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Perfect Decor Ideas for Champagne Wedding Theme

If you are looking for a subtle yet elegant base color for your wedding palette, a champagne wedding theme is perfect for you! This neutral, earthy color with the right amount of shine is versatile enough to be used for formal, indoor weddings, or for rustic, barnyard or garden weddings!

Read on and check out exciting champagne wedding decor ideas, as well as some tips on color matching and styling your special day!

What is a Champagne-Themed Wedding?

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A champagne wedding theme is simply a color palette that uses Champagne as a base color. Champagne in fabrics has an earthy tan and yellow color combination, with a slight metallic touch. 

This fabric is getting popular because it is easy to pair with any color, from white and ivory, to warm colors for contrast, or to cooler and darker shades for a moody and formal celebration style. The decor possibilities are also endless. You can match them with peach florals for a meek tone, or with bold red roses that make a statement.  

Champagne is a perfect color for weddings because it is easy to pair with other fabrics and other decorations. So, make sure to find an events supplier that provides durable yet affordable champagne fabrics, from tablecloths and chair covers, to stunning floor-to-ceiling drapery.

What colors match well with Champagne?

Champagne is a classic and timeless color for weddings. When paired with the right colors, it can create a beautiful and sophisticated look. Champagne is neutral yet elegant, making it pretty versatile. You can change your event theme and mood depending on the colors you pair it with. 

This includes shades of pink, ivory, gold, silver, blush, sage green or even navy blue. These colors can be used in your wedding decor such as table decorations, centerpieces and bouquets to create an elegant atmosphere for your special day. 

An example of a color palette for a champagne wedding theme can be champagne, white, and rose gold. Along with the theme’s focus on elegance, it also fits well with vintage designs, such as lace decorating your tables or tablecloths wrapped in pearls. You can also add other nature or earthy elements like this natural tan burlap table runner for your guest tables. 

Another color combination can be champagne and bright teal green to create a fun and playful mood, perfect for beach weddings. Add florals in warm yellow and orange colors to complete that summer wedding feel.

However, if you want to create a classy, sophisticated and elegant atmosphere for your wedding, consider using dark colors such as charcoal gray, navy blue or midnight blue. for your decorations. You can also use touches of peach or gold for a rustic look.

These colors can be paired with champagne textiles like lace and tulle to create a lighter design that will still provide a luxurious look. Whether you’re getting married in a church or a backyard, this design is perfect for any setting. 

It can include blooming roses and greenery, or it can be more modern with metal lanterns and fairy lights. You may also consider having bright red roses and sage greeneries for your bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets. This will create a stunning contrast between the neutral champagne bridesmaid dresses, and will accentuate your facial features on the camera. 

What are some Champagne Wedding Decors Ideas? 

When planning for event styling, you’ll want to make sure your decorations perfectly complement a champagne wedding theme theme. From table decorations to centerpieces, there are a variety of ways to bring the bubbly spirit into your celebration with champagne wedding decor. 

Whether you’re going for an elegant affair or a fun and festive atmosphere, here are some great champagne wedding decor ideas that will help make your day extra special.

1. Wall and Ceiling Drapery

wedding drapes

Champagne fabrics can be used to create stunning visual effects on walls and ceilings, making them an ideal choice for any wedding theme. With a range of colors and textures available for double or triple draping, you can easily find champagne fabric drapes that will perfectly match your champagne wedding decor.

From luxurious velvet to shimmering satin, you can use these fabrics to create beautiful floor-to-ceiling drapery for your ceremony or reception. You may also use champagne four-way spandex curtains and create a layered draping decor with  sheer curtains. This double draping is perfect if you want just the right amount of sunlight to enter the room, and then you prefer to close the curtains for the rest of the evening. 

2. Floral Arrangement for the Wedding Aisle

wedding aisle

You and your fiance don’t have to go all out on flowers, though. You may want to opt for a more modern or clean design that is contemporary with the style of your wedding. While fresh flowers can be expensive and unavailable during a certain season, or depending where you are located, a perfect alternative are faux floral arrangements. Have the same eye-catching arrangement at a more affordable price, wherever you may be and anytime of the year!

Match your aisle with an equally eye-catching wedding altar backdrop using stylish wedding arch backdrop stands. You may opt for the round, hexagonal, or asymmetrical wedding arches. Adorn them with florals and champagne cheesecloth fabric to match your aisle. 

3. Wedding Reception Tablescape for Guests

elegant table settings

Your tablescape is a crucial aspect of your wedding reception. Your guests will mostly be seated during the reception, so make sure that you have a table setting that is not only Instagram-worthy, but also comfortable and memorable for the guests. 

You can incorporate champagne wedding table decorations in so many ways. You may opt for a classic champagne tablecloth paired with a colored table runner of your wedding palette. Match them with champagne chair sashes on chiavari chairs. 

4. Memorabilia and Giveaway Corner

wedding giveaways

From the color palette to the decor, you can create a stunning and memorable scene with the right champagne-inspired elements. With the right combination of colors, fabrics, and accessories, you can create an atmosphere that will make your guests feel like they are in a fairytale. 

A good way to personalize your wedding is to dedicate a memorabilia corner where you can put your photos together, along with memorable snapshots with family and friends.

Make the most out of this spot by adding a journal or scrapbook where guests can put personal messages and sign, instead of a guestbook. You may also offer trinkets like pens, pieces of paper, and friend leaves for them to include in their dedication. Put these items on champagne charger plates on top of a cake holder or an elevated cylindrical container to accent your dedication table. Alternatively, you may opt to add a giveaway of dessert corner using similar champagne wedding decor items. 

These are just some ideas for your champagne-themed wedding. Match champagne fabrics and decors with a wide variety of colors, depending on your mood, venue, and overall style. Have fun in choosing the best style that will suit you and your partners’ personalities, and enjoy the best day of your lives!

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