Amazing Burlap Craft Ideas To Try Right Now

Amazing Burlap Craft Ideas To Try Right Now

Burlap is a versatile material that adds a rustic touch to any space. From curtains to table runners, there are many ways to integrate burlap into your decor. Explore simple yet inventive burlap craft ideas to elevate your space. Add these burlap fabric craft ideas to your parties or home decor for some inspiration.

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Refined Canvas Using Burlap Table Runner

Crafting with burlap is a refreshing way to boost your table decor. Utilize the charming appeal of burlap table runners. Create canvas artworks that infuse warmth and texture into your dining setup. Here are some craft ideas using burlap that you can try:

  1. Cut the burlap fabric into strips of equal width, ensuring they are long enough to cover the length of your table.
  2. Cut additional strips of burlap to create the vertical weave. These strips should be slightly longer than the width of your table runner.
  3. Starting from one end of the horizontal strips, weave the vertical strips over and under the horizontal strips. Alternate the pattern with each strip to create a woven effect.
  4. Apply fabric glue or use a hot glue gun to secure the ends of the vertical strips to the backside of the horizontal strips.
  5. Trim any excess burlap fabric or loose threads along the edges of the table runner to create a neat finish.

With basic materials and a little ingenuity, you can turn ordinary burlap table runners into memorable decorations. Leave your guests thoroughly impressed with your DIY table runners.

Wide Burlap Table Runner 18"x108" - Natural Tan
Burlap Table Runner 13"x108" - Natural Tan

Crafted Ruffled Burlap Bed Skirts

Another way you can do crafts with burlap is by making your burlap bed skirts. With some effort, you can turn burlap table runners into bed skirts that can add an inviting warmth to your beds.

You will need the following: burlap fabric (amount depends on bed size and desired length of bed skirt), measuring tape, scissors, sewing machine or needle and thread, and fabric pins. Once you have these materials you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Measure the length and width of your bed to determine the dimensions for your bed skirt.
  2. Cut burlap fabric into panels according to the measurements you took. Cut strips of burlap for the ruffles.
  3. Align the top edge of the panel with the top edge of the box spring or mattress. Use fabric pins to secure the panel in place.
  4. To create the ruffles, sew a gathering stitch along one long edge of each burlap strip. Leave long thread tails at both ends of the stitch.
  5. With the ruffles gathered, pin them to the bottom edge of each burlap panel, aligning the raw edges. Adjust the gathers as needed.

Three Tier Ruffled Burlap Table Skirt 17 ft - Natural

Once everything is in place and any glue or stitches have dried, your burlap ruffled bed skirt is ready to use. Enjoy the rustic charm it adds to your bedroom decor!

DIY Burlap Shower Curtain

Burlap fabrics are a great material to introduce an inviting ambiance and a touch of warmth into your home decor. Burlap with its sturdy yet charming look ensures it is never out of place as a design option.

One fun and simple project is crafting your burlap shower curtain. This allows you to customize your shower curtain to your preference to give it character that is lacking in mass-produced alternatives.

For this project you’ll need: Burlap fabric (depending on size and desired length of curtain), scissors, measuring tape, shower rings or hooks, and fabric adhesive. Once you have all these items, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Measure the width and height of your shower area to determine the dimensions of your curtain. Add two inches for your header.
  2. Using your measurements, cut the burlap fabric to the desired width and length for your shower curtain.
  3. Along the top edge of the burlap fabric, fold over about 2 inches to create a reinforced header. This width should accommodate your shower curtain rings or hooks.
  4. Use fabric adhesive or hemming tape to secure the folded edge in place
  5. Slide shower curtain rings or hooks through the reinforced header of the burlap shower curtain.
  6. Hang the burlap shower curtain and make any final adjustments to the width and length as necessary.

Inviting Burlap Wreath

Burlap wreaths offer a charming touch to any home decor, whether adorning your front door or hanging on a wall indoors. With just a few materials and some simple techniques, you can create a beautiful wreath that exudes rustic elegance.

You’ll need burlap fabric, a wire wreath frame, scissors, and zip ties. Once you’ve gathered all these items, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Cut the burlap ribbon or fabric into strips, each approximately 8-10 inches long and 2-3 inches wide. The number of strips needed will depend on the size of your wreath frame and how full you want the wreath to be.
  2. Fold one burlap strip in half lengthwise to create a loop, then loop it around one section of the wire wreath frame. 
  3. Pull the ends of the burlap strip through the loop and tighten to secure it to the frame.
  4. Repeat this process until the entire wreath frame is covered with burlap loops.
  5. Once all the burlap strips are attached, fluff out the loops to create a full and even appearance.

Functional Burlap Bulletin Board

Add a functional touch to your event or home decor by doing crafts using burlap to make your burlap bulletin board. Serving as a versatile canvas for organizing notes, photos, and reminders. Whether hung in a home office, or kitchen or to display photos at an event, this DIY pinboard is both practical and stylish.

To start, you need to gather the following materials: Corkboard or foam board Burlap fabric, scissors, a staple gun or adhesive, push pins, or thumbtacks. Once you have them, you just need to follow these simple steps.

  1. Cut the burlap fabric to size, leaving a few inches of extra fabric on each side to wrap around the corkboard or foam board.
  2. Lay the burlap fabric flat on a clean surface, then place the corkboard or foam board in the center. 
  3. Fold the excess fabric over the edge of the board and secure it in place using a staple gun or adhesive.
  4. Fold the corners of the burlap fabric neatly and secure them to the back of the board with staples or adhesive for a cleaner finish.
  5. Once the burlap fabric is securely attached to the board, hang your DIY burlap bulletin board on the wall using nails or adhesive hooks.
  6. Use push pins or thumbtacks to display notes, photos, and other items on your burlap bulletin board, keeping your space organized and stylish at the same time.

Burlap Chair Sash - Natural Tan
Faux Burlap Tablecloth 120" Round - Natural Tan
Burlap 90"x90" Square Table Overlay Topper - Natural Tan

Frequently Asked Questions on Burlap

Now that you’ve learned the basics about burlap and DIY burlap craft ideas, familiarize yourself with some additional facts about burlap.

What can you use to write on burlap?

You can use a wide variety of tools and materials to write on burlap such as paints and gel-based writing tools. The quickest and most accessible tool to use would be oil-based paint markers such as Sharpies.

What to make with burlap?

Burlap is a versatile material that can be used to craft a variety of decor such as table runners, wreaths, curtains, and bedskirts.

Can you bleach burlap?

It is not advised to use bleach or fabric softeners when dealing with burlap as these may cause damage and degrade the fabric. 

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