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Restaurant Interior Design Ideas to Consider

Treat your guests to a wonderful dining experience with excellent restaurant interior design ideas that can turn a simple space into an inviting one.

Simple ideas like using vibrant colors, bright lighting, and added furniture are some of the ideas you need to focus on to improve the interior of your restaurant.

Here are some of the ideas we have in mind that you can use for your space that can be great when you’re greeted by a huge traffic of guests.

1. Accent Wall

accent wall decor

When you want to revamp your restaurant's interior design on a budget you can spruce up your restaurant’s aesthetic design with an accent wall. Having a specific design on one wall can bring the eyes of people in a direction and can be a great addition to a room’s design.

Pair an eye-catching wall with small details to complement your design. To add sophistication to your restaurant, you can incorporate champagne tablecloths and champagne charger plates to your table and add napkin ring holders to your tablescape.

2. Garden Theme


Add a unique restaurant design element to your space by having a garden theme. Bring the greenery indoors by incorporating plants of all sizes into the interior. 

You can use standing plants as dividers between spaces and tables and you can also add small plants or succulents on tables to act as a centerpiece.

Refine and pair this specific theme by using silver charger plates to your tablescape.

3. Industrial Feel Dining Area

industrial dining area

A bold and sophisticated design yet minimalist that brings out the overall look of an interior. Having an industrial space in your dining area can make the restaurant look more serious and still feel homey.

Use the combination of steel, concrete, and wood to create an industrial feel and use sharp and simple furniture.

4. Communal Dining

restaurant long table

Common commercial restaurant designs nowadays incorporate communal dining spaces with a single long table to have guests sit together.

The COVID-19 pandemic left people longing for social interaction and this is one way restaurants came up with to bring people back together.

5. Open Kitchen Design

open kitchen design

The kitchen is the heart of a restaurant; showcasing it to your guests by having an open kitchen design is a great way to design your interior.

This design will also help your guests get closer to your restaurant and tease them with the mouthwatering dishes and great-smelling dishes you have prepared.

6. Art Gallery

art gallery

Turn your space into a fancy restaurant interior by having an art gallery theme. Decorate your space with art pieces like paintings and sculptures as designs.

This is a great opportunity to showcase local artists and support your community while having a great interior for your restaurant.

7. Use Mirrors

modern restaurant

Mirrors can make small spaces look bigger. For any theme, it also gives a great illusion of depth that can showcase the entire interior.

In addition to space, mirrors can help illuminate the inside of your space more, and having great lighting is an ideal way to showcase your restaurant.

8. Homey Minimalist Design

minimalist design

A warm and light meal deserves a great interior. A homey minimalist design creates a low-stimulation environment that lessens the distraction around the interior and makes guests focus more on enjoying their meals.

For minimalist designs, you can try using wood, mirrors, and white furnishings like a white linen tablecloth for all the dining tables.

9. Retro Design

wooden restaurant

Retro designs are not only for old-school style diners but can also be used in modern restaurants as well.

You can still make it look classy by not overdoing it. Use bright-colored tiles on bar counters and mix mood lighting for an old-school feel.

10. Bar as Focal Point


Use a bar as the focal point of your space. A great bar design for a restaurant is one that has an open space design. This idea can give an inviting feel to guests. 

Use vibrant colors on chairs and incorporate great lighting as an accent to your design.

11. Modern Light Fixtures

modern ceiling lightning

As discussed above, lighting is one key feature that you need to consider when designing your restaurant. You can improve the interior of your space with great lighting fixtures that can illuminate your space and at the same time be a focal point for your room.

The possibilities are endless for you and your party. Choose the traditional Taboo or up the drama with a real-life rendition complete with seasonal drinks and baked treats for your birthday party if you like to stand out from the pack and think big.

12. Have an Interactive Design

chalk board wall decor

One great way to give your guests a great dining experience is by interacting with them as they enjoy the interior of your establishment.

Interactive designs like a chalkboard wall which can serve as your guest book can be added to one space of your dining room.

This can also serve as an accent wall if you choose to place it on a specific wall of your restaurant.

13. Pay Attention to Details

table setup

Every detail counts when dressing up your space specifically when it comes to your tablescape. 

Make sure that the tablecloth, table runners, napkins, and centerpieces work well with each other. 

14. Maximize Your Space Including The Ceiling

hanging plants

When designing, consider each space of the room. Not only the walls, floors, and furniture, but also the ceiling. Use the ceiling space as a treat to the eyes by using texture or vibrant colors that can help with the overall look of your space.

15. Create an Open Space

rustic wooden table

Consider having an open space if you have enough room in your restaurant. Part of minimalism, forget about extra furniture and focusing more on just the tables and chairs.

An open floor plan keeps the space not crowded especially when you expect a lot of people to dine.

These great restaurant interior design ideas are perfect for most modern-designed establishments. A small tweak and addition to an already existing space can spell a huge difference to improve the interior design of your restaurant.

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