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Ruffled 5 Tier Rainbow Table Skirt 17ft Polyester

Ruffled 5 Tier Rainbow Table Skirt 17ft Polyester

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Color: multicolor
Size: 17 ft
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Table skirts can effectively cover the table's legs and whatever is underneath it. They also make tables visually appealing and complementary to an event's theme, so a ruffled table skirt in rainbow colors would fit in any colorful celebration like, a children's party, a music festival, or any occasion worth celebrating. Life should be colorful, and you can find the colors you want if you shop for rainbow theme party linens and supplies here at CV Linens.

Why Use A Ruffled Table Skirt In Events?

Are you looking for the added texture and softening effect of ruffles all over your events? Our ruffled 5 tier polyester rainbow table skirt would be perfect for this purpose. It is decked out in red, orange, yellow, blue, andgreen layer colors, adding brightness to any space. Consider how happy your venue will look if a dessert table is covered with a polyester rainbow table skirt

Ruffled table skirts are both aesthetic and practical. They can improve the aesthetic appeal of an event, surprising the guests with their array of colors. You can still get the same effect even with fewer tiers if you use our three tier ruffled burlap table skirt 17 ft - natural variant. It may be more muted in colors, but it's ruffled effect still commands attention. 

Our table skirts can conceal your tables' flaws or outdated style and complement your event's theme. They can make your tables more updated when dressed up. Their practicality stems from the idea that you can reuse them several times, making them cost-effective event linens.

The best thing about table skirts is they are easy to install, perfect for busy event organizers like you. Our skirts come with a Velcro trim that easily adheres to the tables with the help of table skirt clips. They are easy to remove during the clean-up, too. If you have several events to cater to within a short period, being efficient at putting up event decor and cleaning up after the parties is an asset, something our Velcro trims and table clips can provide you. 

What To Expect From Ruffled Table Skirts

Ruffled tiered table skirts from CV Linens are unarguably attractive because the cascading layers of polyester fabric evoke a sense of movement, making them look more eye-catching. A ruffled table skirt will do the job if your theme needs a playful yet elegant look. 

The ruffled layers also look romantic and feminine. If you have events requiring these kinds of feels, add ruffled table skirts to your CV Linens cart now. The ruffles make the table look graceful and delicate while adding depth and richness to the overall look of the venue, making the event appear more engaging. 

A ruffle table skirt can be versatile. You can use these types of table skirts in events that have garden, floral, fairytale, vintage, bohemian, or romantic themes. The ruffled layers look like flower petals or the princesses' dresses you see in fairytales. Pair these with an equally fun and colorful ruffled spandex chair band in willow green, and you will have an excellent garden-themed setup. 

Our ruffled rainbow table skirt would be perfect for occasions that call for colorful event decorations. Rainbow table skirts can be used in children's parties that need a whimsical atmosphere to play up to the kids' imagination. It will also match the fun atmosphere of  music festivals, gender reveal parties, unicorn themed parties and much more.

Why Buy At CV Linens

If you buy a ruffled table skirt for sale at CV Linens, you will enjoy savings from getting the table skirts at wholesale prices and free shipping if you order at least $99 worth of items. As a wise shopper, you should schedule your shopping spree during our Deals of the Week, clearance sale, and other promos. 

Given how tight schedules can be in the world of event planning, it helps if you shop for event linens ahead of time. But if you need a little push to get your event supplies faster, we also offer express shipping by air for quicker delivery. Choose Express Shipping at checkout. 

For your convenience we offer a linen size chart, to help you find the right tablecloth size, drape fullness and more.. Our chart is easy to use and contains an array of table and linen sizing guides.

If you've seen the merits of using a ruffled table skirt in your upcoming events and have imagined the looks you want to achieve with it, start shopping now. Enjoy great savings when you buy CV Linens event tablecloths in wholesale, other event linens, and event decors. Shop at CV Linens today.

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