Mexican Serape Table Runners

Mexican Serape Table Runners

Splash a feast of color into your events with our woven Mexican Serape Table Runners. Crafted from skillfully woven materials, our Mexican table runners breathe cultural authenticity and timeless design.

Sometimes spelled as sarape, it is a long rectangular traditional shawl or cloak worn in Mexico, especially by men. Taking this design, our Mexican serape runners utilize the traditional woven method of plain weave. 

In this approach, one horizontal weft is passed alternately over and under the warp or the vertical thread. This then creates a sturdy fabric material ready to be made as Serape table runners. Its material is either cotton or cotton blend to provide breathability and comfort.

A Feast of Colors with Mexican Table Runners

These Mexican Serape Table Runners are perfect for adding a burst of color and a playful atmosphere to your occasions.

The way the Serape stripes are woven instantly promotes an air of festivity. The runners are perfect for Cinco de Mayo celebrations, themed birthday parties, poolside gatherings, or practically any event that leans on festivities and a happy vibe.

These table runners are also perfect for upscale gatherings. Its classic design makes it easy to pair with several table decorations, like rustic or contemporary. Moreover, they bring a touch of Mexican culture to weddings, rehearsal dinners, and bridal showers.

Different Sizes

Our Mexican table runners are available in two sizes:

13"x102" – This size works perfectly for standard banquet tables or longer rectangular tables. It provides a beautiful draping, which also highlights your table centerpiece.

13"x84" – This size is ideal for smaller tables, console tables, buffets, or even ottomans. 

Styling Tips

You can create a memorable event experience using our Mexican Serape Table Runners by simply following our styling tips below:

Pair our table runner with any tablecloth in solid or neutral colors, such as white, ivory, or black. This way, the vibrant serape stripes can take center stage.

You can also assemble a beautiful tablescape using terracotta pots, colorful Mexican glassware, or festive flower arrangements in bold shades like magenta, yellow, and orange. Our runners will perfectly match this setup and will create a cohesive event style.

Lastly, perfect the fiesta theme with bright and colorful streamers and festive piñatas. Make mini maracas as party favors, or serape-inspired linen napkins and charger plates.

How To Maintain These Serapes

Keep your table runners staying vibrant through these simple care instructions:

1. Hand wash your table runners in cold water with a gentle detergent.

2. Air dry the table runners by laying them flat after washing. Avoid machine drying as it will only damage the fibers.

3. Iron only as needed on a low heat setting while the fabric is still slightly damp.

4. With proper care, your woven Mexican Serape Table Runners from CV Linens™ will surely bring the south-of-the-border charm to countless events. Find the complementing event linens and decors through our comprehensive collections. Shop wholesale and create unforgettable memories now.

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