Popular Centerpieces to Elevate Your Wedding

The million-dollar question begs to be asked: what is the best type of centerpiece for a wedding? If you’d ask the polls, it’s a tie between two classics: floral arrangements and the timeless candlelight. Whichever you prefer, both of these options are timeless, versatile, and can be tailor-fit to any wedding theme and color scheme.

Floral centerpieces are a go-to choice for romantic ones. Flowers add that touch of romance to any space and are truly admired for their natural beauty. The most popular ones for wedding centerpieces include peonies, garden roses, and lush greenery. If you’re on a budget, you can opt for faux flower decorations.

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If you’d prefer a more minimalist setup, you can also use single-stem calla lilies or orchids. If greenery is scarce, you can also opt to accentuate your flesh flowers with these artificial leaf branches.

These blooms can then incorporate your wedding color scheme, and welcome a ton of accents and accessories. A nice idea would also be picking out fresh flowers that are local to the area of your wedding venue. To accentuate and highlight your floral arrangement, you can drape your table with a cheesecloth table runner.

On the other hand, candle centerpieces bring that much-needed warmth and intimacy to set the mood on your special day. Slender taper candles on a fancy candelabra table centerpiece can line a long, rustic farm table. Towering candles can also sit on top of lush greenery and blooms. Those little flames can cast a romantic spell over your reception giving your guests a magical evening.

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Other Types of Centerpieces

Lantern centerpieces have also become a trendy wedding centerpiece idea in recent years. This allows couples to incorporate distinctive lighting into their table settings.

Some options include metal lanterns with LED pillar candles. You can also play with hanging lanterns on top of the table, or clusters of small lanterns. You can leave it plain or decorate it with branches, ribbons, or other accents.

Vintage centerpieces are perfect for a down-to-earth wedding. Wooden boxes or crates with greens or hay, a glass vase full of trinkets or Mason jars full of love letters, antique books, or a fruit and veggie spread. These are raw, natural, and approachable pieces for a charming wedding feel.

Other non-floral centerpieces may include feathers, geometric origami, seashells, globes, maps, souvenirs, small terrariums, or metal cubes. You can put any item you dearly love or maybe are just interested in, as long as the reasons why you put them at the center of attention are well thought out.

Tailor-fitting Centerpieces for the Season

white and pink centerpiece
beautiful flower arrangements

Each season comes with a different vibe. It also requires some fine-tuning with your decor. Here are some ideas on how to tailor your wedding centerpieces to imbibe the spirit of each season.

For spring weddings, the theme is about blossoming and new beginnings. You can use the soft pastel hues of spring flowers like tulips, sweet peas, and ranunculus. You can pair them with trailing vines, moss accents, or light roses. Birdcages, compotes, and wooden boxes can also be backdrops for the theme.

For the summer season wedding, vibrant colors and lively tropical accents can do the thing. Hibiscus blooms, anthuriums, and birds of paradise are some of the popular choices. Geometric terrariums, bamboo accents, and patterned table runners can be part of the ensemble.

Fall centerpieces work best with deep jewel tones like burgundy, plum, and emerald. Dahlias and amaranthus are some popular flower options. Ceramic vases, vintage books, and loose gemstone accents are some additional pieces you can make use of. Seal it with a kiss with some candles or string lighting.

Cedar, pine, juniper, and winter berries for your floral arrangement can give that chilly feel to your winter wedding. For non-floral centerpiece items, you can get some birchwood accessories or mercury glass. Brass holders and velvet linens provide that Christmas-y fireplace feel to keep you warm for that snowy wedding experience.

How to DIY Your Wedding Centerpieces

If you’re working on a tight budget as a young couple, or simply you just want to add that personal touch to your wedding decor, you could try doing some do-it-yourself centerpieces. Aside from saving money, you can infuse your unique personality and be creative on your wedding day. Elevate any simple wedding and make it memorable for both you and your guests!

You can create your floral arrangements. This is one of the simplest, most common, and cost-effective DIY centerpiece ideas. Just look up floral offerings in one of the local farmer’s markets or groceries near you. Arrange them in vases, mason jars, or even repurposed old containers like teacups or milk bottles.

Another idea would be succulent plants for terrariums. You can also use the most affordable plants from your garden. Alive and well, these centerpieces are a starter for conversations allowing interaction between your guests. We could also put in some river rocks or seashells to remind you of your favorite spot or dream destination.

For candlelight decors that are also DIY, you can gather an assortment of votives and taper candles and you can toss them up between single candle holders or an intricate candelabra. It would work best if you would explore different materials and heights.

Make it more enchanting by suspending candles or tea lights in water-filled glass vessels adorned with plants or flowers. Such a setup will create a mesmerizing, ethereal effect. The best flowers for these will be something that spills over the sides, like delicate jasmine vines or amaranthus for a free-flowing look that abounds with beauty.

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Party with Centerpieces that Catch Attention

Just remember,  your centerpieces are more than just table decors. They’re a reflection, a retelling of your own unique love story. Giving a personal touch can make your wedding a day to remember for a lifetime.

Choose flowers, candles, or unique items that are special to you for a personalized touch to your decor. From rustic weddings to ethereal garden wedding receptions, elevate your tablescapes with these popular centerpiece ideas. Explore our centerpiece decor pieces now!

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