Finding the Right Wholesale Wedding Linens for your Big Day

Finding the Right Wholesale Wedding Linens for your Big Day

wholesale wedding linens purple silver white sequins
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Add grace and elegance to the tablescape of your special day with wholesale wedding linens. Table linens are a constant at any wedding venue and many people underestimate their importance. However, when used strategically, reception linens make an efficient way of crafting a gorgeous setting.


Keep the Romance Going with the Right Sweetheart Table Linens

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now begins the dizzying agenda of wedding planning. While often low-priority in favor of larger decor aspects, the right table linens can make a dramatic statement. In fact, they have the power to set the overall ambiance of the day. As the place of focus at your reception, the sweetheart table makes the perfect starting point for selecting your linens. So in that respect, should you buy or rent your sweetheart table linens? Simply put, it is less expensive to buy reception tablecloths than to rent. When you purchase your own linens, you benefit from a wider range of colors, textures, and wedding glitz.

With the sweetheart table claiming such an esteemed position of importance, there are a variety of design elements to consider. One of them being the ability to splurge on luxury linens. The other, to play around with a variety of colors that best coordinate with the theme of your special day. Your sweetheart table offers ample opportunity to add a pop of color like with this Accordion Crinkle Taffeta 132″ Round Tablecloth – Victorian Lilac. Likewise, you can go bold with dimensional elements such as with our Glitz Sequins 120″ Round Tablecloth – Silver. If you favor simplicity, you can decorate with smaller accents, such as with our Rhinestone Velcro Sash Clip / Napkin Ring – Silver.


wholesale wedding linens purple silver white sequins

Let Them Eat Cake with Attractive Guest Table Linens

The standard choice for guest tables has long been plain white tablecloths. However, this is a great place to use your wedding colors or incorporate depth and texture. There are many options to make your table linens pop without becoming overwhelming to the rest of your decor. Wedding linens come in a wide range of styles from bold and bright, to simple and elegant. At only a few extra dollars per table, upgrading your reception tablecloths is where you can truly engage the senses.

Think rosettes, mermaid scales, stripes, overlays for dimension, or sequin bling. If patterns are not your style choice, solid blocks of color still make a big statement without being overpowering. Color is ideal for bringing a cohesive aesthetic to your decor theme. Solid hues also allow you to visually break up the room by alternating colors for a distinct style statement.

wholesale wedding linens purple silver white sequins

Additional Linens and Decor Details

At the end of the day, it’s about finding the right balance to bring the desired mood to your event. You might choose the glittery appeal of sequin napkins. Yet offsetting them with the simple elegance of our Reef Glass Charger Plate – Silver adds demure intrigue. The right table decor can turn functional furniture into a beautiful setting for the reception. Adding such elements as chair sashes, elegant cutlery, and crystalline centerpieces create a romantic setting. It also beautifully marks the blissful beginning of the happy couple’s ever-after.


Shop This Wedding’s Look

Large Rosette Flower Tablecloth 90"x132" Oblong Rectangular - SilverSatin Rectangular 90x132" Tablecloth - Wisteria/Victorian LilacGlitz Sequins 120" Round Tablecloth - SilverAccordion Crinkle Taffeta 132" Round Tablecloth - Wisteria/Victorian LilacBeaded Round 13" Charger Plates - SilverGlitz Sequin Spandex Chair Band - Purple
Reef Glass Charger Plate - SilverGlitz Sequin Napkin 20"x20" - PurpleRhinestone Velcro Sash Clip / Napkin Ring - Silver

With careful consideration and planning, including it is easy to create a storybook-perfect wedding reception. At CV Linens, we offer a wide selection of fascinating wholesale wedding linens so each table looks gorgeous and inviting. For additional insights on planning an affordable dream wedding, check out our Pinterest. You can also follow us on Facebook for updates on our sales and new arrivals.

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