Burgundy Linen Napkins

Add a Touch of Opulence with Burgundy Linen Napkins

When you need burgundy linen napkins to flesh out your event, you want the best you can get your hands on. At CV Linens, we stock a wide range of burgundy linen napkins. These napkins are reusable, machine-washable, and highly durable. They add an air of class and elegance to any event, whether you’re planning a dinner party for friends or a simple romantic evening for you and your partner. 

Burgundy linen napkins from us here at CV Linens bring a lot to the table. These napkins are resistant to tearing and normal wear and tear, and they’re easy to clean up with and clean themselves. Made of highly-absorbent materials, these napkins aren’t just for show. While sometimes when using fancier burgundy cloth napkins with hemmed edges, you might get the impression that they’re more for restaurants or decoration on a special occasion or formal events, like a wedding reception, ours certainly have a practical use. 

Variety of Materials 

Have no fear if you or a loved one has a particular allergy to specific materials. At CV Linens, we stock a wide variety of napkins for you to choose from to find the best material that works for you. If the texture is most important to you, we recommend our satin burgundy napkins. If absorbance is of primary concern, we might point you toward our classic linen burgundy napkins. Polyester, cheesecloth, velvet – we are sure that from all the available materials, you’ll be able to find a napkin that works well for you.

Ideal for Any Occasion

Burgundy napkins bring a sense of sophistication to any event. If you’re trying to find a type of napkin that will lend a bit of class and elegance to your next dinner affair, these will surely come in handy. However, they’re also great to have around the house for regular mealtimes, and we have plenty of other fabric color options available.
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