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Plan Your Butterfly Party Decorations in 10 Minutes

Butterfly Party Decorationsbutterfly party decorations in pink, lavender, purple, and white

Quick and Simple Butterfly Party Decoration Tips

Every parent wants their child’s birthday celebration to be perfect. The right amount of sweets, decorations, and fun activities can all add up to an unforgettable day. Before the celebration begins, though, it can be stressful to find the perfect theme and decorations. Creating all of the decorations yourself and going to different stores trying to put together something that matches can sometimes cause frustration.

Luckily, today’s mock up is an easy way to plan the perfect butterfly party decorations in under 10 minutes! We’ve created a breakdown so you know the most important elements of putting this look together.


One of the first things the eyes are drawn to in our mock up is the beautiful drapery. Draping can really set a party’s atmosphere to feel upscale. We’ve used three different sheer drapes to add color and a sequin drape to add the flare that everyone loves. Our rhinestone clip holds the drapes in place and allows the sparkly sequins to peek through.

Selecting the right background colors can really pull a party’s theme together and connect all of the other elements. Drapes are easy to hang and take down via our pipe and drape kits, and they also provide for classy decor where there would otherwise be none.

Chair Design

The next connecting element in our set up are the unique and innovative chair designs. In our mock up we’ve used two different chair bands and a chair sash to make the colorful theme really come together. Each chair stretch band is made of glitz sequin fabric, which is available in a variety of colors. The spiraling organza and taffeta of our curly willow chair sash adds an extra element of fun to the setting, perfect for a kid’s birthday party.

Chair designs really connect the colors from the drapes and the table skirt to the rest of the decorations!

Statement Table Skirt

Tutu table skirts are also a must-have at any child’s birthday party! We carry a variety of colors, including fuchsia and pink. In our mock up, however, we have decided to use purple table skirts. Which color you ultimately use is up to you. Don’t forget a tablecloth to go on the top portion of your table.

Our tutu table skirts videos will make it easy to set up and will save you hours on a DIY table skirt projects!

Place Settings

Last, but certainly not least, we have our table setting. This is one of the most crucial elements in making sure a party goes smoothly. For our mock up, we used our new plastic dishes and utensils. At a kid’s party, it is almost a necessity to use plastic to avoid any accidents waiting to happen.

Our table setting is equipped with elements that are as functional as they are gorgeous. Use our round charger plates, silver plastic utensils, and cloth napkins to finish off your place settings.

About Our Butterfly Party Decorations


Difficulty Level: ★★☆☆☆ (easy)
Set Up Time: Approx. 30 minutes with drapes

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Let Your Imagination Fly With This Mock Up

There’s no reason to stress over beautiful party decor when our butterfly party decorations are so easy and accessible! Not only are the decorations classy and fun, they also add an element of innovation to the party. Drapery, chair designs, table skirts, and an exciting tablescape are the way to go in decorating your child’s party and only takes minutes to plan.

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