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Unique Wedding Centerpieces You Can DIY with Step-by-Step Tutorials

Wedding centerpieces can elevate table decorations and help set the mood of the grand event. They reflect the couple's preferred wedding style and personality. But if you want the event to stand out, there should be an effort to make unique wedding centerpieces, such as 10 arm candelabra centerpieces to floating candles. The good news is that if you find the right wedding events supplier and simple tutorials, you can save money and DIY some gorgeous centerpieces.

Rules for using a Table Centerpiece 

How do you make beautiful wedding centerpieces while staying on a budget? You can DIY them and enjoy more freedom in customizing them. Some budget centerpieces you can try are pretty painted reused bottles, greenery, potted plants, tabletop lanterns, fake flowers, candles, stacks of books, and mason jars. 

There are many DIY wedding centerpiece ideas you can follow, but you should mind the following factors in making and choosing centerpieces:

1. Find the right size. 

Don't make centerpieces that are too tall or too wide so that the guests will still be able to see each other. Don't make them so small that they won't leave much impact. 

2. Think about the shape of the tables. 

Round tables usually need single, tall centerpieces, while rectangular ones often need bigger centerpieces to avoid looking empty.

3. Look beyond flowers.

Floral centerpieces are a go-to in weddings, considering how flowers are the most popular centerpieces in many events. However, you can explore more options now. Aside from flowers, why not try dried leaves, polyester napkin in emerald green or other bold colors, family trinkets, or candelabras? 

4. Use some statement vases.

Vases can effortlessly make any event look unique and elegant. They don't always need flowers. As mentioned, you can experiment with the decors in line with the wedding theme.

5. Play around with centerpieces of different heights. 

Add texture to the wedding tables using centerpieces of different heights. For instance, you can use short and tall vases or vases of the same height but with flowers, greenery, or branches of different heights. 

Now, how will you design a wedding centerpiece? It depends on what wedding centerpiece ideas you want, and these step-by-step tutorials should be of help.

Steps on using Floating Candles as Wedding Centerpieces

floating candles

You can DIY centerpieces that use floating candles, but you need to buy the candles first from a reliable supplier. Take 3" floating candles (6 pcs), for instance. Here are the steps on how to use these candles as centerpieces: 

1. Take three transparent glass candle holders and fill them with water with a two-inch allowance at the top to prevent overflow. 

floating candle step 1

2. Get the candle, hold its wick, and carefully put it in the candle holder with water, so it stays dry and extends its burn time. 

floating candle step 2

3. Plain water and candle work, but you can make this combination more colorful by adding flowers, stones, rose petals, crystals, water beads, or decorative rocks at the bottom of the candle holder. 

These floating wedding centerpiece candles are perfect for adding warmth to a venue and giving it a rustic look.

Steps in Assembling Royal Candelabra Centerpieces with Hanging Crystals 

royal candelabra

Are you looking to use elegant candelabras for your wedding? If you find the right supplier of decors like a gold royal hanging crystal candelabra centerpiece - gold, even if they are disassembled, you can put them together with these steps: 

1. Take out the candelabra stand, the biggest part of the centerpiece, then screw on the arms securely to the body. 

royal candelabra step 1

2. Install the small candle plates on top of the arms. 

royal candelabra step2

3. Install the large candle plates at the very top of the centerpiece.

royal candelabra step3

4. Add the hanging crystals to the arms, starting with the smaller strands and working your way from the middle of the centerpiece going outwards. 

royal candelabra step2

5. Add the longer crystals to the middle-hoop section of the centerpiece arms. 

royal candelabra step5


6. Attach the shorter crystals at the outermost hoops of the arms. 

royal candelabra step6

These candelabras with hanging crystals are perfect for adding glamor and elegance to your wedding reception. The best part is if you find the right candelabra centerpieces complete with all their parts, you can assemble them in minutes. 

The gold candelabras look elegant set against the glitter tulle 10ft H x 56" W drape curtain - gold. They also work well with the sheer voile flame retardant 10ft H x 118" W drape/backdrop curtain - white in the background.

Steps in Assembling Trumpet Vase Risers as Centerpieces 

trumpet vase riser

Go bold with some trumpet vase risers. Depending on your theme, a rose gold metallic reversible riser might be an excellent option. You can but learn how to assemble them first: 

1. Add one of the washers to the end of the connector screw, then secure the washers in place with one of the nuts.

trumpet vase riser step1

2. Insert the connector screw into the wide opening of the trumpet riser until the washer disc reaches the bottom. 

trumpet vase riser step2

3. Starting from the bottom of the trumpet, screw the sphere piece all the way into the connector. 

trumpet vase riser step3

4. Push the narrow end of the second trumpet vase through the protruding connector screw. Make sure the sphere is tightly secured between the two trumpet vases. 

trumpet vase riser step4

5. Screw the remaining washer disc into the remaining piece of the connector screw inside the second trumpet vase, followed by the nut, to secure all the pieces. 

trumpet vase riser step5

Steps in Assembling 10 Arm Tall Candelabras

10 arm tall candelabra

Use the striking appearance of this 10-arm candelabra piece to make your wedding stand out, but set it up first using these steps: 

1. Screw all the proper rods together to create 10 rod pieces in different lengths. Set them aside.

10 arm tall candelabra step1

2. Take the base and flip it on its side to easily access its front and back. 

10 arm tall candelabra step2

3. Place one of the screws through one of the holes in the base, get one of the tooth lock washers, and place it on the screw at the back of the base. Secure the pieces with one of the nuts. 

10 arm tall candelabra step3

4. Grab the metal rod of your preferred height and twist it into the screw tightly. 

10 arm tall candelabra step4

5. Repeat the third and fourth steps above for all the other rods, then arrange the rods depending on your target look for the candelabra. 

6. Grab the candlestick holder piece, and screw it into one of the rods with the thin tube on top. Repeat this step for all 10 rods. 

10 arm tall candelabra step6

Choosing the Appropriate Unique Wedding Centerpieces

As the couple to be wed, you have every right to consider your preferences in what centerpieces you should use. However, other factors might also come into play. 

You can DIY the centerpieces, as shown above in the tutorials if you find the right events supplier of affordable pieces. But this also meant that the budget was at play. Now, you need to consider how many tables you have so you will know how much money you can spend on each centerpiece. 

The guests' comfort must be considered as well. Think about how many guests are seated at each table so that you can avoid space-consuming centerpieces. 

The floating candles and tall candelabras are perfect options if the venue is dim. They can serve as additional sources of light and accent lighting to set the mood. 

Find a reliable events supplier of affordable but unique wedding centerpieces, and you'll be set to DIY many of the event's decors. It could be a gold metallic reversible riser, floating candle, or 10-arm candelabra. Take your pick and create the dream look for your wedding.

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