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How to set up a picnic table for any occasion

Luxury picnic experiences are a wonderful way to celebrate with friends and family. They’re easy to plan and put together, and unlike pop-up picnics, you won’t need an event planner because most picnic essentials can be found at home already. Make your picnic as simple or elaborate as you like with additional decor from CV Linens.

For a larger guest list, decorate a buffet-style picnic. Use a separate table for your food and drinks. Use cake stands and charger plates creatively to put together an eye-catching food table, making it the focal point of your picnic set-up.

What celebrations best fit picnic set-ups?

romantic picnic ideas
birthday picnic ideas

The best part about picnics is that you can put one together anytime you like, whether you are celebrating a special occasion, or you simply want to spend a lovely weekend with your loved ones.

You can definitely put together a picnic-style birthday celebration or a laid-back, intimate wedding reception. Picnic set-ups are also fun for photoshoots, bridal showers or gender reveal parties. Romantic picnic styling ideas are perfect for date nights and engagement proposals.

A perfect picnic is one that all guests can enjoy, but for those who can't sit on the ground, consider a sit-down picnic with tables and chairs. For this casual get-together create a charming tablescape with minimal table decorations.

Where can I set-up a picnic?

nature picnic ideas
beach picnic

Picnics are typically done outdoors, with very few decorations. You can set-up your picnic in a park, on the beach, or even in your own backyard, especially during Summer or Spring. For colder months, you can set up a picnic-themed party indoors.

Make planning a picnic easier by choosing a color combination and key elements. Add a pop of color with vibrant colors for your linens or use classic gingham checkered polyester tablecloths for picnic tables.

You may also opt to create a modern picnic style by using different linen textures and colors. Use this velvet rectangular tablecloth to complement a boho chic picnic experience.

What are some picnic essentials?

Picnic Blankets

picnic blanket

A picnic blanket can be anything from cozy picnic blankets, rugs or even tablecloths turned into a blanket. Use red and white checkered tablecloths for a classic picnic tablecloth look or opt for rectangular velvet tablecloths for a chic picnic aesthetic.

Picnic Table

picnic table

Low tables are a favorite for outdoor picnics. Repurpose coffee tables, foldable tables, or stack wood pallets for a diy backyard picnic table. Add a chic table runner to create dimension and add color to the decor.


picnic pillows


Comfort is key to picnics which is why seating is so important. Instead of sitting on the grass, use soft cozy pillows or small decorative stools. They are perfect for sitting down or resting on them. Add color and texture to your picnic setup with pillows or chair cushions in different colors, patterns, sizes, and shapes.

Picnic Food

picnic foods

Charcuterie boards are perfect for any celebration, but especially for luxe picnics. How do you make a charcuterie board? Use wooden trays, wood cake stands, or mini-cutting boards as the base for the food display. Then add various types of meat, soft and hard cheeses, savory foods, veggies or crackers, and dips.

Place-setting Decor

picnic table setup

Elevate the picnic set up with layered place settings for the guest. Start with a placemat or charger plate. Then add elegant plates, and take away the hassle of cleaning up by using disposable plates. 

Don’t forget linen napkins to add a pop of color and texture to the setting. Go even further by using affordable yet elegant cutlery to match the theme of the picnic table. For drinkware use disposable cups or crystal glassware.


picnic flower ideas

Complete the Pinterest picnic aesthetic with colorful fresh or faux silk flowers. Use an acrylic or glass flower vase for your floral arrangements or simply spread loose stems and bunches on your table to add color and detail to your tablescape.

Picnic Basket

picnic basket

Pack and carry your picnic essentials in a picnic basket or tote. To keep foods and drinks cool, use a basket that is insulated. For remote picnic locations, choose a backpack or wagon to transport your picnic supplies.

Other Picnic Accessories

picnic umbrella
portable speaker
card games
insect repellent


  1. Umbrellas- Stay cool on sunny days with vibrant-colored umbrellas. 
  2. Portable speakers- What’s a picnic without a little music to liven up the atmosphere?
  3. Games-  Board games, trivia and outdoor sports will be sure to keep everyone laughing and smiling.
  4. Insect Repellent - Enjoy your picnic, and let insect repellent keep the bugs at bay.


DIY picnic setups are suited for any occasion. Whether you're hosting a company picnic or going on a romantic date, these picnic essentials are sure to make your celebration extra special.

The best part about picnics is that it's easy to put together, take down again and can be setup anywhere Whether you’re gearing up for a summertime family picnic or just hosting some friends, we hope that these tips and tricks have inspired you to create a memorable picnic.

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