2021 Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone 2021 Color of the Year: How We'll Be Celebrating

The new year is approaching, and with it comes the highly anticipated release of Pantone's 2021 Color Of The Year! For 2021 the release unveils not one, but two perfectly complementary colors. These chosen shades suit each other flawlessly not only because of how they balance out one another but because of the message they convey. Together, Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and Pantone 13-0647 Illumination Yellow spark practicality met with optimism. After a year like 2020, what better theme to ring in a new chapter!

Pantone's Color Of The Year and the Event Planning Industry

Wedding Inspo Decorations in Illumination Yellow

Pantone's Color Of The Year announcement is said to be the best part of the year for anyone who works closely with color. The Pantone Color Institute provides color insights, solutions, and color psychology among their many accomplishments in the field. These trend visionaries scour the globe in their annual task of forecasting the dominant color of the coming year. Their knowledge of color is unparalleled, both in how color affects design as well as its commercialism.

At CV Linens, our customer's decor needs are our top priority which is why we are in a constant quest for what's trending within the growing and rapidly evolving event industry. Whether you are a bride, wedding planner, or event coordinator, you'll find the latest style trends right here, ensuring you are always one step ahead of the style game. This is why it is our privilege to bring you CV Linens answer to Pantone's 2021 Color of the Year!

Build Your Decor Foundation with Ultimate Gray

Pantone's color experts have chosen Ultimate Gray as one of their colors of the year, and with good reasons. Gray creates a solid bedrock to build upon with a variety of pairing options similar to those found with classic neutrals like white or ivory.  

Gray also conveys a message of vitality rooted in a firm foundation of reliability.  Especially since it’s a classic and timeless year-round color that works throughout every season and for every color scheme. It’s neutral hue is an ideal base color because it can be dressed up for elegant events or dressed down for casual settings.  

Wedding Table Set-up in Pantone Ultimate Gray

Whether it be a casual vintage-themed wedding or a sophisticated opulent celebration, try our Gray to complete any special event!

Brighten Up Your Event with Illumination Yellow! 

Vibrant color enliven any space and theme but the joyful, spirited personality of bright yellow brightens up any space like no other color! Whether you use small accents, a touch of yellow wedding flowers or large centerpiece decor this sunny palette expresses a modern sophistication with a touch of the unexpected.

It’s versatility might surprise you, and it makes the perfect accent color against a neutral color foundation like gray. Illumination Yellow and classic blue, Pantone's color of the year 2020, are also a perfect match for burlap and sunflower themed events. Try our Canary Yellow to create an outstanding theme.

Wedding details decorations in Sunflower Yellow

Using 2021’s Trending Hot New Colors 

When it comes to event or wedding planning, event planners focus on the latest trends. Yellow and gray wedding color schemes were hot in 2013, and continue to be popular for  weddings this year. We are seeing more event planners using these colors at events. They are going to be  big on the brides and grooms’ special day.  Gray and yellow are a dynamic duo, perfect for adding a great foundation with a dose of sunshine and positivity because they are neutral tones they can be used for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, and baby gender reveal parties and much more. 

Center Table setup in Gray and Yellow theme

At any event, there are so many aspects of event decorating in which to introduce these colors. While they can be used anywhere, certain areas will be enhanced differently. The brightness that canary yellow table linens offers are a great way to boost the appearance of especially tables like dessert tables or sweetheart tables.

On the other spectrum, gray linens allow the focus to remain on the key statement decor. For wedding apparel, just imagine the appeal of tuxedos and bridesmaid dresses in gray with yellow accents like a bouquet or boutonniere, shoes or ties. Meanwhile, gray backdrop curtain paired with a yellow balloon arch or letter banners for birthdays and gender reveals will really create an eye-catching zest with a  perfect for catching that momentous photo op.

Ultimate Gray Wedding Suit with Yellow Tie
Bridesmaids' Gown in Ultimate Gray with Yellow accents
Birthday Decorations in Ultimate Gray and Yellow

The fascination between these two colors in tandem is in how well they create such a high visibility contrast, demanding attention while also sending out a message of assured serenity. Gray truly reigns fundamental and yellow really pops in this versatile color foundation. Together, these shades signify a new chapter, a new year, or a new outlook, which makes it an excellent choice for all of your milestone events.  

How Will You Use Pantone's Colors Of The Year For Your Special Event?

For inspiration on how to style these trending colors, don’t forget to check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more color inspiration! We can’t wait to see how you incorporate Illumination Yellow and  Ultimate Gray at your next event!

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