What Unexpected Color Combination is Perfect for Christmas

Are you pondering the best Christmas color combinations for this season? Moving away from traditional Christmas colors, we explore how an unexpected color combination for Christmas can add a refreshing twist to your celebrations.

At CV Linens, we offer a variety of wholesale Christmas decorations, allowing you to experiment with a plethora of colors and styles.

7 Winter Woodland Decor Tips Using Unexpected Christmas Color Schemes

We're reimagining the Christmas color palette, moving beyond standard festive hues to bring you a sophisticated and surprising table setting, complete with a range of options to shop by color.

The Right Green


For a more subtle green, our Willow Green Glitz Sequins are perfect. If you're interested in a more traditional look, consider our emerald green satin fabric, which offers a classic yet refined feel.

Get the Best Brown


Pairing the green with our  Chocolate Brown Lamour Satin creates a warm, earthy base. This is a unique choice among Christmas color combos, offering a sophisticated alternative to the conventional festive palette.

Accents are Everything


Natural elements like miniature winter pears, pinecones, and cinnamon sticks add charm to your tablescape. Complement these with candelabra centerpieces for an elegant touch.

Without accents, your Christmas Table Setting is doomed to look a little lackluster. Make sure you have plenty of organic touches like Basswood Tree Slabs. We suggest miniature winter pears, pinecones, and cinnamon sticks to finish the tablescape off.

Lighting for Atmosphere


Soft, warm lights, such as fairy lights or candles, are perfect for enhancing your unique Christmas color ideas and creating a cozy ambiance.

Textural Contrast


Mix textures to complement your Christmas color schemes. For instance, a red velvet tablecloth can add a luxurious feel, while a red table runner can provide a striking contrast to the earthy tones.

Metallic Accents for Sparkle


Introduce metallic accents in gold or silver to add elegance and sparkle, providing a luxurious contrast to the earthy tones of your primary palette.

Floral Embellishments


Floral arrangements in your chosen Christmas color scheme, like white amaryllis or frosted ferns, tie the entire theme together, adding a vibrant dimension to your decor.

Additional Tips for a Cohesive Look



  • Tableware that Complements: Choose tableware that harmonizes with your Christmas color themes. Think of charger plates, napkins, and glassware that echo the woodland theme. Don’t forget to check out our linen tablecloth clearance for great deals.
  • Pattern Play: Introduce patterns in your chosen color scheme to add an exciting visual element to your setup.
  • Personalized Touches: Custom-made centerpieces or handcrafted ornaments can make your setting feel unique and special.
  • Layering Elements: Layer different elements for depth. Use table runners, placemats, and overlays in your chosen colors to create a rich, multi-dimensional look.
  • Experiment with Shades: Explore different hues to find the perfect combination that suits your style and the mood you want to create.


Get out Woodland Christmas Decor Above

Glitz Sequin Table Overlay Topper 90"x90" Square - Willow Green Lamour Satin Table Runner - TaupeRound Basswood Tree Slice/Slab - MediumPolyester Napkin 20"x20" - Chocolate BrownGlitz Sequin Spandex Chair Band - Emerald Green

Ready to shake up your Christmas color palette? We, at CV Linens, are excited to see how you bring these unconventional color combinations to life in your holiday decor.

Share your photos of your non-traditional Christmas color palettes and decorations with us, and you might just see them featured on our Instagram. This holiday season, embrace the unexpected and showcase your unique style with our extensive collection of decorations and linens!

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