How To Get Red Wine Out of Table Linens?

One common concern when handling table linens is keeping them clean and pristine. From stains to discoloration, you have a lot to look out for. One stain that’s hard to clean is a red wine spill on tablecloths. If you’re curious about how to get red wine out of table linens, this guide can help answer your questions.

wine stain on white linen

Best Way to Clean Red Wine Spill

Getting wine stains from linen is a challenge, but we can assure you it is possible, especially when the spill is new and still moist. When it comes to staving off a red wine stain on tablecloths, here are several methods you can consider:

1. Using Common Household Dry Materials


When it comes to combating red wine tablecloth stains, everyday household items can be an effective method. While the stain is still moist, dry materials like salt and baking soda work by absorbing the wine pigment from the fabric. 

Simply apply salt or baking soda on the moist stain and leave it until the stain is dry. Then, remove them from the garment and wash your linen. 

2. Using Boiling Water

By harnessing the properties of heat and water, you can loosen the wine pigment from fabric fibers making it easier to remove.

Simply boil some water and pour it over the top of the area affected by the red wine spill. Continue pouring until the stain has faded and then wash the garment immediately. 

3. Using A Household Cleaner

In a more tested way, household cleaners can get the job done. Remember to use cleaners that contain sodium percarbonate. If you don’t have any on hand, you can make it at home by mixing three parts hydrogen peroxide and one part dish soap.

Once you have your cleaner ready, simply apply it to the stain and leave it on for 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of the stain. Afterward, remove the excess cleaner and wash the garment as usual.

If wine was spilled on velvet linen tablecloths, don’t worry since there is still a solution to remove them. Mix a quarter of room temperature water, one tablespoon of vinegar, and half a teaspoon of dishwashing soap. Use this mixture to soak your velvet linens for at least 15 minutes.

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Whether you use solutions or boiling water, these methods are the most effective ways. If liquid stains are something you’ll want to avoid overall, you might want to consider using polyester linens instead. These linens have properties that help them repel liquids, keeping your event clean from spills throughout.

Removing Dried Red Wine Stains from Linen

You may find yourself in an even tougher situation with wine stains that have dried out. This doesn’t have to mean the end for your linens. Here are some solutions you could try to help mitigate the problem:

1. Using White Vinegar

White vinegar can be a useful solution to dried red wine stains. The properties of white vinegar to neutralize red tones work best when combined with other liquids to remove stains.

Mixing white vinegar with club soda helps absorb red wine molecules. Club soda contains minerals that can help you get rid of wine stains to keep your linens pristine.

2. Using Bleach

Bleach is a great cleaning solution to get rid of tough stains. It contains properties that break down the bonds of stain molecules, making them easier to remove during washing. 

Simply dilute the bleach according to product label instructions and fully submerge the stained area for 10 to 15 minutes. Finally, rinse and launder your linen to fully remove the stain.

Dine Worry-Free with Pristine Table Linens

By following these tips, we hope you have learned about the ways you can keep your white linen tablecloth in pristine condition. Now that we’ve gone through how to get red wine out of table linens, you’re all set to party in style. Follow these simple steps to get your table linens to last a long time. 

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