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5 Ways to Throw a Refined 4th of July Wedding

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A 4th of July Wedding Doesn’t Have to be Kitsch

The 4th of July is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States. Whether you love that there’s extra time off for your guests to attend or just the color scheme, you might be debating on hosting your wedding on this date. While you’ll likely want to incorporate a patriotic theme, you also don’t want the reception to look like a casual outdoor barbecue.

Sophisticating an Independence July Wedding

1. Select Muted Decor Colors

If you’re throwing a wedding with a Fourth of July wedding theme, it’s practically a requirement that you incorporate red, white, and blue into the event. However, the bright shades typically associated with the holiday are likely to lessen the formality of your event. Whether you are on the search for bridesmaids dresses, floral arrangements, or linens, opt for muted shades of red and blue. Deep shades of burgundy and navy blue, for example, help to keep both the spirit of the holiday and the sophistication of the event.

2. Plastic Won’t Make Perfect

As you might be preparing for a barbecue around this time, you may opt for casual wedding decors like table linens. A setup suitable for throwing a barbecue can lessen the formality. However tempting, don’t just use plastic or vinyl tablecloths. From polyester or satin, select a table linen for sophistication without breaking the bank. These table linens will set the tone. Keep in mind that you don’t have to host the event outdoors either. You can still infuse holiday touches at an indoor affair or a chic venue. It can keep everyone cool and comfortable.

3. Save the Hot Dogs and Chips for Labor Day

Throwing hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill will make your summer wedding too casual. Wedding guests may be put off if they are dressed formally for a cookout. You don’t necessarily need to opt for the traditional wedding food. But you could find a balance in between the two. You may want to hire upscale vendors who serve pulled pork on brioche buns, gourmet macaroni and cheese. Or, you can go for a variety of burgers at a burger bar. You can still bring in the flavors of the summer barbecue season without sacrificing the style.

4. Avoid Lawn Games

If you love to play lawn games consider saving them for your other summer events. Chances are that you want people to pay attention to the major events of the reception, such as the cake-cutting ceremony and the dances with the parents. You probably have also spent a significant amount of time and money on music for the event and would prefer if people enjoy that. Lawn games are easily hit or miss and that part of your budget can easily be relocated somewhere else.

5. End the Night With a Fireworks Display

It is tempting to only give out sparklers toward the end of your affair. So let your area work to your advantage. Instead of the casual 4th of July wedding setup, opt for a real fireworks show! It may take a bit of pre-planning. Speak with your venue beforehand about any shows planned at the venue. This will ensure that your guests are gathered in the right spot for a wedding surprise they won’t forget.

A Closer Look at Our 4th of July Wedding Mock Up


Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆ (easy)
Set Up Time: Approx. 35 minutes with drapes


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