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Choosing the Right Color for Your Cloth Napkins

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Cloth napkins. These two simple words might not seem so significant in relation to planning your wedding reception or other special events. Especially compared to planning the venue, menu, and centerpieces. Besides, choosing the linens and the best color for cloth napkins for your special day seems like a pretty straightforward process, right? Not so! Choosing the linens for your event venue can be a tricky business. 

While dinner napkins serve a practical function, they also offer an aesthetic appeal. You have surely heard that saying, “it’s all in the detail.” Your venue gains an elegant appeal with the right napkins accompanying your dinnerware and table linen. This, in turn, helps immerse your guests in the significance of the day every time they look at the colored cloth napkins in bulk. 

So then how do you go about making sure you choose the right napkins for your special day?

Polyester Napkin 20"x20" - Baby Blue
Pearl and Diamond Cluster Napkin Ring - Gold
Taffeta Napkin 20"x20" - Gold

Coordinate Colors With The Theme Of Your Event Venue

folded napkin

You are in luck if you have already chosen a color palette for your venue. A creative combination of colors, a fun pattern or an unexpected accent in cooperation with your color theme adds a dose of personality to your big day. As a rule of thumb, remember to keep a slight contrast in color between your napkins and table linens. If these two elements match, the napkins then become obsolete in terms of visual appeal. Napkins, napkin rings, and other such details are for wedding venues what jewelry is for an outfit. As an accessory to your tabletop presentation, use your cloth napkins as an accent for a pop of color.

Enliven Your Wedding Decor with Inspiration Borrowed From the Season

If you do not have a chosen color palette, you can enliven your tables with inspiration from the seasons. This is a truly enchanting idea especially for outdoor weddings or venues that invite the views inside. As you pick out your napkins, keep in mind the natural setting of your location.

Perhaps your reception is held indoors and the windows frame out sweeping views of a valley draped in fall foliage. If so, our wholesale Taffeta Napkin 20″x20″ – Gold will mimic the warm hues of the landscape beyond. Or maybe your wedding is a breezy summer occasion at the beach. Then our bulk Polyester Napkin 20″x20″ – Baby Blue takes its cue from the lapping waters of your sea-side locale.

Even if your venue does not have direct views of nature, you can still draw inspiration from the seasons. 

Looking for further inspiration? Our color wheel post will help you match your desired color scheme within the complementing shades!

Glitz Sequin Napkin 20"x20" - Turquoise
Polyester Napkin 20"x20" - Canary Yellow
Satin Napkin 20"x20" - Willow Green
Pintuck Napkin 20"x20" - Fuchsia
Satin Napkin 20"x20" - Orange
Stripe 20"x20" Satin Napkin - Black & White

Keep it Classic

There is nothing quite as elegant as the traditional color staples of white, silver or black. These color choices create an elegant color palette. Their solid hue also allows you to play around with other color aspects without clashing with the linens. White and silver can be used for more airy and bright events. Black linen napkins can be used to enhance the atmosphere of an event held indoors. 

As a final reminder, your napkins should remain at a slight contrast so they do not disappear against your tablecloth. Paying careful consideration in all design aspects, down to the smallest detail, will ensure a unique and memorable occasion. Plus, as an added bonus, the cloth napkins you choose can be reused for almost any event. They can even be used at home for everyday meals, holiday or dinner parties.

Finding The Best Color For Cloth Napkins 

Aside from considering the event’s theme, your chosen color palette, or the season’s colors, there are a few other factors to consider. Here are some tips to point you in the right direction when choosing cloth napkin colors:

Don’t Shy Away from Interesting Colors

It is simpler to go with the basics, especially if many of your events require such colors. But if you’re allowed to play with colors, choose interesting ones.

You can have white tablecloths paired with sage green cloth napkins if you are going for a natural theme. For a timeless look, you can also try ivory tablecloths and champagne or gold linen napkins. Other color combinations are soft gray tablecloths with dusty blue napkins, blush tablecloths with ivory napkins, pastel tablecloths with pastel napkins, and jewel-toned tablecloths with neutral or metallic-colored napkins. 

Match Color Intensities

Pair light colors with other light colors and deeper hues with other deep ones. If you have pastel tablecloths, get pastel-colored cloth napkins.

Consider The Surrounding Colors

The tablecloth color is one of the biggest factors to consider, but you should look at the colors in the venue. Consider the colors of the dishware, centerpiece, chairs, or chair covers

Consider The Event’s Level Of Formality

You can be playful with the choice of colors for casual events, but you might be more limited if you are going to choose the best color for cloth napkins for business luncheons. The top options would be classic white napkins, neutral tones of cream, beige, or light gray, subtle patterns like small-scale geometric patterns or discreet pinstripes, and corporate brand colors. 

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Polyester 120" Round Tablecloth - White
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How To Choose The Right Cloth Linen Napkins

It is better to choose cloth table napkins than paper napkins for various reasons. They promote environmental sustainability, help you save money because they can be reused, and are more versatile in terms of design, style, and size. Fabric napkins are more luxurious, softer, and more comfortable to use and add a touch of sophistication to the tablescape. They are also much better to use than cloth napkins because they are more absorbent, especially the ones made of cotton. 

Once you’ve decided on using cloth napkins, it’s time to make some napkin fabric comparisons. Some of the top options include the following: 

Cotton is a popular choice because of its softness, high absorbency, durability, and availability in terms of weaves, colors, and weights.

  • Polyester blends are also among the best napkin cloth options because they are easy to care for, resistant to stains and wrinkles, and durable enough to endure frequent laundering
  • Linen is a durable and luxurious option because of their refined and crisp texture, hence its popularity for use in formal occasions, more so if you pair it with napkin rings 
  • Damask is known for its glossy sheen and intricate woven patterns, making it a common choice for formal occasions and use in wedding napkin folds

For more inspiration and decor trends follow our Pinterest. You can also check out our YouTube channel for more tips on picking the best color for cloth napkins and your wedding reception linen. Once you’ve put together your vision for an event, look for the event decor you need at a wholesale supplier like CV Linens

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