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How To Tie Cinched Chiavari Chair Sash

Choosing the ideal chair sashes is essential to improving the appearance of your event. Chair sashes can truly make any event or wedding more beautiful and memorable. Using chair sashes adds a personal touch to your party or wedding that your guests won’t forget.

They can be used alone or with other decorations like flowers and bows to create a beautiful display. Furthermore, chair sashes also help protect the chairs from damage and dull appearance, making them more practical.

The use of chair sashes also adds a special touch to any event or wedding, allowing you to customize the decor to match your style and theme. Chair sashes are an affordable way to make any event or wedding look elegant and inviting. In this post, we give you useful ideas on how to tie a cinched Chiavari chair sash.



How to Tie a Cinched Chiavari Chair Sash?

Using a chair sash with a Chiavari chair and learning how to tie a cinched Chiavari chair sash tie may seem like a hassle, but the simple knot will only take a minute and significantly improve the decor. It is recommended to iron or steam your chair sashes in advance to give your design a more polished appearance.

Here are the steps:


Step 1: Prepare 3 chair sashes to be used in your Chiavari chair.


Step 2: Hold your first chair sash and fold it in half.


Step 3: Have one hand holding the split ends and the other holding the fold. 


Step 4: Pass the looped end under the chair back starting from the front of the chair you want to make sure that the first sash is placed on the center of the chair.


Step 5: Bring the loose end over the top of the chair and pull them through the loop.


Step 6: Tighten the tie; this helps to pull the sash towards the chair seat.


Step 7: Repeat the same steps with the remaining two sashes to give your chair a more complete look. These sashes will be to the left and right of your center sash.


Complete look:



Not all chair sashes have to be the same color to incorporate more of your event's color palette. The purple taffeta chair sash is used in the video to demonstrate how to tie a cinched sash on a Chiavari chair. Use two or three different sash colors, such as the standard satin chair sash in chocolate brown, the standard satin chair sash in white, and the standard satin chair sash in aqua blue, as shown in the video's final table setup and decor.

Also, you can use stripes to add a playful element to your design. Additionally, a rhinestone velcro sash clip will add more appeal to your chair sashes. The colors you choose are completely up to you, and you may view our selection of sashes on our page. So let your creativity shine with these Chiavari chair sash ideas.

Check out this video for a visual demonstration!

Here are some of the products that we used in the video:


    chair sashes

    The first thing that catches the eye is the event décor, which sets the mood of the event. Chair sashes are an easy, inexpensive way to enhance your event or wedding decor. This tie can be done easily with most fabrics, including polyester, satin, and chiffon fabric, and only takes a minute per chair. You can use this tie on a variety of chairs, both with and without a chair cover. 

    You can use this stylish accessory on your round tables or any type or style of table, and it only takes a minute per tie. It’s perfect for weddings where guests may want their own place at the event without being too private-looking as well. These Chiavari Chair sashes ideas can be easily done by following the steps.   

    We provided the link for this video tutorial, to show you how to tie a cinched Chiavari chair sash tie with three chair sashes. Using them to style your chairs is a trendy and classy way to impart a posh allure to your overall event decoration. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on our event and wedding decor tutorials!

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