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How to Revamp Your Restaurant's Interior Design On a Budget

Improving a restaurant’s interior design can do a lot to boost the appearance of a place and at the same time can encourage more customers to visit.

From low-budget restaurant interior design ideas to extravagant ones, we’ll take a look at multiple ways how to revamp a simple-looking restaurant to a place where people would want to visit constantly and dine.

1. Pick A Theme


The first thing you need to consider when you want to revamp a restaurant is to pick a theme. Make sure all the furniture, paint, and tableware are in theme and go well together.

Some themes that do not require too much money are an industrial theme, cabin, or a homey feel, to name a few.

A restaurant with a great theme can bring everything together and give customers a great dining experience.

2. Bring the Outdoors Indoors

cozy restaurant

Bring the feel of the garden and have a lovely and vibrant interior by adding potted plants and small trees inside to turn a dull space into a beautiful restaurant.

Bigger plants can be used to divide spaces and small plants can be placed on top of tables as centerpieces.

Else, you can also create a live wall of herbs that can be used for the food you will be serving.

3. Simple and Minimalistic

minimalist dining

Being extravagant doesn’t always mean dressing up a room too much. Sometimes it needs to be simple to be absolutely gorgeous. Plus, filling up a room with so many furnishings can cost too much.

A simplistic and minimalistic design can work well to revamp a restaurant’s interior. Get rid of any clutter and fix everything in a neat and organized way.

You just have to make it tidy always since the small things and imperfections can easily be spotted when there’s not much to see around.

For colors, work with lighter colors with neutral tones and incorporate wood furniture. It is also possible to play around with colors but make sure to choose lighter shades.

The goal is to make the place look calm and relaxing when playing with a minimalistic theme.

4. Ceiling Ideas

green ceiling

Some ceiling ideas for restaurants involve painting it the same color as the walls of the room. Perfect for smaller spaces, this idea can make a room look bigger by not dividing each side with different colors.

Another idea that is perfect for people who are on a budget is to place stick-on tiles on the ceiling. No one would notice that they are not real tiles and can turn a simple design into a gorgeous one.

As an alternative to painted ceilings or faux tiles, incorporating white ceiling drapes can also make the place look fabulous.

5. Incorporate Mirrors

modern restaurant interior

6. Tablescape

Now, interior design is not all about the walls and furniture but it is also about how the entire room is set, including the table.

Spruce up a restaurant’s interior design by setting up a beautiful table with gorgeous plates, in-theme table runners, and even adding cloth dinner napkins.

You also don’t have to spend too much on the tablescape as there are cheap tablecloth options that are still made of high-quality materials.

step 5

7. Stunning Lighting

hanging lights

DIY lighting can also spruce up your space without spending too much. LED strips to accent the corners of the ceiling or walls can be done.

Another idea is to use recycled materials from old churches or used wine bottles or mason jars as chandeliers to house light bulbs, which can be used on tables.

8. Statement Wall

glowing neon signs

Add accents to a dull wall by adding bold texts, neon signs, or a one-off design of colored tiles to serve as an eye-pleaser in a restaurant.

With a great restaurant wall design, you can even invite local artists to decorate, paint, or add art to a plain white wall.

As a great idea, you can invite artists to paint on walls every quarter of the year so that you get refreshed designs at least four times a year. Something loyal customers can look forward to every time they visit.

9. Alternative Furniture

colored furniture

From used furniture to refurbished chairs, all of these can be used to make an interesting interior design for a restaurant. This can give an artistic take on how you would design a room and give a pop to the overall design.

If mixing different pieces of furniture is not your thing, you can also add a distinct chair to each table as an accent to make the overall setup interesting.

10. Interactive Design

chalkboard wall

Make your restaurant look more appealing and interesting by allowing guests to have interactive pieces and keep them preoccupied while they wait for their orders.

One idea includes the use of chalkboard paint on a wall and allowing guests to write on them which can serve as a wall guest book. Leave a chalk where all your patrons can help with the design of the restaurant by writing a note or drawing on the wall.

With great ideas and a lot of imagination, it is very possible to spruce up a restaurant’s interior design. From simple modifications of furniture and tablescaping to DIY projects, making a space look luxurious need not be expensive.

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