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3 Ways to Use Oversized Wholesale Fabric Flowers

Oversized Flower Decorations Are Blowing Up the World of Wedding Decor

Are you using oversized flower decorations in your special event decor? If not, now is the time to start! We added a new addition to our inventory, Jumbo Taffeta Fabric Flowers, and we have a few pointers to get you started with them.


First, What are Oversized Flower Decorations?

If you’re dreaming of a pretty party decor blossoming with giant flower blooms you’re on the right track! Our wholesale Jumbo Taffeta Fabric Flowers are a whimsical floral touch straight from a fairy tale. Each oversized flower is approximately 16 inches wide with two convenient ways for attaching. The back of each flower features both an alligator-clip and a pin clasp. This way you can clip or pin your flowers to chairs, centerpieces, or backdrops in seconds! Best of all? Your fabric flowers will last longer than oversized foam or paper flowers. The durable taffeta fabric will stand up to for use after use! 

Where to Use Oversized Flower Decorations

Weddings are an obvious place for adding some giant flower flair, but don’t limit your vision to just wedding decor. Big flowers are a hit for children’s parties, Quinceañera’s, or any other get-together ready for touch of fun.


How To Use Oversized Flower Decorations


1. Dress Up Your Chairs

Make your chair backs bloom! Remember how we told you about the very unique alligator-clip and pin clasp? If you have ever tried to attach a flower to a chair before you’ll love Jumbo Taffeta Chair Flowers! All you have to do is tie your chair with a simple chair sash or chair band then clip or pin your chair flower into place. Voilà! Your chairs have been instantly upgraded.


2. DIY A Floral Wall

Making your own flower wall may sound like a huge undertaking, but trust me, this DIY is a snap! All you need is a large plastic mesh canvas (similar to what you can find at a hardware store for gardening) and one Jumbo Taffeta Fabric Flower per 10 inch by 10 inch area. Once you have all of your items, use the convenient alligator clips to snap your flowers onto the plastic mesh to create a solid wall of flowers. You can even create more density by gluing or wiring loose artificial flower blossoms between the fabric flowers to increase the floral texture!


3. Create Centerpiece Magic

Have you ever wished that setting up centerpieces could be as easy as plopping something down on a table? With Jumbo Taffeta Fabric Flowers, it really can be! You can bundle 8-10 flowers into foam to create a lifted centerpiece, or place a line of big flowers down the center of a rectangular table for an elongated look. Take this look one step further by adding a table runner beneath your oversized flowers to add extra color and dimension.


Do You Have Oversized Flower Decorations?

What do you make with giant flowers? Have you created a backdrop? Bouquets? Centerpieces? We're dying to know! Send us photos of your work in a DM via Instagram.

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