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Lamour Satin 132" Round Tablecloth - White

Lamour Satin 132" Round Tablecloth - White

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Color: white
Size: 132 in.
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Introducing Our White Lamour Satin 132” Round Tablecloth

Transform your event with the timeless elegance of our White Lamour Satin 132” Round Tablecloth. The crisp and clean vibe of the white tablecloth adds an air of sophistication. The popularity of this tablecloth in events is no surprise. It is affordable and durable, making it a top choice for weddings, banquets, parties, and other upscale occasions.

The color white brings a classic and timeless vibe to any event, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere. The White Round Lamour Satin Tablecloth enhances this effect with its smooth and luxurious satin finish. Ideal for weddings and formal gatherings, this tablecloth complements a range of themes. Whether you're aiming for timeless romance or contemporary chic, it sets the stage for a sophisticated event. It provides a clean canvas that allows other elements of your decor to shine. 

At CV Linens, we take pride in offering elegant table linens that steal the spotlight at every event. Apart from our white tablecloth, explore our regal Apple Red Lamour Satin 132” Round Tablecloth, perfect for events that demand a splash of color and energy

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Experience Our Lamour Satin Round Tablecloth Wholesale

Our Lamour satin tablecloths are the epitome of class and elegance for any event! Their subtle sheen finish makes it the perfect in-between choice if you're unsure about using polyester or satin. They come in a variety of colors, making it easy to match them to different themes and color schemes.

The Lamour Satin fabric is extremely easy to maintain and is always rich in color. Best of all, it is a versatile fabric that can be paired with any other solid or textured fabric and still maintain a cohesive look at your wedding or event!

Don't forget to check out the other items in our Lamour satin Line including chair sashes, table runners, table overlays, table skirts, Lamour satin napkins, and chair covers!

Why Buy Our Lamour Satin 132” Round Tablecloth in Bulk?

Discover the numerous advantages of purchasing bulk Lamour satin 132” round tablecloth. Not only will it save you money, but also it will enhance the overall elegance of your events. Buying wholesale allows you to make substantial savings, freeing up your budget to indulge in other crucial event essentials, such as delectable cuisine and a stunning venue.

Acquiring our elegant White Lamour Satin 132” Round Tablecloth in larger quantities means you'll be well-prepared for numerous events. This surplus is a strategic move to accommodate unexpected increases in guest numbers seamlessly. No need for last-minute purchases at higher costs, we’ve got it all covered!

Consistency is key, especially when it comes to the visual appeal of your tables. Buying tablecloths in bulk ensures a uniform look and feel across all your tables, whether it's for events, weddings, or restaurant settings. This uniformity adds a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

Ready to make a smart investment? Purchase our Lamour satin 132” round tablecloth wholesale and enjoy the premium linens that CV Linens consistently offers!

Styling with White 132” Round Tablecloth Lamour Satin

Take your event to new heights with the enchanting touch of our White Lamour Satin 132” Round Tablecloth. Begin by draping your event space with ethereal event drapes in delicate shades like blush or champagne. This choice will create a sophisticated backdrop that sets the tone for elegance.

For an added layer of glamor, introduce table overlays in coordinating colors. Opt for overlays in muted tones like silver or ivory to achieve a subtle contrast that accentuates the richness of the satin fabric. Complete the look by adorning the lower part of your tables with table skirts in matching white providing a polished finish to the overall design.

To bring a burst of freshness to your settings, add floral arrangements in vibrant colors such as royal blue or emerald green to complement the white tablecloth. This thoughtful selection creates a visually stunning focal point, adding a touch of freshness to the entire setting.

Shop with Us!

Ready to turn your event dreams into reality? Look no further than CV Linens, your ultimate destination for top-notch linens and decor. Our collection boasts a stunning range. 

Aside from our exquisite White Lamour Satin 132” Round Tablecloth, we have an extensive selection of bulk round tablecloths in various materials and colors. Whether you're envisioning a sophisticated soirée or a lively celebration, we have the perfect linens to suit your style.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering premium items at affordable prices. Our competitive rates allow you to snag fantastic deals without compromising on quality. Enjoy our discounted and overstock party supplies, featuring the best linens and decor from CV Linens at their absolute lowest prices. 

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Color: White

Quantity: 1 pc

Condition: Brand New

Material: 100% polyester (spun to look and feel like Lamour Satin)

Dimensions: Approx. 132" Round w/2 side seams

Drop: A 132" Tablecloth over a 72" Round Table (standard 30" table height) will touch the floor.