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Dressing a Table On a Budget

Budgeting a Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Table Setup

Creating a picture-perfect tablescape doesn’t have to cost a fortune! The Creative Team at CV Linens is ready to share professional tips on tablescaping, from choosing appropriate flower vase centerpieces to finding tablecloths, that will make your  Christmas elegant while on a budget. Learn more about table setting ideas in this article.

Tablescaping is KEY

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The first impression is KEY when guests come to a room, and an elegant tablescape is absolutely KEY. Let’s consider your table before you begin planning and decorating your tablescape. If your table is decorated with understated materials while leaving a table bare, it will only leave a sour and mediocre impression on your guests. However, with a table decorated with simple, elegant notes of a tablecloth, chair cover, and napkins, your guests will be utterly impressed upon entering the venue! Choosing CV Linens products will accomplish that without breaking the bank!

Let's Begin Tablescaping!

red table runner christmas cheap linens

We’ve come up with three easily affordable price tiers for tablescapes, all based around Christmas because 'tis the season! Luckily, the same base items can be swapped out in color and fabric choice to suit your needs on other occasions while still keeping in mind what staple items are best to purchase at each price point. It is a good start to learning how to decorate a table cheaply and push this further by working with a wholesale events supplier like CV Linens.

Table Setting Ideas for Under $15

If your tabletop is pretty on its own, a table runner on a bare table is an inexpensive way to make a large decorative statement! A table runner will give the illusion of extra length, making a table appear larger, more inviting, and especially festive. Table runners from CV Linens range in intricacy, but all boast a price point under $15. Purchase coordinating napkins and chair sashes for under $1 per piece and a table for four is dressed for under $15, making the perfect budget table decoration a reality.

Our suggestion for a $15 Christmas Tablescape:

Tablescapes for Under $25

A moderately embellished overlay or base linen tablecloth makes a fantastic addition to a budget tablescape without the price tag of luxury linen. Pintuck is a great choice for a slightly more decorative choice without going over budget! A solid-colored satin, taffeta, or lamour tablecloth will also stay within budget constraints if you prefer a minimal look. Put in some additional accent pieces like an Apple Red Table Runner and napkins and your table will have table decorations on a budget.

Our suggestions for a $25 Christmas Tablescape:

1 Pintuck Overlay White – $12.99

10 Lamour Satin Napkins Apple Red – $0.69 each

1 Lamour Table Runner Apple Red – $2.09

Total $21.98

Alternative items to use:

Tablescape for Under $45

You can bring a touch of texture to your tablescape by doubling up on luxury linens such as a Glitz Sequin Apple Red Table Runner to an adorable, quirky “gift wrap” effect, perfect for Christmas. It is still possible to manage this budget if you look to CV Linens for discount linenss and great deals on statement decor like acrylic crystal centerpiece and other decorations.

Our suggestions for a $45 Christmas Tablescape

1 Satin Tablecloth 120” Emerald – $11.19

2 Glitz Table Runners Apple Red – $9.49

10 Lamour Satin Napkins Apple Red – $0.69 each

4 Lamour Sashes Apple Red – $0.99 each

Total $41.03

Tablescape for Under $75

At the higher end of the price spectrum, our full-sized textured tablecloths become a possibility. Our Satin Rosette Tablecloth is one of our fantastic 3D tablecloths with a festive twist. A Rosette Tablecloth in Apple Red accented with a silver Glitz Sequin Runner will make your holiday decor a spectacle to behold. This tablescape is appropriate for special events when you might need to let go of the budget dining table set idea temporarily.

Our suggestions for a $75 Christmas Tablescape:

1 Rosette Tablecloth 120” Apple Red – $48.99

1 Glitz Table Runners Silver – $9.49

10 Lamour Satin Napkins Apple Red – $0.69 each

4 Lamour Sashes Apple Red – $0.99 each

Total $69.34

Tablescapes for Under $100

For under $100 your holiday tablescape will be the very pinnacle of style. Our brand new full-sized Wave Satin Tablecloths are the top of the line in lush table coverings. With Apple Red accents in Glitz and Lamour, your decor will be unstoppable! You can still get these high-quality linens at generous discounts if you find them as wholesale tablecloths for sale or overstock linens on CV Linens.

Our suggestions for a $100 Christmas Tablescape:

1 Wave Satin Tablecloth 120” Silver – $67.99

2 Glitz Table Runner Silver – $9.49

10 Lamour Satin Napkins Apple Red – $0.69 each

4 Lamour Sashes Apple Red – $0.99 each

Total – $97.83

Note: Some item prices may have changed or have sold out when this blog was published. 

Casual vs. Formal Table Setting Tips 

If you’re worried about setting the table improperly, you should at least know when to prepare the casual and formal table setting.

The informal table setting looks like this:

  1. Put the placemat on the table. 
  2. Place the plate in the middle of the placemat. Consider this, too, even if you are using disposable plates.
  3. Put the salad plate on top of the dinner plate. 
  4. Place the soup bowl on top of the salad plate. 
  5. Position the napkin to the left of the charger plate, with the fork on top of the napkin.
  6. Place the knife to the right of the plate and the spoon next to it. 
  7. Put the water glass right above the knife. 
  8. Put the glass for wine or another beverage to the slightly upper right of the water glass. 

The formal table setting works like this: 

  1. Put a tablecloth on the table. 
  2. Place a charger plate on each seat. 
  3. Put a soup bowl in the middle of the charger. 
  4. Place the bread plate on the top left of the charger.
  5. Position the napkin to the left of the charger. 
  6. Put the salad fork outside to the left of the charger and the dinner fork on the inside. 
  7. Place the knife to the right of the charger beside it with the soup spoon next to the knife. 
  8. Put the butter knife horizontally on top of the bread plate with the blade facing in. 
  9. Place the dessert spoon above the charger with its handle pointing to the right. 
  10. Position the water glass above the knife, with the white wine glass to its right and the red wine glass a little above the white wine glass. 

More Table Decorating Tip

Don’t limit yourself to flowers when choosing table decorations on a budget this Christmas. Try the following alternatives to flowers: 

  • Christmas centerpieces like pinecones, ornaments, or a small Christmas tree
  • Seasonal fruits such as apples, oranges, or cranberries
  • Candle arrangements placed on decorative candle holders or trays with holly berries, evergreen branches, or pinecones
  • Holiday wreaths
  • Figurines or nutcrackers
  • Christmas-themed table runners

When the holiday events are done, and you’re wondering how to dress the table when it is not in use, consider the following:

  • Cover the table with a table runner or tablecloth to continue protecting the table from the elements
  • Put a decorative tray or centerpiece in the middle of the empty table with dried flowers, candles, or a decorative bowl
  • Put placemats that match the overall color scheme of the dining room

We hope these tips have been useful!

Love to share your idea or consult any other ideas?

Be sure to tag your Christmas Tablescapes on Instagram; we can’t wait to see what creations you bring to life on Christmas! The Creative Team also has creative ideas and tips for Birthdays, Wedding, or any other holiday or event necessary for a tablescape to look extravagant to "Wow" your guests. Simply send us an email or contact us through any of our social media pages.

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