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Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers are a fun and exciting way to welcome a new baby into the world, and they can also be a great occasion to gather with loved ones to share the good news. While parents often announce their baby’s gender during baby showers, or they tend to have a separated gender reveal party, some parents opt for gender-neutral baby showers.

Similar with typical baby showers that are donned in pink or blue, gender-neutral baby showers still have the same amount of fun and excitement, without the fuss of binary pink and blue motifs.  Regardless of the baby's gender, there are fantastic ways to celebrate motherhood and put the love and joy that a new baby brings into the world into the spotlight. 

In this article, we'll explore some of the best gender-neutral baby shower ideas you can use for your next celebration.

What is a non-binary baby shower?

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gender neutral baby shower

Non-binary baby showers honor the birth of a new baby without emphasizing the child's gender. In contrast to conventional baby showers, which contain a gender-specific theme and décor, a non-binary baby shower emphasizes inclusiveness and welcomes the baby with neutral themes.

Regardless of gender, the focus of a non-binary baby shower is on the love, joy, and excitement that a new baby gives to the world.

How do you throw a gender neutral baby shower?

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Preparing a gender-neutral baby shower is sometimes more challenging than a conventional one. You must first decide on the baby shower theme you want to throw. You can arrange a virtual baby shower with a gender-neutral theme or a gender-neutral baby shower in person. 

Picking a theme is easy once you've chosen a design direction, which is one of the most enjoyable aspects of planning.

Deciding On Neutral Color Scheme

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Using a neutral color theme is one of the simplest ways to make your unisex baby shower themes. Consider using neutral tones like yellow, green, or blue rather than bold or daring patterns like stripes or polka dots as part of your gender neutral baby shower decorations.

You could also put your twist on this color theme by sticking with only pastel colors, or you could go with the currently trendy gold color scheme, which is an excellent bet for both genders.

Jack and Jill Baby Shower

A Jack and Jill baby shower is a specific co-ed baby shower that both men and women typically attend. The phrase "Jack and Jill" indicates that the event is a combined celebration for the expectant mother and father. 

As more and more couples decide to join in the excitement of getting ready for a new baby together, this style of a baby shower is growing in popularity. Jack and Jill baby showers sometimes combine entertaining activities with good games and more stereotypically "male" activities like athletics or grilling. 

The main goal of a Jack and Jill gender neutral baby shower idea is to gather the prospective parents' friends and relatives to celebrate.

Embrace gender-neutral baby shower games

You could get bored playing certain traditional baby shower games. Instead, pick from cutting-edge baby shower activities that are fun. Gender-neutral games can make it easier for everyone to participate and have fun.

When it comes to games, there are plenty of options that are both fun and gender-neutral. Consider games like "Guess the Baby Food," "Diaper Derby," or "Baby Bingo."


With good food, a baby shower is complete. Offer a selection of healthy and energizing snacks, such as fruit platters and finger sandwiches, or go all out with a full meal.

Make a list of gifts

Create a gift list to make it simple for your guests to discover the ideal gift. Think about registering for products like diapers, wipes, and baby gear that are both useful and cool gender neutral gifts

What are some of the gender-neutral baby shower themes?

1. Garden Party

garden baby shower

This theme enhances the event with flowers, plants, and succulents. Add decorations like bouquets, floral backdrops, vines, foliage, and hand-painted signs that showcase your talent rather than concentrating on gender. For baby showers in the spring and summer, it is ideal.

2. Nautical Themes

nautical theme baby shower

The parents-to-be who adore the ocean and the beach will love nautical-themed baby showers. There are many adorable and fun nautical themes to pick from, including ones with ships and anchors and seashells and starfish. You can use nautical gender neutral baby shower decorations to adorn and serve snacks and desserts with a nautical theme.

3. Adventure Themes  

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For expectant parents who enjoy adventure and having fun, adventure-themed baby showers are ideal. Many enjoyable and exciting adventure themes are available, ranging from travel and discovery to camping and hiking. Adventure-themed snacks and pastries can be served, and you can decorate with them.

4. Bohemian Theme

bohemian baby shower

Perfect for people who value lively designs and vibrant colors without becoming overly formal. Any colors you desire, rustic wood accents, and greenery like vines and garlands will look great. Consider using vibrant pink or yellow flowers to help with the decoration for a more eye-catching look. 

5. Honey Bee Baby Shower Theme

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This is the perfect gender-neutral baby shower for you if you love the color yellow (as well as sweets with honey flavor). All your guests will be excited at your baby shower if you use a complete set of complementary honey bee baby shower decorations. 

6. Animal Themes

animal balloons

For gender-neutral baby showers, animal themes are a traditional choice.  Many lovely and adorable animal themes are available, ranging from lions and giraffes to elephants and monkeys. Animal-themed food and goodies can be served, and you can use decorations with an animal theme to adorn them. A Good example is using draping curtains that will compliment your color theme. 

What can I say instead of a baby shower?

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Occasionally, people have good reasons for avoiding a baby shower in addition to the simple fact that they don't enjoy it or they have some other prior commitments and other personal matters. Some specific reasons would be because of time restrictions, health issues, or because they prefer simplicity. There are various alternatives to consider if you're looking for alternate phrasing for a baby shower. 

Sip and See: Friends and relatives can "sip" refreshments and "see" the new baby during a Sip and See event.

Sprinkle: A sprinkle, a scaled-down baby shower, is typically held for a second or subsequent child.

Host an Open House: To ensure that everyone can celebrate childbirth without quitting their jobs, you might need to schedule your baby shower for the weekend. 

Open houses put less emphasis on presents and instead concentrate on bringing people together who want to participate in your celebration.

Nurture Nook: Friends and relatives can bring valuable goods, such as diapers and wipes, to the Nurture Nook event to support new parents in getting started.

Online Baby Shower: Being inclusive at your baby shower can be challenging if your friends have other commitments or personal matters. A photo slideshow and a short video streaming are both excellent options.

To make this baby shower neutral theme possible, be creative with your decorations in every theme you wish to throw. You can buy and choose event linens especially for your pipe and drape backdrop here at CV Linens. We also have great deals like discount linens when purchased in bulk. 

Celebrate and Have Fun!

An excellent way to celebrate the love and joy a new baby gives to the world is by throwing a gender-neutral baby shower. Using these best gender-neutral baby shower ideas, you may make the celebration memorable and exciting for everyone.

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