What Unexpected Color Combination is Perfect for Christmas?

What Unexpected Color Combination is Perfect for Christmas?

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Create Gorgeous Christmas Decor Without the Santa’s Workshop

Create a stunning Christmas look without red or bright green in sight! Maybe traditional Christmas colors make your head hurt. Maybe you’re celebrating all of the winter holidays without focusing on one holiday’s color theme. Whatever your reason is for choosing an alternative color palette for Christmas, we have you covered!

3 Tips for a Perfect Winter Woodland Decor

Our designers have created an elegant take on Christmas table setting by using rich greens, earthen browns, and wooden accents.

The Right Green

Find a green that won’t remind you of spring (or match an elf’s shoes!) Emerald or Kelly Green may be a little overwhelming for an offbeat Christmas color palette. We chose Willow Green Glitz Sequins for a more subtle green.

Get the Best Brown

Our Chocolate Brown Lamour Satin is the perfect rich tone to blend with the distinct Willow green! Combining green and brown can be tricky. The last thing you want is for your pretty decor to look a little like camouflage.

Accents are Everything

Without accents, your Christmas Table Setting is doomed to look a little lackluster. Make sure you have plenty of organic touches like Basswood Tree Slabs. We suggest miniature winter pears, pinecones, and cinnamon sticks to finish the tablescape off.


Get out Woodland Christmas Decor Above

Glitz Sequin Table Overlay Topper 90"x90" Square - Willow Green Lamour Satin Table Runner - TaupeRound Basswood Tree Slice/Slab - MediumPolyester Napkin 20"x20" - Chocolate BrownGlitz Sequin Spandex Chair Band - Emerald Green



Ready to Shake Up Your Christmas Color Palette?

We want to see your creations! CV Linens needs photos of your non-traditional Christmas color palette and decor to be featured on our Instagram. DM us your photos and we’ll be happy to share them!


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