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Tie-Dye Chair Sash 7"x108"

Tie-Dye Chair Sash 7"x108"

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Tie-Dye Chair Sash 7"x108"

No matter the scale of your event—be it a cozy gathering or a lavish celebration—our 7” x 108” Tie-Dye Chair Sash is crafted to surpass your highest expectations. Infuse your occasion with creativity and flair using this versatile accessory with tie-dye pattern, designed to turn everyday chairs into striking elements of your décor. 

Features of our Tie-Dye Chair Sash 7"x108"

Our Tie-Dye Chair Sash blends style and durability thanks to its premium 100% polyester material. A perfect fit for a variety of chair types and sizes is guaranteed by each sash's amazing 108-inch length and 7-inch width. The eye-catching addition to any event decor concept is the vivid tie-dye pattern, which adds a colorful explosion.

The Tie-Dye Chair Sash is not only an attractive accessory, but it is also extremely versatile and can be used to enhance any theme or occasion. No matter if you are aiming for a minimalistic and sleek appearance or a more colorful and laid-back style, these tie-dye chair sashes will become your perfect accessories that will tie all your decorations together. Add a touch of sophistication to banquet chairs, folding chairs, or even chair covers, and make the extra charm any chair could use.

Our tie-dye polyester chair sashes have a serge over-locked edge finish and are designed with both appearance and functionality in mind. This guarantees a professional appearance and extends the sash's lifespan, allowing it to be used again for other occasions. The sturdy polyester material withstands regular use and cleaning, maintaining its vibrant colors and structural integrity over time.

Following our simple maintenance recommendations will make maintaining your Tie-Dye Chair Sash flawless. These polyester sashes are made for ease of use; they are machine washable and dryable. Simply place them in your washing machine with similar-colored linens, add a small amount of detergent, and set the dryer on low to tumble dry. Avoid bleaching to preserve the integrity of the tie-dye pattern and colors.

Why Buy Our Tie-Dye Polyester Chair Sashes?

CV Linens™ is a leading provider of affordable, high-quality table linens. Organizers and decorators alike rely on our commitment to quality. Our Tie-Dye Polyester Chair Sashes represent this passion with their colorful tie-dye design, which adds a pop of color and individuality to any occasion. CV Linens™ offers a wide range of chair sashes and bands made from high-quality fabrics such as curly willow, spandex, chiffon, glitter sequin, and more—all ensuring the same level of quality and affordability that CV Linens™ is known for.

Prepare to impress your guests and create an unforgettable ambiance—explore our collection today and discover why event planners and decorators trust us for their most important occasions.

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Color: Tie-Dye

Quantity: 1 pc

Condition: Brand new

Materials: 100% Polyester

Dimensions : 7" wide by 108" long

Edge: Serge over-locked

Care Instructions: Machine Washable & Dryable. Do not bleach.