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Using Valance Hangers to Create Memorable Event Drapery

Who hasn’t admired gorgeous event drapery at a wedding or other special party and wondered “How did they do that?”

Drape after colorful drape piled into magnificent shapes are complete showstoppers! Almost every time I see an elaborate drapery set up, I try to mentally dissect it and think “but how?” In one of our past posts, we discussed the basics of Industry Secrets to Creating Memorable Event Drapery. In this post we will teach you how to use valance hangers to create advanced, professional drapery!

What Are Valance Hangers?

Valance Hanger, Valence Hanger, Pipe and Drape set

First of all, let’s take a look at these pipe and drape valance hangers! These handy little  drapery hangers make a world of difference for your venue. Drape valance hangers are made in pairs  and fit into the upper ends of your pipe set. Also called pipe and drape crossbar hanger, these tools have ridges where the ends of another crossbar fit snugly. This will allow you to add another layer of drapery to add depth to your backdrop. 

Valance Hanger, Valence Hanger, Pipe and Drape set

Remember, you must always remember to have two valance hangers to create your drape set up. (Click here to view our current selection of valences and other accessories.)

Have you noticed it seems like some luxurious drape set ups appear to have more drapes behind the first set of drapes? Other drapes set ups will look as if two pipe sets are involved in creating the set up. The key to creating these complex looks are valance hangers. Rather than use a second pipe set, which could be cumbersome and expensive, valance hangers allow you to simply add an extra crossbar without hassle!

Valence valance hangers

Here is how Valance Hangers work:

  • The valance hanger hangs in the forward slots of the upright
  • From there, simply hang the second crossbar by sliding the hooks of the Crossbar into the slots of the valance hanger

Voilà! You have an extra crossbar for adding a second layer of fantastic drapery to your drapery set up. Get ready to take your creations to the next level!

If your pipe and drape set does not have slots for valance hangers, you can opt for drape support clamps. These accessories are also used to add support bars to pipe and drape support clamps.

dramp support clamps

What Do I Need?

Now that you have an idea of how valance hangers work, let’s take a look at how to pull it all together!

To recreate this look, here’s what you will need:

How Can I Do It?

Valance Hanger, Valence Hanger, White Solid Drape

If you’re still not sure how to get those magnificent drapes for your party, we’ll take you on a step-by-step guide  on how to hang crossbar valance hangers and drapery.

Step One

Valance Hanger, Valence Hanger, Gold Solid Glitz Drape, Plum Purple Solid Glitz Drape

Start by setting up your Pipe Set and hang your solid drapes on your crossbar. After you have finished hanging your drapes, hook up your valance drape hangers to your pipe and drape set. When you’re sure the valance hangers are secure, hang your second crossbar by hooking its ends on the slots found on your valance hangers.

Step Two

Valance Hanger, Valence Hanger, Gold Solid Glitz Drape, Plum Purple Solid Glitz Drape

Once your second crossbar is good to go, you can start adding layers or even three panels of your decorative drapery. Take your drapes and slip them onto your second crossbar. At this point, you can get creative with your backdrop hangers and drapes.

Don’t be discouraged if your three drapes look a little lackluster hanging there since you still have an extra step until you are finished!

Step Three

Valance Hanger, Valence Hanger, Gold Rhinestone Drape Clip, Gold Solid Glitz Drape, Plum Purple Solid Glitz Drape

Finally it’s time to start styling your drapery! Using Rhinestone Velcro Drape Clips or Chair Sashes try adding a tie to one of the drape panels to reveal the solid drape underneath. Using these drape accessories will instantly elevate your look and make your drape set absolutely perfect.

If you’re looking for a clean look, you can also opt to use spandex 4-way stretch drape curtains. These drapes give a wrinkle-free look making it perfect for showcases and conventions. 

Although there aren’t any hard and fast rules to draping curtains, there are some tips on how to come up with the best drapery decor. The best way to hang your drapery is to have just enough drapes to hang loosely in an elegant drop. 

Make sure your drapes are long enough to touch the floor. If you have a formal event, you can consider drapes that puddle a few inches at the bottom. Consider the material of the drapes you're working with. Light fabric may require you to have more material to get that full and luxurious look.

Make sure you also get the right drapes to complement each other when you layer them. Consider using our emerald green drapes layered with payette sequin backdrop.

Add some white ceiling drapes to compliment your backdrop for a more cohesive look.

Why Trust CV Linens for your Drapery Needs

Create a magical sight for your big day with our high-quality yet affordable pipe and drape kits. Add layers with our trusty valance hangers and backdrop curtains and let your imagination run wild. From pipe and drape kits and event linens to accessories, we’ve got allow your event draping needs.

Choose from a variety of materials and styles. Get top-of-the line event decor at budget prices when you buy in bulk at CV Linens. Avail of our free shipping when you order above $99. Get more for less and save big with hassle-free shopping at CV Linens.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Getting everything right on the first try is difficult. Factors like getting ties even and getting the right amount of volume to the drapes can be tricky, so it’s important to practice. Watch our youtube tutorial on valance hangers for designing double drapes. Experiment with your drapes before your big event or give yourself enough time to work on your creation. Another way to be sure your drapes will be a hit is looking for inspiration on our Instagram or Pinterest.

Are You Already A Pro At Creating Beautiful Drape Set Ups? 

Maybe you’re a pro at creating beautiful drape set ups? We would love to see your work! You can post photos of your drape creations to our Facebook wall.

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