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The Secret to Transforming Your Thanksgiving Decor

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How to Inexpensively Upgrade and Transform Your Thanksgiving Table Setting!

Give your Thanksgiving guests something to talk about and take your decor from drab to Dy-Yes-Mite!

Close your eyes and picture the most stunning Thanksgiving Day spread you can think of. Imagine the glistening desserts and array of casseroles with the perfect golden brown turkey as the centerpiece. Is your ideal Thanksgiving Day feast sitting on a bare table? Of course not!

Treat your family and guests to an elegant Thanksgiving table setting with  gilded touches and special linens! If the idea of purchasing linens only to roll out once per year doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, don’t worry. A more elegant take on Thanksgiving decor will provide a couple of versatile items you can incorporate into everyday decor.

Thanksgiving deserves a makeover!


Thanksgiving Decor Tips

Here are a few tips for bringing a touch of class to your Thanksgiving table setting…

Upgrade the Tablecloth

Let’s be real, Thanksgiving may not be the ideal event for full bodied wave satin tablecloth. However, Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion for upgrading a plain base linen to an understated pintuck or accordion crinkle. The best part of choosing a nicer tablecloth is the potential for the tablecloth to be used again for other holidays or special occasions!

Pile on the Gold

Use golden accents to warm up your Thanksgiving Day tablescape. A few gold glitz sequin accessories and metallic pumpkins will give your Thanksgiving decor a hint of autumn with a trendy twist! (This is also a great opportunity embrace your inner creativity by creating your own metallic pumpkins to customize your tablescape.) Another perk to using gold sequined accents is the promise of incorporating them into your Christmas decor next month!


Bring on the Fall Colors

No Thanksgiving Day table setting would be complete without turning leaves and bright autumn colors. To keep from overwhelming your color palette, keep your bright fall colors to small accents pieces like napkins or chair sashes. Try adding a few artificial fall leaves to your place settings to tie together the perfect Thanksgiving day decor!


Get the Very Best in Thanksgiving Decor with our Mock Up Items Below!

 White Pintuck Base Linen Pintuck 132" Round Tablecloth - White
Apple Red Lamour Satin Napkins
Lamour Satin Napkin 20"x20" - Apple Red
Orange Lamour Satin Napkins
Lamour Satin Napkin 20"x20" - Orange
Gold Glitz Table Runner
Glitz Sequin Table Runner - Gold
Gold Plain Round Charger Plates
Plain Round 13" Charger Plates - Gold


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