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How To Use Valance Hangers For Double Backdrop Drape Designs

So, you are planning a party and listing down all the things you may need. You’ve got the food, the games, the invitations, the program, the music, the tables and chairs, and the giveaways all listed down. What else are you missing? The decorations! 

Get your guests in a festive mood by adding accents and decorations that are related to the theme of your celebration. With all the decorations you have to set up,  don’t forget one important part of your decoration: the backdrop.

Curtain backdrops can be simple or fancy, depending on your chosen theme and style. Backdrops are crucial because they serve as a focal point of your décor as it directs the focus and attention on the star of the party. Simple linens backdrops can be used when there are a lot of things happening on stage. It would easily enhance the overall look and feel of the event using simple curtain drapes and a single backdrop drawing stand. However, if you want to make the area more celebratory and inviting, you may opt for a more elaborate and fancy curtain backdrop using several draping fabric colors and styles and double backdrop drape stands. 

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What backdrop designs can you use?

Setting up a backdrop doesn’t take much effort. Most backdrop design ideas often make use of the basic parts: pipes and drape sets that contain 2 bases, 2 uprights, and a crossbar for added support. That’s it. CV Linens actually provide shop bundles for you to easily check and assemble your backdrop, without searching for them individually.

Elegant backdrop ideas include the use of full drapes The classic single drape design can easily be set up using a pipe and drape crossbar hanger backdrop. Looking for a fancier design? The crisscross backdrop or a basket weave design may be more to your liking. More layers? Using a double backdrop stand or a two layer backdrop stand, you can create swagged drapes or even interwoven drape designs.

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Still too simple for you? You can add other elements for an added oomph. Other backdrop draping ideas include incorporating a party curtain backdrop stand with flower walls or panels for a somewhat dainty feel or garden look. You can also combine sequin panels with your drapes for a glittery backdrop design such as in a 70s disco. Imagine celebrating New Year’s Eve with shiny shimmering sequin panels as your party backdrop, such as what they did here.


How to set up a backdrop stand?

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Now that you have your backdrop design ideas in your head, your next step is, how do you do it? How do you set up your backdrop? Is there a double backdrop stand kit that you can use? 

Most backdrops can be set up using a portable pipe and drape using the basic backdrop parts such as a pipe and drape crossbar hanger. To create layered backdrops, you would need more parts such as the double backdrop stand, backdrop valance hangers, a crossbar valance hanger, or a pipe and drape valance hanger. Extra crossbars can be attached using more valance hangers to create a triple layered drape backdrop design.

What is a valance hanger?

A valance is just another word for drapes, often used to create extra layers. Backdrop valance hangers are metal pipe and drape accessories that you use to create those layered backdrop draping ideas. The valance hanger attaches to the slots on the uprights and allows for another crossbar to be added. 

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Valance hangers also come in different sizes. CV Linens offers 3” and 9” valance hangers. The size of the hanger dictates to you the distance you want the drapes to be from each other, as well as the type of fabric to use.

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The 3” hangers can be used for closer drapes and for thinner fabrics while the 9” ones are for layers that are far apart and use thicker fabrics. 

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The distance of the layers to each other provides the depth of the backdrop design, especially if you would like to achieve a sort of 3D effect for your backdrop.

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How to set up your valance hangers?

To set up your valance hangers, you first need to assemble your standard pipe and drape set. Attach your hangers to each upright. For a triple layer effect, add an additional crossbar by adding more valence hangers on each upright. Here’s a short tutorial on how to do this (see the video at 1:14 mark).

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Swags and drapes can easily be achieved using fabrics. And it need not cost too much. In fact, you can do it yourself with a few design hacks. If you want to know the best way to DIY a full fabric backdrop, CV Linens presents this tutorial.

What can you add to backdrop stands using valance hangers?

When it comes to fancy backdrop ideas, fabrics definitely do not have a monopoly on it. You can certainly add other materials to your backdrop stands using valence hangers. Banners, posters, and even light curtains can be used for a different look and feel to your backdrops and make them stand out.

Let your creativity determine how you want your backdrop to look like. Then, determine how many valance hangers, crossbars, stands, and pipes you would need to achieve it.

Using too much drapes and glitter and flowers can make your backdrop design ideas become less appealing and you would end up with a bare double stand backdrop looking better instead.

Backdrops are an essential part of any party decoration. Drapes using valance hangers and a double stand backdrop can easily create the layers for elegant backdrop ideas. Or add other panels and materials to your backdrop. Watch these draping hacks for a Christmas photo backdrop for that picture perfect family postcard that you can send to your family and friends. 

For more backdrop drapes ideas, check us out on Pinterest.

For more backdrop drapes ideas, check us out on Pinterest.


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