Make Your Silver Tablecloths go a Long Way

Make Your Silver Tablecloths go a Long Way

Satin Yellow Chevron Gray Polyester Sheer Drapes Rhinestone Roll Baby Shower Wedding Reception Spring Event EasterSilver Tablecloths Satin Yellow Chevron Gray Polyester Sheer Drapes Rhinestone Roll Baby Shower Wedding Reception Spring Event Easter

Silver Tablecloths Are Easy to Dress Up For Any Occasion

Silver tablecloths are a staple linen for Event Planners and rental companies for good reason. As a blank slate, they’re extremely easy to transform them for whatever type of event you have in mind. If you’re looking to dress them up for a luxe wedding reception, pair your silver tablecloths with all-white flowers and complementary linens. If you’re planning a Sweet 16 mix them in with pink and fuchsia accents for an easy color palette. We chose to focus on a spring look featuring turquoise and yellow, which can be used for a number of events including baby showers, bridal showers, and even wedding receptions!


How Easy is This Look to Set Up?

Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
Set Up Time: 30 minutes

Setting up this look is almost too easy! The tablecloth, table runners, and napkins used can all be placed onto the tabletop with ease. We gave this particular mock up a two-star difficulty due to the fact we used a semi-intricate tie above the slip-on chair covers. Luckily, we have just the chair sash tutorials on our YouTube channel you need to make your own bow. Usually drapes are an added luxury if your budget allows them, but we highly suggest investing in them for this particular look. Having the tricolor panels ties the entire look together and will make your overall event space effortlessly cohesive!

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What Goes With This Look?

Accents such as centerpiece items, floral color, and napkin finishings will depend on the overarching theme and occasion of your event. One of the most popular themes for our chosen color scheme is gray and yellow elephant baby shower. Decorations for an elephant baby shower can include, but of course are not limited to: plush or plastic elephants to include in centerpieces, silver and white paper pom-poms to hang overhead, elephant pinwheels, and chevron goodie bags. For your specialty tables (e.g. cake or dessert table, gift tables) you’ll want to dress the room up. We recommend using a curly willow table skirt or sequin tablecloth to make these areas of interest really stand out.

Why Not Substitute?

If you’re not sold on a yellow chevron print accent try our fuchsia or navy blue chevron! You can easily swap out the yellow chevron elements to a new color, and we even have the matching sheer drapes so you can keep your event looking cohesive.


Share Your Favorite Events With Us!

We hope we’ve inspired you to try a new silver-based look out! What color combinations have you used in the past with silver tablecloths? Share your photos on our Facebook wall!

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