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How to Pick the Perfect Flowers for Events

Flowers can enhance the appearance and atmosphere of any event and give a venue a look that corresponds to your client's desired theme. They also provide sentimental value and symbolism to echo the clients' sentiments they want to showcase at the event. Knowing their significance, it would help to know how to choose the perfect flowers for events, be it for centerpieces, floral wall panels, or other decorative purposes. 

How To Choose Flowers For Events

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When deciding on what flowers to get for your client's events, use the following tips: 

Consider The Type Of Event 

Different events call for different event flowers with these usual choices for particular occasions: 

  • Weddings. The most popular wedding flowers include roses, tulips, gardenias, peonies, hydrangeas, calla lilies, and amaryllis. Roses symbolize love and gratitude. Vibrant peonies are perfect for summer weddings but are expensive choices.
  • Valentine's Day events. These events are almost synonymous with roses of various colors. Red represents passion, white rose shows chaste love, pink rose shows admiration, and yellow rose symbolizes friendship.
  • Valentine's Day events. These events are almost synonymous with roses of various colors. Red represents passion, white rose shows chaste love, pink rose shows admiration, and yellow rose symbolizes friendship. 
  • Engagement parties. These events often call for roses, orchids, tulips, Gerberas, and sunflowers.
  • Corporate events. Some popular flowers used in these events are orchids, tulips, delphiniums, daffodils, and roses. Orchids look graceful and exotic, perfect for product launches. Tulips are showy and prominent, making them stand out in business conferences.

Think About The Season

Pick seasonal flowers if you want to save money but have high-quality options for your flower decoration. Peonies are usually available in the early summer and spring, while poinsettias are in season during winter. 

Factor In The Color Scheme

Pick flowers that match or contrast the event's color scheme. A blue-and-white scheme may need white roses and blue hydrangeas. 

Consider The Venue

Scout the venue to choose the appropriate decor. If it has a lot of greens, pink peonies or white lilies would be perfect. 

Determine The Client's Personal Preferences

Consider the choices of your clients. They may favor certain flowers due to their sentimental value or symbolism.

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Tips On How To Choose An Arrangement

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To create a floral arrangement, you should pick the right flowers. Choose two to three flowers in different shades of the same color. Make sure they complement each other. Then, add another flower in a contrasting color to make the arrangement more interesting.

Floral arrangements are not complete without greenery and fillers in event floristry. These are responsible for adding texture to your arrangement. The most common ones florists use are ferns, poms, eucalyptus, and lisianthus.

The same tips apply even if you use faux flowers for bouquets, centerpieces, or portable flower wall backdrops. These pointers can make your arrangements eye-catching without straying far from your event's color scheme. 

Once you've chosen the perfect flowers, pick the right container. You can choose from 20" or 28" flower vase risers at CV Linens in silver, gold, rose, gold, and white. These can act as centerpieces that can support your flowers. 

When making floral arrangements for events, put the most prominent flowers first, then work in a circle. Turn the vase and see to it that the flowers are added symmetrically. Start another layer with various blooms and complete their symmetrical arrangement. Don't forget to add greenery, berries, or grasses. 

Tips On How To Prepare Flowers For Events

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Prepare the blooms for your events using these tips: 

  • Cut The Stems

Remove any leaves, thorns, foliage, and thorns. It will make it easier to handle stems and extend the design's lifespan because the bacteria are removed from the foliage. Cut the bottom of the flowers at a 45-degree angle to help them get and store floral food and water. A straight cut will have the flowers standing straight at the bottom of the vase, stopping them from getting nourishment. 

  • Prepare Food And Water

Get a bucket of water and put flower food in it to nourish your flowers. After cutting and trimming the stems, put them in the bucket to keep them revitalized. Let them soak in the water for two to four hours before arranging them into your flower design ideas. 

  • Cut To Match Your Preferred Size

Most flowers are too tall for a handheld bouquet and too big for floral crowns, boutonnieres, corsages, or a floral wall backdrop. Measure them against the floral hoop, wall panel, floral foam, lapel, or wrist. 

  • Store The Flower Design

If you make bouquets, put them in water tubes or miniature vases and store them somewhere cool, like a flower cooler or a refrigerator. If not, keep them safe from drafty areas under direct sunlight. You can also put them in plastic wrap or under a damp cloth to keep the blooms hydrated and fresh. These will keep them fresh for a next-day event.

  • Water The Blooms

Keep the flowers fresh and healthy by watering them. Always change the old, dirty water with a new, clean one. 

  • Open The Blooms 

In preparation for the event, speed up the blooming process by putting them under direct sunlight or a blow dryer.

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Most Popular Flowers In Events 

Here are the most common flowers adorning different events:

  • Roses

pink roses

These are common in weddings, Valentine's Day events, and anniversaries for symbolizing love and gratitude. 

  • Lilies

white lily

Lillies are also go-to flowers for weddings, corporate events, funerals, and other formal gatherings.

  • Sunflowers


Sunflowers are perfect for summer outdoor events and gatherings that call for cheerful and bright decorations. These flowers can help guests relax and feel happy. They are also available in yellow, red, white, and orange. You can also use sunflowers for country or rustic themes.

  • Peonies

pink peonies

Peonies are known for their luxurious appeal. They are a classic option for weddings and events that honor history and tradition. 

  • Orchids

orchids bouquet

Orchids are commonly used in corporate events, black-tie galas, and high-end weddings. They are also found in upscale events, fashion shows, or product launches.

  • Tulips 


Tulips are famous among weddings going for a classic look or spring events. Their white, yellow, or red varieties are used in corporate events or product launches that call for a polished and professional appeal.

  • Baby's Breath

baby's breath

Baby's breath is in demand for outdoor events, garden parties, or picnics. They are used in corsages, bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces at weddings. Some are used in baby showers because these flowers symbolize the happiness of welcoming a new arrival and innocence.

  • Carnations

carnation flowers

Carnations are used in weddings as standalone flowers in bridal bouquets, corsages, or boutonnieres. Since they are affordable flowers, they are popular among those who are interested in how to create DIY flower wall.

Make use of the tips above to choose the right flowers for events. Find the suitable varieties for what occasions, whether you want fresh or faux flowers. Shop for faux flowers, vases, event linens, flower wall panels, and greenery at CV Linens today.

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