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7 Go-To Linens For a Chocolate Brown Wedding

chocolate brown wedding with champagne and ivory accentschocolate brown wedding with champagne and ivory accents

You might not think of brown as a typical wedding color, but it is. The first colors that come to mind when you think of weddings would likely be bright ones, far from the brown hues. However, a chocolate brown wedding is a good option, especially if the couple wants a warm and earthy color scheme. Explore how this color would look good in wedding linens and decor. 

Is Brown Appropriate for a Wedding?

Any personal preference of the couple should be considered. A chocolate brown wedding theme is a great option if they want a nature-inspired color. Here are the reasons why brown should be used in a wedding and what colors look best on brown: 

1. It Is Neutral

Brown works well with other colors as a primary color or an accent. It also looks effortlessly aesthetic, especially with gold, ivory, blush, burgundy, or blush. Suppose the couple wants to incorporate some bright colors, brown works with yellow and orange. This color combination would look great on chocolate brown wedding invitations. 

2. It Looks Elegant

Beyond using brown in decor and furnishings, it can also be used on the wedding entourage’s outfits. There could be chocolate brown wedding tuxedos, dresses, or accessories. To tie everything up, use chocolate brown satin napkins, tablecloths, chair covers, or event draping.

3. It Is Nature Or Rustic-Inspired 

Chocolate brown or a different color of brown can create a warm and cozy ambiance, especially when you use nature-inspired decors like burlap, wood, or foliage. Imagine having chocolate brown drapes, artificial eucalyptus greens in the centerpiece, and burlap table runners.

4. It Fits The Season

Winter or fall weddings can have a chocolate brown theme because it suits the season. Brown complements the seasonal colors and makes the venue look inviting and cozy in contrast to the cold. Think of using a chocolate brown round tablecloth with cream or ivory table runners, gold wedding charger plates, artificial blush roses, or burnt orange napkins. These are only a few of the colors that look good with brown.

5. It Is The Couple’s Preference 

If the couple loves brown, it is your responsibility to work with it and use complementary colors. 

Chocolate Brown Wedding Linen and Decor Option

One of the most memorable parts of your wedding’s decor is the color palette that brings your reception and venue to life. There are various reasons you might choose a specific color, be it because it matches the venue or it’s a favorite color of the bride or groom. A chocolate brown wedding will bring forth images and feelings associated with luscious and delicious tastes and fabrics, but brown itself may seem uninspiring for such an important day. Thankfully, there are seven accent linens and decor that can make your wedding into an elegant event! Their colors and design go well with your chocolate brown theme.

1. Champagne Pintuck

Champagne adds a beautiful, muted elegance to any event, but it can also be dressed down for less formal weddings. Pintuck fabric offers a smooth but textured taffeta surface that will glow under the light of your venue while still being a very affordable fabric choice. By adding a pintuck sash to your wedding chair covers you weave together you wedding colors into an alluring tablescape.

2. Sheer Draping

Nothing stands out in wedding photos like like stark, boring walls. Our sheer drapes in champagne and ivory not only complement the tone of your wedding, but they give texture to the walls and bring them to life. There are numerous techniques to make this fabric into a drape or backdrop, and it is a subtle difference that will bring life and beauty to your venue

3. Silver Rhinestone

Especially in the case of a wedding relying on more muted colors, a little sparkle goes a long way. Our silver rhinestones can be used in a DIY fashion to bring a little glamor to a wedding cake, serve as a table runner, and even be incorporated into accent decor. You can also use a rhinestone velcro clip to secure draping and add just a touch of dramatic beauty to your fabrics.

4. Glass Charger Plates

While most might not think of charger plates as a wedding necessity, they serve two purposes: to protect your tablecloth from potential staining and to add an elegant centerpiece to your guests’ meal. Our best seller glass charger plates feature a beaded trim which will also add a bit of personality beneath a dinner plate.

5. Ivory Glitz Sequins

The soft color of ivory will complement your chocolate brown wedding beautifully, but if you are looking for a little more personality, an ivory sequin table runner or napkin will add a touch of glitz to your decor. Sequins have become a popular wedding fabric over the years, and throughout our website you can order wedding linens direct to you. This affordable fabric will add a little dazzle to your more subdued wedding colors.

6. Ivory Satin Chair Cover

With such a beautiful tablescape it would be a shame to have your guests seated in boring, bland chairs. Our ivory wedding chair covers are a universal size and will fit most types of chairs. The ivory will help break up the darker brown and champagne colors, and the satin sheen will brighten your chairs while offering a comfortable seat for your guests.

7. Polyester Tableclot

Of course, your chocolate brown wedding would not be complete without this beautiful table cloth to bring your theme together. This table cloth is very affordable, lowering the cost of your wedding while adding a textured fabric to your tables.

A Closer Look at Our Chocolate Brown Wedding Mock U


Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆ (mid-difficulty due to draping)

Set Up Time: Approx. 45 minutes with drapes

Don’t Let Your Day Be Bland

Your chocolate brown wedding doesn’t have to be boring when you pair it with other rich fabrics and a bit of sparkle. In fact, this collection of affordable and beautiful wedding fabrics will make your tablescape subtle, yet inspiring, and your wedding unforgettable! Get your chocolate brown chair cover, event decor, and wholesale tablecloths at great discounts here at CV Linens.

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