How to Entertain Kids at a Wedding Party: Fun Children's Wedding Activities?

Planning a wedding and including kids in the celebration? Congratulations! Ensuring the youngest guests have a fantastic time requires some thoughtful planning to make the event enjoyable for everyone.

Don't worry! Entertaining kids at a wedding can be both seamless and enjoyable with the right ideas. Explore these expert tips for creating memorable children's wedding activities. We've got a list of wedding games for kids and tons of activities for small children that will keep the little ones engaged and excited throughout the festivities.

Top 20 Ideas for Entertain Children at a Wedding

1. Children's Tent

kids outdoor tent

Kids love having a space of their own. Create a designated area with play tents, stocked with hula hoops, crates of activities, comfy cushions, and rugs. It provides a cozy retreat where they can have fun and stay entertained. Make your children’s tent area match your wedding reception decor with some wedding arch backdrop decoration.

2. Kids' Meal

girl eating by the beach

A well-fed child is a happy child. Consider serving up their favorite foods in a kid-friendly manner. Cafeteria-style trays, like those showcased at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards, add a delightful touch to the overall experience.

3. Play Instruments

kids playing violin

Let the kids make some noise! Introduce play instruments at appropriate moments, such as when the couple is recessing down the aisle or heading off for their honeymoon. It's a fun and engaging activity for children of all ages.

4. Sparklers

beautiful sparklers

Involve children in the celebratory send-off by asking them to wave sparklers during the couple's exit. It's a magical and exciting way for kids to participate in the wedding festivities. Put up a nice round gold backdrop to complement your sparkler activity and take the most memorable children’s photos. 

5. Amateur Photography

little groom and bride
beautiful bride with kids entourage

Provide Instax cameras for guests, including kids. Not only does it keep everyone entertained, but it also allows them to capture unique perspectives of the wedding, creating lasting memories.

6. Interactive Centerpieces

simple wedding centerpieces

Transform decorations into activities. Create an adorable kids' table with interactive centerpieces, such as toy reptiles. It adds a playful and entertaining touch to their space. Set your children’s centerpieces against all the best tablecloths for a wedding. Add a burlap table runner wedding to add texture and depth to your kids’ party tables. 

7. Sack Races

kids sack race

Incorporate classic children's pastimes like sack races. Perfect for outdoor celebrations, sack races are easy to organize and offer endless fun for kids.

8. Coloring Sheets

kids coloring activity

Encourage creativity with crafts like coloring sheets. Clipboards with wedding-themed pages, inspired by Something Turquoise, provide a fun and engaging activity for kids.

9. Prop Area

dress up area

Set up a dedicated kids' room or station filled with props for dress-up play. Let their imaginations run wild with a variety of outfits and accessories. Dress up your prop area to make it playful yet stylish with some stunning event draping. Get all the best ceiling draping supplies to match your wedding theme and color palette. Children can play and interact in style. 

10. Building Blocks

kids building blocks

Distract little ones with building blocks like Legos. A captivating and engaging activity, building blocks are an excellent way to keep kids occupied

11. Play Fort

wooden playground

This is one activity for kids at weddings that requires effort but can be super enjoyable. Create a play fort with just a few pillows. This simple yet entertaining setup keeps kids busy and fosters creativity, providing them with a space to enjoy and explore.

12. Activity Tables

kids activity table

Use low tables with baskets of activities for easy accessibility. Kids love novel experiences, and sitting on the ground adds an exciting element to their overall experience.

13. Kids' Bar

juicy smoothie

Set up a cocktail hour bar for kids with non-alcoholic beverages. Enhance the appeal with fancy paper straws, offering a touch of sophistication for the young celebrants. Make sure to prepare some children's wedding activity bags for them to take home.

14. Picnic Baskets

picnic baskets

For a casual wedding, arrange a kids' picnic in a designated area within view of parents or supervisors. It adds a charming and relaxed element to the celebration, allowing kids to enjoy a picnic setting.

15. Giant Games

kids outdoor games

Put a fun twist on children's games for weddings with giant games. Keep kids entertained with giant versions of classic games like Jenga. It's a fun and interactive way to engage young guests and add an exciting element to the celebration.

16. Outdoor Activities

enjoying bubble show

Provide a kids' tent stocked with tools for outdoor enjoyment. It serves as a retreat for children to have fun in a controlled environment, offering a break from the main festivities.

17. Snack Packs

kids eating popcorn

Keep children content during the ceremony with snack packs. Provide snacks such as popcorn to ensure a pleasant experience for the little ones.

18. S'mores

delicious s'mores

Combine kid-friendly food with a fun activity. Making s'mores is interactive and delicious, offering a delightful experience for young guests.

19. Fun Signage

wedding signage

Convince kids that the activities provided are the coolest things to do with fun and colorful signage. Create an atmosphere that encourages participation and excitement.

20. Treasure Hunt

playing treasure hunting

Organize a treasure hunt with hidden treasures around the venue. Provide maps or clues to keep kids engaged and excited as they search for the hidden surprises.

Party and Play in Style

beautiful bride with kids

Remember, when planning children's wedding activities, consider the age and interests of your young guests. With careful thought and preparation, you can create an environment that ensures kids have a blast while allowing adults to enjoy the wedding festivities. 

Have the adults and children at your wedding party and play in style with all the best party decor. Get quality tablecloth linens and party decor at super affordable prices with discount wedding supplies. Get major savings with wholesale prices when you buy your decor in bulk. Choose from delicate and luxurious party linens to colorful and stunning decor pieces for adults and children alike. 

Choose from these top wedding activities for kids and have a fun and hassle-free wedding. Plan, involve your vendors, and ensure parental permission and supervision for a stress-free celebration for all. Party and play in style with the right decor and activities. Your guests are sure to have a fun time at your party to remember for a lifetime.

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