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Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Las Vegas

If you’re tired of the usual church weddings and resort receptions, a Las Vegas destination wedding might be for you. Most people think of casinos, nightlife, and buzzing neon lights but Las Vegas has that and even more to offer.

If you’re looking for electrifying fun and elegant locations to walk down the aisle under the golden Las Vegas sun or its starry starry skies, we’ve got the best venues for you. We’ve short-listed our top 7 best outdoor wedding venues in Las Vegas for your special day.

Top 7 Outdoor Wedding Venues in Las Vegas

Eiffel Tower

Escape to Paris in the comforts of Las Vegas and say your romantic “I do’s” in style. Here you’ll find a majestic view of the city on top of the Eiffel Tower replica in the heart of Las Vegas. Events usually take place on the tower’s observation deck, making it an ideal spot for evening weddings. Exchange your vows 460-feet above the air with a great view of the city scape and night sky.

You won’t need to look far for your hotel booking after the wedding as the venue also offers hotel accommodations with a touch of Paris for the ultimate romantic getaway.

Estimated average cost for a 3-hour reception at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant costs around $300 – $500. Capacity is around 12, perfect for a small, intimate wedding ceremony.

Reflection Bay

If you’re looking for a mix of a beach wedding in the heart of bustling Las Vegas, look no further than the Reflection Bay Golf Club. Here you’ll find a lush beach that feeds into a beautiful 320-acre lake surrounded by tall palm trees.

Experience the summer sun of the lush tropics at the Reflection Bay and exchange your “I do’s” as you enjoy the gentle breeze and the greenery of the fresh surrounding lawns of the nearby golf course.

Hold your reception in a beautifully-decorated circular room in the venue’s clubhouse with an attached balcony offering a majestic view of the golf course. The venue has a capacity of 200, perfect for big wedding ceremonies.

Fees for use of the ceremony venue start at $1,000 while fees for the reception venue start at $2,500. With food and drink, most events are estimated to cost somewhere between $5,000 – $10,000.

Red Rock Canyon

If you’re looking for a unique and picturesque outside wedding reception, a Red Rock Canyon wedding ceremony might just be the place for you.

The Red Rock Canyon is an acclaimed site that’s perfect for couples that feel at home in the outdoors. Imagine being surrounded by red sandstone peaks and warm red earth tones as you walk down the aisle to exchange your wedding vows.

The Cactus Collective offers packages that cover booking of a minister, photography services, location fees, and even filing of legal documents for marriage certificates.

If you want to add a dash of greenery into the landscape, you can opt to set up a wedding arch for your ceremony. The set-up for this wedding decor is surprisingly easy and breezy. Get creative with DIY wedding arch ideas to add a dash of style to your outdoor Red Canyon wedding.

Weddings at the Red Rock Canyon by the Cactus Collective are specialized for intimate ceremonies and elopements. The average cost for a Red Rock Canyon wedding is estimated at $1,700 - $3000 with an estimated capacity of 50 guests.

Springs Preserve

Throw a backyard wedding Las Vegas style at the Springs Preserve. A desert oasis in the middle of bustling Las Vegas, this elegant wedding venue will surely wow your guests.

A lush botanical garden peppered with a variety of flowering plants, this well-kept secret garden is a perfect venue for your wedding ceremony. With the right outdoor wedding decorations, you can transform the place into the perfect wedding reception in an instant.

Choose from their outdoor venues: from the Gardens Arboretum lined with trees and wood-and-stone décor, to the Springs Amphitheater lawn for an outdoor wedding alfresco dinner. They also offer indoor venues with tastefully classic interiors.

An outdoor backyard wedding venue surrounded by lush greenery and paired with the right wedding cocktail table décor, et voila! You’re ready for a night of love, laughter, and good food with friends and family.

Estimated cost for a wedding reception at this lovely location averages at around $2,100 – $5,500.

5. The Grove 

The Grove

Dreaming of a classic wedding in the middle of tall trees, a cool breeze, and surrounded by nature? The Grove may be the perfect wedding location for you.

You’d be surprised to find such a tranquil spot just minutes away from busy and bustling Las Vegas but the Grove is exactly just that. It offers a makeshift outdoor wedding chapel from its tall almond trees draped with elegant white fabric. Paired with the right white chair sashes for the wedding and you’ve instantly got an elegant wedding set up that is to die for.

