wedding Shower on a Budget

Planning a wedding means planning other celebrations in between, one of which is a wedding shower. You might be used to hearing about bridal showers, but wedding showers are slowly becoming a thing, especially if you want to host a pre-wedding gathering with the couple. Now, you need to learn more about this celebration, how to plan a wedding shower on a budget, and where to find the right supplier of party decors, linen napkins, and other party needs.

What is a wedding shower?
family dinner

A wedding shower, also called a couples shower, is a shared celebration often hosted two months or a few weeks before the wedding. Unlike a bridal shower, it is not exclusive to females. Guests of all sexes can attend, depending on the host's or couple's preference. 

The celebration may occur at the host's home, restaurant, park, bar, party place, or yard. Since wedding showers are a more modern practice, there aren't that many traditions associated with them regarding choosing a venue, menu, or other practices. What's important is that you play your role as a host in communicating with the couple and the guests. 

The couple will both get wedding shower gifts and open them in front of the other guests. It is often done after dinner when everyone is full and relaxing with a drink. 

Wedding showers are often hosted by any of the couple's family or friends because the couple usually does not host them themselves. It is often attended by the bride and groom's closest friends, colleagues, and relatives. The event can be an intimate or big party and is open to more than one celebration, especially if many volunteer hosts are willing to plan these events. 

What is the purpose of a wedding shower? 

giving gifts

The ultimate goal of hosting a wedding shower is to give the couple and their wedding party a chance to gather and celebrate the couple's life and future together. The party is the perfect opportunity to get guests excited about the wedding a few weeks before the actual event. 

Guests are not required to bring gifts, but if they want to spoil the couple, these gifts should be useful to both of them. The perfect gifts would be ones the couple can use in their new home. 

In many instances, a wedding shower also doubles as a sign of support from the bride and groom's families. It presents the perfect opportunity for both families to welcome the new addition to each other's clan. It also allows members of the couple's families to see more of each other before the wedding day. 

What timeline should the host follow? 

to-do list checklist

If you've offered to host the celebration for the couple, whether alone or with other co-hosts, you should have a timeline organized into a wedding shower checklist. This way, it will be easier for you to keep track of things and how they are against your established plans. 


About three to four months before the wedding shower, you should ask the couple to finalize a guest list with complete contact details, discuss ideas, choose a date and time, set a budget, and reserve the venue.

About a month or two before the event, you should have already sent the invitations, prepared activities and games for the couple and the guests, and shopped for party decorations, favors, and toys. At this point, you should have a final list of foods and drinks on the menu and get help from others if you have some tasks to delegate.

Around three weeks before the shower, you should have a final attendance confirmation from the guests, get updates from your caterer, if any, or finalize your grocery list if you are cooking at home. If you plan on making DIY decors, all the backdrop curtains, lighting, table covers, chair covers, and other event supplies are ready for delivery on the event day. 

On the day of the wedding shower, make sure to be the first to arrive at the venue. Check the arrival of the event supplies and start decorating the venue. Remember to check on the food and drink preparation. When the guests arrive, you can return to your primary hosting duties in welcoming them. 

What are the tips on how to plan a wedding shower on a budget? 

It can be hard to throw a party without piling on expenses, but you can still host a wedding shower without overspending. Here are some tips:

Find co-hosts

wedding host

Co-host it with other family members or friends, then evenly divide the cost of the event and the stress of organizing a party.

Refine the wedding shower invitation list

wedding shower invitation

You can have an intimate affair of 20 people to a bigger one of 50. If you need help cutting the guest list, consult the couple. Invite only those who are also on the wedding guest list. 

Host the shower in the yard

backyard table setup

You can host the shower at home if you can find a reliable supplier of tables, chairs, stretch table covers, centerpieces, drapes, lighting, arches, backdrops, and other party supplies. Work with the right party supplier and transform your backyard into any look you want.

Keep the menu simple

snacks and fingerfoods

Opt for a simple menu with finger foods, light appetizers, and simple dishware. You can even organize a potluck to make it even more fun.

Have fun 

backyard party

You can try many wedding shower games, such as playing couple trivia and using household items to play games.

Give away simple party favors 

party favors

Thank the guests for celebrating with the couple, but you don't need to go overboard with this. You can even bake your party favors, as long as you have something to give the guests as your way of appreciating their presence at the shower.

Now, you have a better idea of how to plan a wedding shower on a budget. Keep things simple, from the menu and dishware like disposable plates to the venue and party favors. Try to keep things intimate and fun.

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