How to throw a Valentine's Day Party for your Single Friends

How to throw a Valentine's Day Party for your Single Friends

Even the most strong, independent women may find that Valentine's Day isn’t the most exciting holiday to celebrate when they're single. Being constantly bombarded with photos of happy couples, cliché Valentine’s gift advertisements, and the constant reminder that you’re single can be exhausting. 

When you have a great group of single girlfriends, why not use the occasion to host a singles’ Valentine’s Day party? Let them feel all the love they deserve!

In this article, we’ll talk about the basics on how to throw a Valentine’s Day Party for Singles. Along with our tips and tricks, additional links and resources for ideas, this easy 10-step guide will certainly help you plan the best Valentine’s Day singles’ party!

10 Steps on How to Plan a Singles’ Valentine’s Day Party?

red roses

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s better to prepare as soon as possible! 

Similar to how you plan for other events, you have to know the basics of party planning. These include deciding on a budget, choosing the right theme, finding a venue, decorating, and inviting guests.

1. Set a Budget

valentine's day budget

When you are planning a Valentine’s Day singles’ party, you have to set a spending limit. 

Deciding on a budget may not be the most exciting task. However, it’s one of the most crucial steps in event planning. That’s why, if you’re looking for affordable and high-quality event linen for your party, you can visit CV Linens’ website to find their amazing deals!

2. Choose the Most Suitable Theme

girls night out
karaoke nights

Of course, a party without a theme isn’t always going to be a fun one! So, in planning a party, you must choose a theme that best suits your guests' vibe.

If you're looking for singles’ Valentine’s party ideas, these are for you!


  • Throw a Girls' Night In. If your friends are strong, independent women, you can throw a slumber party and have girl talks all night long! 
  • Host a Mixer Party. Widen your social circle and have your guests invite a person the others don't know. Help your single friends mix with new people. 
  • Have a Binge-watching Party. Sometimes, chill and intimate parties have their perks. Invite your friends and have fun watching your favorite shows together.
  • Sing your Heart Out at Karaoke Night. Have fun singing all your worries away at karaoke night! Let your friends forget about Valentine's Day when they are busy belting out Single Ladies.
  • Organize a Charity Dance. One of the best singles’ Valentine’s party ideas is organizing a Charity dance! You can help your friends find the love of their lives, while helping others! 


3. Pick the Perfect Venue

playing guitar

Picking the perfect venue for Valentine’s Day singles’ events might be tricky, especially when you’re expecting a lot of guests. You can always throw a house party; however, it might be too personal to host it at your own home.

On the other hand, booking venues can help you a lot. Most times, venues already have decorations set for the holiday. Hence, that’s one less thing to worry about!

Whether you’re booking a venue or hosting the party at your house, make sure to purchase overstock party supplies to save a fortune.

4. Decorate for a Fun and Sexy Ambiance

love led lights

The hallmark of a memorable occasion is a good choice of design motif. It can either make or break the general mood of the party, so don’t hesitate to pop it up with colorful drapes! Coupled with the right lighting mechanism, it can’t surely go wrong with LED neon signs. Keep it low light and flattering for a chill, inviting vibe. 

5. Invite All Your Single Friends

single friends
single ladies

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate love, in all its forms. It is a day about loving others, such as your friends, family, and even yourself. It is not just a holiday to celebrate exclusively with a significant other. Besides, being single on Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Let your single friends celebrate Valentine’s Day specially planned just for them! Invite them to your singles-only Valentine’s Day Party! 

6. Prepare Food and Drinks

finger foods

Food and drinks always make the party going! So when you’re planning an anti-cupid party, make sure to serve some tasty, easy-to-eat finger foods! It’s a must if you want your guests to mingle and interact with others. Make sure to serve it in a stylish disposable tableware to keep the vibe light and fun!

Let your guests have the time of their lives while drinking your signature cocktail! A party works best when everyone is happily drunk. However, make sure to remember serving a non-alcoholic drink for non-drinkers!

7. Make Your Space Mingle-Friendly

happy friends

Creating a socializing-friendly environment in Valentine’s Day singles’ events is a must. You have to make sure that there's as little seating as possible. For the reason that your guests might get too comfortable in their seats and risk moving in fear of losing it.

Clear some chairs to clear space for more mingling! Make sure to put up some flower wall panels to add a sexy and fun ambiance. You can also leave some ‘conversation starter’ prompts on pieces of papers around the venue.

8. Create a Playlist that Matches the Mood

dj playing music

Music speaks some things from the soul that can be difficult to express in our daily lives. With the right groovy pop songs tuned with the perfect timing, your guests will certainly have the time of their lives. 

Keep the music turned up and encourage your friends to dance their hearts out.

9. Creatively Introduce Yourselves

introducing yourself

Try to break the ice when you’re meeting a new person by creatively introducing yourselves to each other. Try having your guests write their names on a name tag with a conversation starter such as “ask me about…” below their name. This will surely start fun conversations!

Additionally, writing name tags with funny names, pop culture references, animals or colors can really humor someone into talking to you. So get creative and have fun!

10. Give Out Party Favors!

red paper bags
party favors

Bryant advises providing takeaways for your visitors, such as a basket filled with a few cute trinkets like a face mask, a book of love spells, and a bottle of Babe rosé. In this manner, the celebration can continue long after they leave.

Have your guests leave with a party favor (if ever they don’t leave with a date)! Fill it up with a few cute trinkets such as bath bombs, perfumes, a romance novel, a bottle of wine, a scented candle, or even a bouquet of flowers!

Let them remember the special Valentine’s Day planned for them! 

Valentine’s Day is All About Loving (Yourself)

house party

Being single on Valentine's Day shouldn’t be a big deal. It’s just any other day of the year! Plus, you shouldn’t be ashamed if you’re single. You’re just biding your time until you meet “the one” and that's perfectly fine! 

The holiday might be hard to look forward to, especially if you’re moving on from a heartbreak, but you shouldn’t beat yourself up. So what about it if you’re single during Valentine’s Day? What is the big deal about not being ready for a commitment yet? You can still be single and spend the holiday with a valentine. Just remember to celebrate your independence and love yourself! 

Treat yourself with the princess treatment that you deserve. Buy yourself fancy jewelry or luxurious pampering products. Have a couples’ spa day with your best friend. Eat at your favorite restaurant. Purchase cute, silly stuff to heal your inner child. Travel to places you’ve never been before!

Always remember that you should love yourself first before you could love another person. If you know your worth, no one will dare hurt you. 

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day

happy valentine's day

You, lovely singles, shouldn't let a single holiday prevent you from living your lives to the fullest. There are plenty of things you can do to have fun on your own! You don’t need another person to complete you or make you happy!

The best kind of love is self-love. On Valentine's Day, all you single people should be kind to yourselves and do whatever makes you happy. Make plans, go out, and enjoy yourself or with your loved ones rather than feeling down and alone. Love comes in many forms and is not just romantic.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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