Extra Long Soft Tulle Table Runners

Whether you're going for a rustic feel or are decorating an upscale glamorous event, our Extra Long Soft Tulle Table Runners will create the perfect ambiance. A quality table runner can go a long way to transform your event tables. At approximately 30" W x 192" L (2.5' W x 16' L) in dimension, this extra long table runner excels in elegance to create a soft, airy, and dreamy scene for a wedding reception, baby shower, engagement party, birthday, or anniversary celebration. At double the width and length of standard table runners, the extra length drapes gracefully at both ends of the table or can be used to create beautiful folds along your tabletop for added dimension. The width is perfect to add a slight color to tables but can be gathered around centerpieces to highlight the aesthetic of the event.

Table runners are an incredible decorator's tool that serves to visually anchor your table and bring together your table linens, dishware, and centerpieces for a cohesive look. Traditionally, a table runner is used on a rectangular table and is placed along the center, either on its own or layered on top of a tablecloth, yet can also be used on a round table by placing two table runners in an 'X' formation. The lightweight look and feel of tulle adds an airy sophistication with some transparency that allows for the table or linens underneath to show through. For a rustic event, this tulle runner on a bare wood table brings about an inviting and homey warmth, or for a more traditional setting, drape over a white or complementing tablecloth.

The proper wedding decorations pull everything together. Use a table runner on top of a dessert table, sign-in table, gift, table, or other places of interest for a simple yet elegant way to dress up the event space and pull in the colors of your event. For a unique touch, you might opt to incorporate the length into your wedding arch, wrap around the railings on an entry staircase, use in cooperation with faux flowers or fairy lights to create a sensational garland, or use to enhance the pew seating at your ceremony. For larger DIY decor projects or for added ways to incorporate this gauzy material, we also offer tulle fabric rolls, tulle tutu skirts, and tulle drapes.

Tulle has been a staple of weddings, birthdays, and shower decorations for many years. It has been used to highlight event themes, make guest tables more elegant, and add extra decorative elements to special destinations like head and sweetheart tables, or even your cake or candy tables. Your decor vision will achieve excellence with this extra-long tulle table runner. Delicate and soft to the touch, the overall aesthetic of this tulle runner adds a touch of class and captures a romantic, fairytale-like setting. The extra-long length is perfect for cascading tablescape designs with graceful drape to transform the look and feel of all your special occasions!

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