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How to Throw a Sweets Birthday Theme Party

Everybody loves a sweet treat! Decorate your party with the whimsical colors of sugar and candy when you throw a sweets themed birthday party. Get your sweet tooth ready as we dive into our pool of candy theme party ideas for your next big occasion.


Why Throw a Sweets Birthday Theme Party

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If you’ve ever wondered how you can instantly draw people into your party, you don’t have to look any further. A sweets birthday party is a good theme especially if you’re looking to fill your party with color.

There are lots of ideas you can use. It’s a perfect theme for the young and young at heart. Throw a candy-themed birthday party and have a sweet time with all your loved ones. 


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Candy-Themed Party Ideas

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If you’re wondering how to choose a theme for your kids birthday party, look no further. Learn how to throw a candy-themed birthday party, we’ve got some of the best sweet-themed party ideas for you!

1. What's A Candy Land Party?

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A candy land party is a party filled with color, energy, joy, and of course – with sweets. It’s basically a dream come true for almost any child.

When you throw a candy land party themed birthday, expect to fill your party venue with candy decor, bright and colorful tablecloths and decor. Decorate your venue with some giant lollipops and jelly bean party favors as party decorations. Prepare to dress your dedicated dessert table as well with generous servings of sweets, treats, and more sweets.  


2. Candy-themed Party Outfit Ideas

Dress to impress at your own candy themed party with all the best outfits! Have your guests come in their most creative candy-inspired costumes for some laughs.

You can dress in tulle with cotton candy colors. You can dress up as candyland princess. These are only some among the tons of  candyland birthday party ideas for a girl’s birthday party.

Alternatively, if you’re more into novelty outfits, you can also dress up as your favorite candy bars. You can also dress as a good old gingerbread man - perfect for a candy themed birthday party for boys. You can get a group of friends to dress up in the colors of a rainbow for the ultimate candyland experience.

To spice things up a bit, you can even give out an award for best candy themed outfit with the winner getting a bag-load of sugary treats. Watch your guests come up with the most exciting candy themed outfit ideas.

For more tips on designing your tablescape of sweets, check out Quick Tips on How to Create a Stunning Dessert Table. 

3. Candy Themed Birthday Cake And Desserts

Of course no birthday is complete without a cake. Go all out on your birthday and get creative.

You can commission your local bakeshop to make a multi-layer candy inspired cake. Place them inside some cute Cake & Cupcake Stands. This is a subtle but effective way to instantly elevate your decor.

Consider having your baker decorate your cake with the most iconic candy and sweets from your birthday. You can even get a cake that’s made to look like a gigantic version of your favorite chocolate bar or sweet snack. If you're into a more mellow look, try a multi-tiered cake with pastel colors. 


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Of course a candy-themed cake isn’t for children alone. If you're planning a candy themed party for adults, you can still glam up your candy-inspired cake. Simple style them with decor pieces that instantly elevate your look.

Try the unique beauty of a crystal cake stand. You’ll get that sweet and elegant look effortlessly. Pair them with some wholesale charger plates in bold and fun colors and get that timeless and classy vibe.

4. Candyland Tablescape 

When you’ve got your desserts and party cake ready, you need to match your tablescape as well. Dress your tables in only the most adorable table decor for you candyland banquet.

If you’re looking for a dash of color with a refined look for your candyland party, our Pastel Petal Circle Taffeta Has Arrived! Pastel colored tablecloths are a good option as they are easy to work with and pair with other decor. 

Consider using peach, mind, lavender, coral and turquoise. These pastel colors evoke the delicate sweetness of candy land while exuding an elegant feel due to its muted hues.

Pastel Petal Circle Taffeta

If you’re looking to make a statement at your party with your dinner tables, try using out Ruffled 5 Tier Pastel Rainbow Table Skirt 17ft Polyester. The alternating colors of the rainbow on waves of rainbow polyester will surely draw in people’s attention.



Decorate your walls with more color using 12" Latex Balloons | Assorted Matte Pastel | 50 pcs. Place them up front near your stage or near your LED centerpiece decor, or a corner photo booth where people can interact with the balloons and play with them for picture-taking.

Assorted Matte Pastel Balloons

Have a Sweet Time at your Candyland Birthday

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We’ve gone through some of our best candyland and sweets birthday theme parties. Mix and match our suggestions to create the perfect balance of sweetness. You’re sure to make your child high on a sugar rush with a candyland birthday.

If you want to avail of different rainbow colored event decor, you can buy your Party supplies wholesale and get major discounts. For your tablecloth needs you can also avail of our bulk tablecloths for sale and get more out of every dollar.

Buy wholesale and get free shipping when you shop for orders that total to more than $99. Not only do you get to decorate your party in color and style, you also get to do it on a budget!

If you’ve got specific colors in mind for your sweets birthday theme party, you can shop for decor online at CV Linens with ease by clicking Shop by Color. We offer hassle free online shopping and reliable delivery service. 

Draw from a pool of other great ideas for your candyland birthday party! Visit our blog, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts for more styling ideas and design inspiration. Have a sweet time at your next sweets birthday theme party with CV Linens.

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