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DIY Backdrop Balloon Decoration

When thinking of a party theme, always remember the thought and purpose of the celebration. For events like birthday parties or weddings, adding a DIY backdrop balloon decoration can help bring the attention of the people in the room to focus on one place.

With the use of a few items, you can create this balloon decor idea that can serve as a great centerpiece for your event. It can also serve as a photo area backdrop or main stage decoration for big events like baby showers, weddings, NYE party decorations, and more.

A balloon event backdrop wouldn’t cost a lot and decorating your wall or space is as easy as using sticky tape to get them in place. If you’re using a backdrop frame, you can use rubber bands to hold them or tie the balloon onto the frame.

Check out this short video that we have for a tutorial on how to make a DIY backdrop balloon decoration:

Materials you’ll need:

Setting Up A Backdrop Balloon Decoration

Step 1: Assemble The Backdrop Frame

step 1

Assemble the backdrop frame and move it to the center of the room or where you intend to place it.

Step 2: Insert Drape Through The Frame


Make sure that when you insert the drape that it is facing forward. Align it to the center of the frame to make it more visually pleasing.

Step 3: Tie The Drape


Once the single panel of drape is placed through the frame, carefully bundle it in the middle and tie it using a cable tie or a rope to put it in place. Let the bottom part hang freely.

Step 4: Add a Table


Set up a cocktail table in front of the frame and add a satin round tablecloth to complement the entire look.

Design tip: if you want a “puddle” look, use an oversized tablecloth.

Step 5: Tie The Overhang


For a more glamorous look, tie the overhang of the tablecloth with a silver glitz sequin mesh net table runner.

If you want to try other designs, you can also use a chair sash or a greenery garland to tie a knot.

Step 6: Inflate the Balloons


Inflate three large balloons with helium which you will use for the table setup.

For the backdrop, inflate with normal air 20-40 balloons of different sizes and colors (silver, black, white). Tie them all together and attach them to the side of the backdrop frame when done.

Step 7: Add Tails to The Large Balloons


Using the three large balloons inflated with helium, attach the end of the fringe foil curtains and use it as the tail of the balloons.

Wrap the double-sided tape of the fringe curtain around the edge of the balloon.

Repeat for the three balloons and add weight to the bottom so that the balloons wouldn’t fly to the ceiling.

Step 8: Finishing Touches


Complete the look of the backdrop by hanging a “Let's Get This Party Started” neon sign in the middle. Now, you’re ready to party.

Other options for this idea are using different colored backdrop curtains or a backdrop flower wall for a different touch.

A party decor does not have to be complicated or expensive. All you really need is an imaginative mind and a lot of creativity. It doesn’t have to be extravagant as well. A simple setup with the right items and techniques can make a world of difference and turn a dull room into a festive one.

For your next celebration, consider adding a backdrop balloon decoration to make your event more enjoyable.

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