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5 Essentials for a Beach Themed Wedding

beach themed weddingpink and gold beach themed wedding with sequins and curly willow

Beach Themed Wedding Essentials

There is no reason not to have a beach themed wedding, with or without the beach! The fun, party atmosphere of the beach is perfect for celebrating a wedding. Here are five essentials for a beach themed wedding if you want to recreate the ambiance away from actual waves.

Recreate a Sand Aesthetic

Use textured linens to give your beach wedding decor a reminiscent vibe of waves and sand! We chose our popular accordion taffeta tablecloth to provide the base of our tablescape. Ivory or champagne accordion taffeta linen tablecloths are a solid choice to cover your tables to create a soft yet gritty surface just like the beach. These linen tablecloths come in both 120″ round and 132″ round sizes, which will fit most standard tables used at receptions.

Catch Some Waves

Creating wet waves might be unsafe for your venue and wedding guests. But waves that flow down from the back of a chair are just the right choice! Made to hang on the back of a standard chiavari chair, our curly willow chair back covers can provide the right extra touch. They come in a variety of colors. Use our turquoise, blue, green, or pink hues to liven up your beach wedding look. We also carry curly willow in table skirts and chair sashes so you can add an extra touch throughout the event space.

Don’t Forget the Seashells

Sea shells make a great addition to a beach themed centerpiece! We chose to stick with our gold metallic accent color and spray paint our seashells and starfish. We added them on top of a glitz sequin table runner, which helps to mimic the texture of sand on the table. If you want to focus on a non-floral centerpiece you can use glass terrariums to fill out this part of the table and hold sand, small shells, tiny plants, and starfish inside.

Seaside Favors

Small buckets make great favor holders, especially if they have a handle. You can include mini-shells, sparkling beach glass stones, or other items that can be found on the beach. If you want something edible, fill the bucket with colorful candy that matches your wedding’s color scheme. If you want a DIY-route, you can fill the buckets with soy wax candles and personalized scent. Don’t forget to dress up your buckets with your names and date of your wedding!

Complete the Look with Room Decor

If your venue space doesn’t quite match your beachy aesthetic, cover the walls with sheer draping to give the room a soft appeal. You can hang fairy lights behind sheer draping, or you can use small spotlights to add an accent color throughout the room.

A Closer Look at Our Beach Themed Wedding Mock Up


Set up difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆ (extremely easy)
Set up time: Approximately 20 minutes


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Want to Substitute?

If you want your event to have a more natural palette instead of a pop of color, substitute our pink items for champagne!

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