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How to Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding

From plates and napkins to disposable confetti, the waste created on a typical wedding day is hard to ignore. Couples who want to create a more sustainable wedding are doing everything to reduce the carbon footprint, from renting their clothes to buying pre-loved decorations—and some even have compost for food wastes!

There are many ways that you can have an environmentally friendly wedding, no matter what your budget or style might be. Below are some tips for creating an awesome and eco-friendly wedding day:

Use Reusable Tablecloths and Napkins

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The greener choice for table attire is reusable tablecloths and linen napkins. They are the perfect investment because they are reusable, easy to clean, and easy to store. CV Linens offers a variety of linens that are suitable for any party, theme, or style you can think of!

CV Linens table linens are durable, easy to clean, and don't take up much storage space, making them ideal for people who have limited storage space at home. Reusable linen napkins are also easy to clean, store, and reuse. We also offer napkin rings in various designs to match your table decorations.

Whether you are starting your events styling business, or a fan of DIY wedding projects, our wholesale tablecloths, and table napkins are perfect for your needs.

Upstyle Recycled Glass Bottles

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Do you have empty wine bottles lying around at home? Reduce waste and make them part of your wedding celebration. Glam up your old glass bottles with lace ribbons and use them as flower vases for your table centerpiece! You can also do this with spare mason jars at home. Just make sure to wash and clean them thoroughly before decorating. 

After your event, they can also make perfect home decor. Use them with these affordable flower bunches to add a little color to your dining room, entryway, or shelves. An added bonus is that there will be no wilting leaves, and you do not need to change water everyday! 

Use Wooden Decors

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Add a natural vibe to your dessert tables or cake table with a wooden cake stand for your wedding cake. You may also use candle holders for an added accent. Decorate your dessert table with tulle fabric and loose florals and greeneries.

Match your dessert set up with wooden tables and wood cross-back chairs for the entire ceremony and reception! Wooden decors are eco-friendly naturally aesthetic pleasing, and thus, you don't need more extravagant decorations. Simply glam them up with reusable table runners and chair sashes available on the website.

Light Things Up with LED Lights

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If you are up for a little wedding DIY, these fairy LED lights are your new best friend! These economical and eye-catching LED fairy lights are sure to make your wedding mood more romantic, without spending too much.

LED lights are also energy savers, as they spend use less electricity than counterparts. They are also durable and reusable, so you can easily pack them up and use them as decoration for your future events. If you have a home garden or patio, you may reuse them as home decors as well!

Use Edible Wedding Favors

Vibrant and tropical colors for outdoor draping ideas

If you want to lessen plastic waste from packaging or wedding trinkets, consider edible wedding favors as your ecofriendly giveaways. Cupcakes and sugar cookies make the perfect wedding giveaways to your guests. Add a variety of candies and treats for your sweets table. 

Make guests feel extra special by putting personalized labels on the packaging. Wrap them in biodegradable craft wrappers or recycled paper boxes instead of plastic ones.

Arrange them in charger plates or cupcake holders during the ceremony for a picture-perfect set-up and distribute them towards the end of your reception.

Send Out Small Plants as Giveaways

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What’s more adorable than small potted plants or succulents as wedding giveaways? Send your friends home with fresh new greeneries for their homes. Personalize their tiny pots with their names or add the details of your wedding as a souvenir.

Do you want to sneak in a little arts and crafts activity for your guests on your wedding day? Let them paint their plant pots. Add a small paint and brush set to your souvenir package and let your guests show their creative side.

Choose Reusable Flower Backdrops

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While fresh flowers are the perfect wedding decorations, they are not always economical and easy to find. Good thing CV Linens has a diverse line of florals, from loose stems and flower bunches to greeneries and florals for event backdrop. These silk backdrop decorations look exactly the same as the fresh ones, without the wilting, and without the extra delivery costs and arrangements. 

You can simply put the panels together using pipe and drape sets, or you may also DIY if you are feeling a little creative. These floral backdrops are easy, affordable, and completely reusable. These floral panels are also available at wholesale prices and special discounts.

Sustainable Wedding Ideas, Even For Those on a Limited Budget!

While planning an eco-friendly wedding with sustainable decorations may seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. If you follow these tips for making small changes one at a time, you can still have your dream wedding without hurting the planet. These small efforts will not only make your big day special, but also you can rest assured that being a little extra conscious when wedding planning can go a long way to reduce the environmental impact.

Make sure to check our Instagram and Pinterest page for more decor inspirations!

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