What Is Toile Fabric?

Imagine a beautiful table setting at a fancy party. Maybe there's a white tablecloth with a picture of a cute cottage and flowers. That pretty picture fabric is called toile, also known as toile de Jouy.

This special fabric comes from France and is made from cotton in Jouy-en-Josas, just outside of Paris. We're talking tablecloths, napkins, runners, and even fancy plates you put under your dinner plate. Keep reading to find out why toile is a perfect pick for your next big bash. 

French Toile 10ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop Panel - Blue
French Toile 120" Round Tablecloth - Coral

What Is In Toile?

Toile fabric is like the storybook of fabrics. Made from either cotton or linen, it's known for its beautiful pictures all over it, which makes the toile pattern. These pictures aren't just random though - they come in repeating patterns that tell a story.

Some French toile patterns might show scenes from nature like gardens and cute animals. Others might have pictures of people having tea parties or riding in horse-drawn carriages.

We can thank France for this lovely fabric, where it was first made way back in the 18th century. Originally, toile material was used for things like curtains and upholstery, but now it's perfect for dressing up your event tables.

Why Choose Toile for Event Linens?

So, why should you use a fabric toile be your go-to for event linens? Here are a few reasons to love it:

1. Classic Vibe

Toile isn't flashy, but it adds a touch of timeless elegance to your event. Think of it like a little black dress for your tables - it's always stylish and never goes out of fashion.

2. Different Characters

With a unique look for every single piece, it adds many moods to one fabric. The beauty of a toile material fabric is in its variety.

Patterns come in all sorts of themes, from delicate florals for a romantic vibe to charming farmyard scenes for a rustic feel. No matter your event style, there's a toile pattern to match.

3. Conversation Piece

Because of its unique and timeless design, tablecloths or table runners with designs like this can be a conversation starter. Guests will notice and can look at the small details this fabric has, which can add more life and whimsy to your event.

Different Products To Decorate Your Event with Toile

As frequently mentioned above, toile linens add character and uniqueness to your tables. They come in different products, depending on your needs.

1. Tablecloths

French Toile 120" Round Tablecloth - Coral

A toile tablecloth sets the stage for your entire tablescape. Imagine a beautiful floral toile on a round table for a baby shower or a scenic toile with rolling hills for a vineyard wedding. They come in different colors like classic blue, cute pink, champagne, chocolate brown, coral, and pink. 

2. Napkins

French Toile 20"x20" Linen Napkin (5pc/pk) - Blue

Toile napkins add a touch of sophistication. Plus, they're a fun way to tie in your theme. Pair a toile napkin with teacups and gardens for a vintage tea party, or choose a toile with sailboats for a nautical-themed birthday bash.

3. Table Runners

French Toile 20"x20" Linen Napkin (5pc/pk) - Coral

A toile table runner can add a pop of color and pattern down the center of your tables. It's a great way to add some visual interest without overwhelming the space. Mix and match your runner with solid-colored tablecloths for a layered look.

4. Charger Plates

French Toile Acrylic Charger Plate - Black

Charger plates are those fancy plates that go under your dinner plate. A toile charger plate with a delicate bird pattern can add a touch of whimsy to your table setting.

5. Drapes

French Toile 10ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop Panel - Blue

Don't stop at the table. French toile drapes can create a stunning backdrop for your event. Imagine a ceremony arch draped in toile with a romantic scene, or a photo booth area adorned with toile showcasing a Parisian cityscape. 

Additional Decorating Ideas

1. Mix and Match

The beauty of toile is its versatility. Don't be afraid to mix and match different toile patterns or even pair them with solid-colored linens. For example, a floral toile runner could look fantastic on a crisp white tablecloth.

2. Setting The Scene

Remember how toile patterns come in all sorts of themes? Use that to create a specific mood for your event. A toile with butterflies and flowers can create a whimsical garden party atmosphere, while a toile with hunting scenes can add a touch of rustic charm to a fall gathering.

Imagine your guests oohing and ahhing over your beautiful tablescapes. With toile, you can create an event that's both stylish and memorable. So go ahead, unleash your inner decorator, and get creative with toile.

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French Toile 120" Round Tablecloth - Blue
French Toile 20"x20" Linen Napkin (5pc/pk) - Coral
French Toile 10ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop Panel - Blue

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