They offer an inclusive wedding package for a hassle-free ceremony. Complete with a ceremony coordinator, a minister, ceremony music, and appetizers, plated meals, and an open bar.

Average cost is estimated at around $3,100 – $5,300. The venue can host around 50 persons, perfect for a mid-sized wedding with your closest friends and family.

rainbow gardens

Exchange your wedding vows at your garden wedding Las Vegas style at the Rainbow Gardens.

Enjoy an enchanting night at this unique garden wedding location decorated with an outdoor courtyard surrounded by palm trees. Enjoy the colorful landscape and lush greenery, the tropical plants adorning the area and the elegant domed gazebo, a perfect touch to highlight your wedding vows.

Top off your wedding venue with the right outdoor wedding centerpieces and some string lights to match the tropical island vibe and you’re ready to enjoy your outdoor garden wedding reception.

The Rainbow Gardens offers inclusive packages that cover the ceremony, a minister, flowers, music, and food for your wedding reception. They also offer photo booths, ice sculptures, chocolate fountains, and extras to spice up your wedding reception.

The average cost for a typical wedding at the Rainbow Gardens costs around $3,500 – $12,295 with a capacity of around 170 people, suitable for a big wedding ceremony.

Park MGM Weddings

If you’re dreaming of a luxe outdoor garden wedding with a poolside view, consider booking your wedding at the Park MGM Weddings. This hotel offers three unique venues for your wedding ceremony. Choose from a night-time poolside location, or a wide outdoor space surrounded by a blend of towering palms and the bustling Las Vegas horizon at the Central Park Terrace.

Pair these locations with some classic wedding arches, lush greenery, and stylish wedding décor and you’re ready for an outdoor wedding night to remember.

The outdoor venues at Park MGM can host 100 guests at the poolside venue and 350 guests at the Central Park Terrace.

Things to remember for your Las Vegas Wedding

bride on mountains

Las Vegas weddings are often associated with shotgun weddings. Spontaneous, fun, last minute weddings out of pure passion. Whether you’re eloping in Vegas or throwing a top-of-the-line wedding ceremony, here are some things to remember before you tie the knot.

Visitors often ask, can you just show up in Las Vegas and get married? Yes, there’s no waiting period for how long you have to be in Vegas to get married there.

To have a legally binding wedding ceremony, you have to get a marriage license from the Marriage License Bureau in Nevada. Fill out a Clark County Marriage License Pre-Application online, get your marriage license and get married the same day. The bureau is open from 8 AM to midnight and accepts walk-ins.

Rules for Las Vegas Weddings

There are a few requirements to getting your marriage license in Las Vegas. At the very least, you:

  1. Must be at least 18 years old
  2. Must provide government-issued identification with your name and age
  3. Must not be currently married
  4. Must not be nearer to kin than second cousins or cousins of half-blood

Best Months to Hold an Outdoor Vegas Wedding

The best months for an outdoor wedding in Las Vegas are usually around October and November, some even hold it even in early December. These months usually offer cooler temperatures with very rare chances of rain. This is great weather for outdoor wedding parties.

Some couples also opt for the months of April and May to avoid the rainy weather. It’s also best to check the heat index on your target wedding days to make sure you get just the right amount of sun on your big day.

What to Wear on your Outdoor Vegas Wedding

Brides and grooms can dress in the traditional wedding gown and tuxedo if you’re going for a more formal look at your outdoor Vegas wedding. If you’re looking for a more laid-back vibe to your Vegas destination wedding, brides and grooms can also opt for a less formal, more casual dress and polo shirt.

The good thing about outdoor weddings is that they can be very flexible in towing the line between formal and casual, with the right party décor and wedding linens.

When choosing your wedding attire, also consider the weather and the time of day. Las Vegas gets very hot during peak seasons. Choose a wedding outfit that'll make you feel comfortable for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Throwing an Outdoor Las Vegas Wedding to Remember

Feel like you’ve won the lottery without even placing a single bet with your perfect outdoor Las Vegas wedding. We’ve laid down our lucky 7 best outdoor wedding venues in Las Vegas for you to choose from.

We’ve also listed down some of our top tips and rules to remember when planning for outdoor wedding venues in Las Vegas. Make sure you’ve noted these reminders for a smooth-sailing wedding in Vegas.

Remember to book your venue early to strike better deals with these top wedding locations. You’ll feel like a million bucks when you walk down your elegant outdoor wedding aisle.

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