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Church Wedding Decoration Ideas You Can Try

Beautiful Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. When you found the person to be your lifetime partner is fun and exciting, things can easily get stressful with the wedding ideas, planning, budgeting, and decorating.

There is a lot to consider- venue, date, theme, wedding style, decorations, etc. One major consideration is where you want to have your wedding ceremony and reception.

If you are planning a church wedding, you might be wondering how to  transform the  space without breaking church regulations, and how to avoid going over the wedding budget?. Worry not because there are plenty of ideas to turn the church halls into your dream wedding.

How To Decorate A Church For A Wedding?

Before planning decorations for your wedding ceremony, discuss any plans with the church official or coordinator to avoid any problems during the decor process.

Decorating for a church wedding is very similar to decorating any other wedding venue.

No matter the style of wedding or reception there are four focal points that will make your wedding reception memorable.

The Altar - Also known as chuppah, an altar, and the wedding backdrops are the focal point during a wedding ceremony. This is the most photographed area during the ceremony, and especially when you exchange your vows.

The Wedding Aisle - Whether indoors or outdoors, this is where the bride will make her beautiful march, as well as the groom and the wedding party. You may plan decorations for aisle runners based on the church’s walkway, or opt for more modern or  minimal decorations. 

The Entryway - Wedding entryway decors set the tone for the wedding theme you have for your big day. The decor is also a great way to welcome wedding guests and make a lasting first impression.

The Pews - If the ceremony location has chairs or pews, beautifully decorated seating is a great way to welcome your guests as they enjoy the nuptials.

How Much Does It Cost To Decorate A Church For A Wedding?

Because most churches prefer minimal decorations, the average cost of getting married in a church is cheaper than getting married in a wedding venue hall. Moreover, church buildings have naturally stunning architecture and interiors, so the decor doesn't have to be extravagant. By focusing on these four key areas mentioned above, you can have a beautiful church ceremony within a budget.

You may also opt for reusable and affordable wedding supplies, to stay within your budget and to reuse the decors for your next events. One of the most affordable church decor items is tulle fabric and the diy decor options are endless!

Buy these wholesale fabric rolls in the colors of your chosen theme and use them to decorate the altar, the aisle, and even the pews.

How Do You Decorate A Church Altar?

white wedding altar decor

Wedding arches or portable backdrops are very easy to transport and set up to create beautiful ceremony backdrops. They can easily be decorated with florals, greenery, and fabric drapes. Tulle fabric is lightweight and easy to arrange, so you can easily decorate your arches or drapes with tulle. You may also opt for more opaque and thicker fabrics, depending on your wedding theme.

You may also accentuate the altar with faux flower arrangements or balloon decorations. Balloon arches are also perfect for more modern-themed weddings.

CV Linens offers heavy duty backdrop stand kits perfect for heavier fabrics and double draping.

How Do I Decorate My Wedding Aisle?

white carpet church aisle wedding decor

Truth be told, the bridal entrance is the most breathtaking moment in the entire wedding ceremony. Make your wedding gown stand out even more by accentuating the wedding aisle with subtle, yet stylish decors.

Traditional white aisle runners are ideal for indoor church weddings. Line the church aisle with greenery, florals, candles, or a combination of all three for added dimension.

You may also add rose petals, use fresh or faux rose petals in white, red or another color that matches the color scheme of the wedding.

How Do You Decorate The Front Of A Church For A Wedding?

simple church front wedding decor

Church entrance decorations for weddings include wedding signs, floral arrangements made with a mixture of greenery and florals, and candle lanterns. Floral decorations can be attached to the church structures or set up using a pipe and drape set.

If the church has steps and handrails, you may also decorate them with greenery garlands and add candles or lanterns. Opt for silk floral decorations as these are affordable and durable decors that may be reused for future events.

How to Decorate Church Pews?

church pew decor pink tulle fabric

Wedding reception seating at a church may range from church pews to pew chairs, but both can be decorated to be equally beautiful wedding pews.

Tulle fabric is an affordable and easy way to decorate any aspect of a wedding or special event. Tulle fabric can be used to create diy tulle sashes, diy tulle and ribbon pew bows, diy tulle and floral decorations. These decorations can be hung from the pew using pew clips. 

Tip: When in a pinch, table skirt clips could double as pew clips for small pew decor.

You may also use DIY floral wreaths as alternative decoration for fabrics. These are simpler, yet eye-catching and elegant, especially for guest photos during the ceremony. 

Church Wedding Decorations Themes

However you choose to decorate for your wedding ceremony, the decorations should reflect your wedding theme or style. There are tons of themes to choose from, but here are four popular church wedding themes.

Simple Church  Wedding Decorations

Simplicity is beauty. Church interiors are beautiful as they are. If you want a minimalist wedding, only add decor to the areas you want to draw attention to.

You may just decorate your wedding altar and leave the rest of the wedding ceremony venue as is. After all, the wedding altar is the most important space during the ceremony. This is the main focal point and this is where the couple will be for most of the ceremony.

Add a simple wedding arch accentuated with fabric or floral arrangements. They are affordable yet durable and easy to assemble. Check out this video on how to assemble a DIY Wedding arch.

Rustic Church Wedding Decorations

You may also choose an au naturel theme with rustic wedding decorations. Burlap and lace fabric will go perfect with baby's breath flowers, for that earthy, organic vibe.

You may also take advantage of other nature-themed elements such as wood slabs, twigs, greenery florals.

Modern Church Wedding Decorations

Old meets new with a traditional church wedding and modern wedding decorations. Use a half moon, geometric or asymmetrical arch for the backdrop, and add acrylic accents for centerpiece stands and tablescapes. Check out other ideas on how to use bold wedding decor and other out-of-the-box wedding decorations.

Elegant Church Wedding Decorations

You may also go for an all-out elegant wedding church decorations . Use large and extravagant floral arrangements to line the aisles, and use gold centerpieces and sequin drapery for the backdrop and perimeter wall draping.

You may also use ceiling draping and elaborate wedding entryway to match your altar. Go for crystal ceiling draping and candelabras that are sure to wow your guests.

After the church wedding ceremony, it’s time for the wedding reception! Check this out for wedding reception tables decor inspirations.

Bonus: Check this video on how to create the perfect floral ring centerpieces for your wedding reception tables!

Check out Pinterest or Youtube for more church wedding decoration inspirations.   

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