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How To Choose Your Wedding Colors

One of the most significant and memorable days of your life is your wedding, and choosing the perfect colors for the occasion will help establish the mood. Having a chosen color palette makes coordinating all the other details easier, including your table linens, bridesmaids' dresses, and bouquets. 

Choosing the ideal color scheme for your big day can be challenging, too, because so many choices are available.Explore the basics of wedding color choices and how to choose your wedding colors.

What Makes Wedding Colors Important?

The mood and style of your wedding are greatly influenced by the colors you choose. Every element of your wedding, from the invitations and flowers to the bridesmaid dresses and table decorations, will use colors from your color scheme. 

Colors have the power to bring an appearance together and make it look polished, or they can contrast and make a mess. Colorful wedding decor can have meanings and symbolisms that go beyond beauty. 

For example, red and blue are frequently linked to passion, serenity, and love. Some couples may choose colors representing their hobbies or culture.

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What Factors Should Be Considered in Choosing The Wedding Color?

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There are several factors to consider when choosing the colors for your wedding. Here are some of the most important factors on how to choose your wedding colors:

Think about the time of year.

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Unlike a summer beach wedding, a spring ceremony amid blooming trees will feel different, and you can complement the wedding colors. 

While pastel pinks depict the blooming life of a spring wedding, jewel tones typically have the sensation of fall wedding colors. Summer weddings choose brighter colors, while winter weddings prefer silver and darker colors.

Wedding Venue

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Consider the color scheme and decor of your wedding venue. You want your colors to complement, not clash, with the existing features of the space and will give you wedding color ideas. 

The venue's existing color scheme and decor can impact the overall look and feel of your wedding. For example, if your venue has bold and vibrant colors. 

Choose softer or neutral colors that complement the space and it can help in choosing wedding linen color rather than compete with it.

Personal Style

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Your style is an important factor to consider when choosing wedding colors. Your wedding reflects you and your partner, and your colors should be chosen to complement your style and personality.

If you prefer muted tones and a more classic look, pastel colors or neutral shades may be perfect. Also, if you love bold colors and modern aesthetics, then vibrant jewel tones or metallic shades may be more fitting.

Make wedding planning research

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Making wedding planning research is important when choosing wedding colors because it can help you make an informed decision based on the season, venue, theme, and personal preferences.

Researching different color combinations can also create a cohesive and visually appealing look for your wedding. And will give you an idea on what and how to pick wedding colors.

By looking at different color palettes and inspiration boards, you can see how different colors work together and better understand what will look suitable for your wedding.

Consider The color wheel

color wheel

In the color wheel, opposite colors tend to complement one another. Using a color wheel, you can think about certain basic aspects of color theory, such as complementary and analogous wedding decor color combinations. 

For your wedding theme colors, you might decide on a primary color and combine it with a subtle shade of a complementary color.

Cultural Value

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Specific colors may have cultural or traditional importance for you or your family. If so, you might include such colors or shades in your wedding color scheme.

Select an appropriate number of colors

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Keep your color scheme from having too many or too few colors. When there are too many hues, it might feel overwhelming, and while there are too few, it can feel lacking.

As a starting point, choose a primary color, a complementary color, and an accent color in order to achieve the best wedding color combinations.

Popular Wedding Color Schemes

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Classic Colors: Classic and timeless wedding colors include black, gold, and ivory.

Summer Colors: Navy blue, pale yellow, and white are classic summer wedding colors. They give a beachy, casual vibe. Summer colors can be a good accent for the decorations of your banquet chair covers.

Winter Season Colors: A formal winter feel is achieved by navy blue or maroon combined with glittering silver tones.

Spring Season Colors: Pastel colors like lilac, pale pink, green, ivory, and cream tones could be used as spring wedding colors.

Fall Season Colors: The autumn colors may influence your choice of colors for a fall wedding. Choose burgundy, reds, orange, and yellows with accent colors in pastel shades and mellow neutral tones. These colors will have colorful event drapings at the venue

Trendy Colors:  Considering trending colors in choosing wedding colors can be a good idea because it can help you stay up-to-date with the latest styles and make your wedding feel fresh and modern. This year's trend is Magenta color.

Using popular colors can also help you create a cohesive look with other aspects of your wedding, such as invitations, decor such as wedding linens and wedding chair sashes, and bridesmaids' dresses. 

Set Your Ideal Wedding Color!

It is ideal to begin considering both your wedding theme and colors simultaneously because they are closely related. It might be challenging to choose a wedding color when shades for every color of the rainbow are available. 

You may have a wedding color planner to make it easier for you to choose. You can also refer to this article for inspiration for top wedding color trends 2023.

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