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Large 4ft Tall LED Marquee Letter - M

Large 4ft Tall LED Marquee Letter - M

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Our large 4ft Tall LED Marquee Letter - M is a fun and easy way to add your personal touch to your event decor. This standalone marquee letter is made of white galvanized metal and LED lights, making it a great addition to any event space. You can choose from different marquee letters, numbers, or symbols to create any personalized message. The vibrant LED bulbs will light up your message, creating a cozy or vibrant ambiance.

There's no need to worry about dimming lights - this marque letter will shine bright all night long! The AC power cord ensures the continued brightness of the marquee letters and symbols throughout your event.

Tall marquee letters with lights are not only functional but easy to customize and decorate. Celebrate a birthday, graduation, bridal shower, and any other special occasion with these light-up letters that can be set up to display any message.

High-Quality Marquee Letters Large LED Specs

  • Stunning Visual Display: The 48-inch tall white metal marquee letters are perfect for making stylish and eye-catching party decorations.
  • Quality Materials: Lightweight yet durable, these 4ft letters are made of white galvanized metal making them easy to transport and set up indoors or outdoors.
  • Illuminated Signs for Weddings and Events: Bright LED bulbs light up the message to add a touch of glamour and style to weddings, baby showers, birthdays, graduations, and many more occasions.

Easy to Use Tall LED Marquee Letters

  • This letter is powered by an electrical power outlet to brighten up any indoor or outdoor event space.
  • Versatile, portable, and easy to pair together to create custom party signs.
  • Metal light-up letters for weddings create a perfect backdrop for a photo backdrop, an impressive head table decor, or an entryway feature.

Decor Tips for Marquee Letters Large LED

  • Custom party decor can elevate the party atmosphere of any celebration. With LED letters, you can add a unique decorative touch that matches any party theme.
  • Create a captivating party backdrop that will impress your guests by arranging marquee letters, numbers, and shapes to form custom words.
  • 48" tall marquee letters are a great addition to any party prop such as balloon garlands, backdrop drapery, boxwood greenery, and so much more.
  • Enhance the visual appeal of your indoor or outdoor party with illuminating giant initial letters.

Create a custom logo sign or wall decor sign with a large selection of A-Z LED marquee letters, marquee symbols, and 0-9 marquee numbers. Shop our selection and unleash your creativity to design a stunning space for any occasion!

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Color: White

Height: 4 Feet

Width: 27.5"

Depth: 7.5"

LED Light Color: Cool White

Bulb Count: 18 + 2 Replacement Bulbs

Power Source: 51" AC Power Cord

Material: Galvanized Metal

Quantity: 1 Marquee Letter

6 Metal Hooks are Included to Attach to a Display Stand (Sold Separately)