3 Concepts to Steal from a Vintage Glam Wedding

3 Concepts to Steal from a Vintage Glam Wedding

vintage glam black and gold weddingvintage glam wedding with black and gold sequins

vintage glam gold and black sequins old hollywood

Vintage Glam Wedding Concepts

The timeless opulence of a vintage glam black and gold wedding makes an event truly unforgettable. These weddings have become increasingly popular, evoking the glamorous eras of old Hollywood and The Great Gatsby. While such decor may seem complicated to pull off, here are our favorite three simple concepts you can steal from this highly-coveted style.

These elements will work for any color palette and theme, although for our mock-up, we’ve designed a table setting for a black and gold wedding.

1. Small details matter

Vintage glam is all about the details. While they may be small and easy to overlook, it’s important not to skimp on them. Small touches add up and can make or break a themed wedding. In our mock-up, beaded glass charger plates with a lustrous gold trim and glittering rhinestone napkin rings add a luxurious decadence to the table. Small glamorous touches make guests feel as if they’ve stepped back into Hollywood’s Golden Age. Charger plates beneath dinner plates elevate the elegance of a table in a way that few accessories can, with the added bonus of protecting the tablecloth from stains and spills as well.

2. Use texture to add variety and depth

When choosing the linens for your tables it’s recommended that you limit the palette to only three colors. In our mock-up, we use black, white, and gold. But colors alone can appear flat. Adding rich textured linens in your chosen colors will bring variety and depth to the table.

For our vintage glam black and gold wedding mock-up we begin with a simple foundation: a black tablecloth and black chair covers. Glitzy sequin fabric is a must! Gold sequin chair slip covers with shimmering organza skirts and a sequin table topper are layered over the table and chairs. Black sequin napkins secured by rhinestone napkin rings are set on top of the dishware. A sleek striped satin table runner ties the look together.

But let’s not forget the walls! Add a dazzling backdrop to your event with black sequin drapes. Small reflective sequins sewn onto taffeta will catch the light from chandeliers and candles, reflecting an aura of romance and magic. Layer sheer voile black drapes held with rhinestone sash clips over the sequin fabric to enhance the atmosphere of luxury.

No matter what your wedding theme, you can make this principle work for you. Some other textured linens to consider are payette sequin fabric, petal circle linens, or luxe pintuck linens.

3. Add pop with a pattern

Incorporate a coordinating pattern within the table linens to draw the eye and add contrast, making the table more visually interesting. In our mock-up we used a bold black and white striped satin table runner to break up the black tablecloth and draw the eye to the exquisite white floral centerpiece. Other places where patterns can be added are napkins, favors, or chair sashes.

A Closer Look at Our Vintage Glam Mock Up


Difficulty Level: ★★☆☆☆ (relatively easy – perfect for beginners)
Set Up Time: Approx. 30 minutes with drapes

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If you dream of a black and gold vintage glam wedding it is completely achievable! The principles of detail, texture, and pattern can work for any color scheme or theme and will simplify planning as you prepare for your big day.

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