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Chiffon Curtain Drape 10ft H x 58" W Panel - Baby Blue

Chiffon Curtain Drape 10ft H x 58" W Panel - Baby Blue

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Color: baby blue
Size: 10 ft h x 58 in. w
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Our Baby Blue Chiffon Curtain Drape 10ft H x 58" W Panel

Imagine an event where elegance and luxury meet in perfect harmony. This is the vibe that our Baby Blue Chiffon Curtain Drapes bring to your special occasions. These 10 ft high by 58" wide panels embody sophistication and grace, instantly elevating the atmosphere of any event.

Chiffon curtains, with their flowing and sheer design, infuse an enchanting and ethereal quality to your decor. These drapes are a top choice for event planners, brides, and anyone who appreciates the beauty of timeless style. They drape gracefully, creating a luxurious appearance that's both classic and contemporary.

The baby blue hue of these curtain panels infuses your event with a sense of serenity and delicacy. This shade exudes a tranquil and ethereal vibe, making it an ideal choice for occasions that require a touch of softness. Whether you're planning a gender reveal party or a serene beachfront wedding, baby blue drapes effortlessly enhance the ambiance, creating a soothing atmosphere. 

At CV Linens, we take pride in offering high-quality wholesale linens that are not only affordable but also available in a wide range of vibrant colors. Our chiffon drapes are no exception, and they are designed to help you create the event of your dreams while staying within your budget. 

Elevate your event to new heights with the luxurious touch of baby blue drapes from CV Linens! Order now and make your event truly remarkable.

Style Your Events with Chiffon Sheer Curtains

For professional event decorators and DIY enthusiasts, chiffon sheer drapes are like the magician's secret to creating enchanting event settings. From grand, opulent affairs to intimate gatherings and traditional banquets, chiffon plays a starring role in crafting scenes right out of a fairytale. 

Our chiffon curtain drapes provide an elegant canvas for transforming any event into a captivating experience. They are a popular choice for decorating wedding venues, tents, banquet halls, corporate events, and various formal gatherings. The sheer elegance and timeless charm of chiffon add a touch of magic to every event.

Whether you're setting up a photo booth or adorning the backdrop of your event, chiffon curtain panels bring a touch of glamour to your decor. For a photo booth, they pair beautifully with balloons and faux floral accents. To add an ambient glow, adorn them with delicate fairy lights. 

The flexibility of these drapes shines through as they enhance the ambiance of both indoor and outdoor events. They truly create eye-catching moments that guests will remember fondly.

Our chiffon backdrop curtains can give your venue a cohesive and magical flair. With a range of colors to choose from, you can reflect your style and preferences effortlessly. The Lavender Chiffon Curtain Drape, for example, is perfect for weddings, baby showers, and more. Its soft lavender shade adds an elegant touch to your event, creating a calming and inviting atmosphere.

The Baby Blue Chiffon Curtain Drape, for example, is perfect for weddings, baby showers, and more. Its soft lavender shade adds an elegant touch to your event, creating a calming and inviting atmosphere. Whether it's a garden wedding or a springtime soirée, this drape enhances the ambiance with a touch of serenity.

With the ethereal beauty of chiffon curtains for backdrops, you can transform your event into a captivating spectacle. Each panel is a piece of magic that sets the stage for remarkable moments. Create the event of your dreams with chiffon curtain drapes from CV Linens!

Set Up Your Chiffon Curtain Backdrop with Ease!

Setting up your baby blue chiffon backdrop is a breeze with CV Linens. We understand that the success of your event relies on creating the perfect ambiance, and our event draping kit makes it easy for you to assemble stunning backdrops!

Our metal backdrop stand is an adjustable, heavy-duty backdrop stand kit that allows you to customize the height and width of your backdrop. It provides excellent stability and support, so you can confidently hang your Baby Blue Chiffon Curtain Drape to create a captivating focal point for your event. This is essential for accommodating various event spaces and styles, providing the flexibility you need to create a captivating backdrop.

If you need to add an extra crossbar to your upright but there's no available slot, our drape support clamp is the answer. These clamps are perfect for attaching sheer drapes, banners, or a touch of color in front or to the side of your drape set. They ensure your chiffon backdrop looks impeccable and stays securely in place throughout your event.

Let us help you create the perfect ambiance and backdrop for your special occasion!

Elevate Your Events with Chiffon Curtain Drape and CV Linens!

When it comes to creating memorable events, CV Linens is your trusted partner. Our event linens and decor are crafted with the utmost quality and offered at affordable prices, ensuring your next event is graced with elegance and style. Whether you're planning a grand wedding, an intimate soirée, or a corporate gathering, CV Linens has a wide range of collections designed to meet your every need.

We also understand the importance of staying within your event budget. That's why we offer discount coupons and linen tablecloth clearance items to help you make the most of your resources without compromising on quality and style. 

So, whether you're looking for the perfect chiffon curtain drape, table linens, or event decor, shop with CV Linens to turn your event dreams into reality. Discover the perfect pieces to enhance your special occasion, and let us be a part of your event's success!

Each quantity ordered contains only ONE drape panel.

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Color: Baby Blue

Dimension: Approximately 10ft Height x 58 inches Width (120" H x 58" W)

Pocket: 4"

Material: 100% Polyester

Material Care: Machine washable cold & low heat

Opacity: Approximately 30% to 50%

Opacity percentage is an estimate only. There could be other environmental factors that could affect the opacity of the fabric such as sunlight, brightness of the room, and fullness of the fabric. The current opacity is under normal lighting.